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In a message dated 01/30/2000 12:49:32 PM Pacific Standard Time, BDona91078 writes: << The number sealed is 144,000. Later the seals are opened and the 144,000 are saved. But what are the 144,000.

EVIDENCE: , September 22,1999 Page 64

HEADLINE: Humans have more genes than once thought. Palo Alto California based Incyte Pharmaceuticals Inc. says it estimates humans have 140,000 genes. Our data confirms there are 140,000 or so, so we are almost twice what the last estimates were.

140,000 or so. How about 144,000 ? >>

Please consider, also .... that the "144,000" could *additionally* refer to ... light-speed. This would be in terms of "144,000 nautical miles per 'grid' second" of time, which is Bruce Cathie's equivalent for 162,000 nautical miles per second of time. [ See his book, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space"]. Cathie found a geomagnetic "grid" in place, aligned with the magnetic field of Earth. He explains this in detail in his books. I have found his work, as a result of my own work, to be closely associated with the 'archaeomatrix code' re-discovered by Carl Munck.

Also, recently, I've found numerical links between the geometry of DNA structure, and the light-speed numbers. Here's one example : Bucky Fuller has written that he found what he called, "the DNA un-zip angle" .. to be .. "7.333333333" arc-degrees. I noticed that this is numerically equal to .. "22 / 3". If we then multiply by "162" .... 7.333333333 X 162 = 1188. Now ... I actually think that is referring to a "year" in our current (consensus) calendar timeline .... "1188" A.D. There is a long reason (or reasons) for me to say this, which would take a lot more time than I have here, right now. But, let's just look at the number "1188". If the 'geometry' of DNA structure resonates with "light-speed" ... then it probably resonates with the 'size/structure' of Earth itself.

What is an average figure for, say, the radius of Earth ? I'm also saying, as a result of my work and research, that our current (consensus) *measuring units* for distance and time ... resonate numerically with the 'geometry' of DNA structure. Let's look at the number "396" .... or "3960" .. for average Earth radius in statute miles. [ 1188 X 0.333333333 = "396" ... a 'decimal harmonic' for the 3960 statute miles of average Earth radius. ] This is only one 'example', but if you consider *why* I used the figure "0.333333333" in that equation, I think this one 'example' will be quite impressive in terms of its scope and its implications.

Those of us who have followed the work of Richard C.Hoagland know that the primary 'model' of his "hyperdimensional physics" theory does involve the indications of a 'Tetrahedral Latitude' at approximately 19.5 degrees north and south of the equator, on rotating planetary bodies. The precise mathematical figure for this model is ... 19.47122061 arc-degrees. The SINE of that exact angle is ... 0.333333333 ... or the fraction "1/3rd". So .. we can see that this is probably more interesting than just "size" of Earth relative to light-speed and the geometry of DNA structure.

Now, I should probably say 'something', at least, regarding the "year" 1188. If you've read any of the books concerning the 'Grail Bloodline' .. etc., such as "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", or the recent works by Laurence Gardner ... "Bloodline of The Holy Grail", and "Genesis of The Grail Kings" ... or the book, "Genisis", by David Wood ... you might recall an historical incident known as .. "The Cutting of The Elm", which occurred in 1188. Apparently connected with that "incident", The Knights Templar formally 'split-off' from the "Ordre of The Temple" organization in that same year. I think this was a significant "nodal point" in our (planetary heritage) timeline ... this 1188 A.D. 'node' ... although I certainly don't "understand it" ... not by any means .. not yet.

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