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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 293

Is Leedskalnin's "Sweet 16" about Gravity ?

Michael Lawrence Morton
Is Leedskalnin's "Sweet 16" about Gravity ?
Sun May 19 14:25:34 2002

I'm thinking that Ed Leedskalnin's "Sweet 16" (having to do with his
"Coral Castle" near Homestead, Florida) ..
is referencing the observed number for gravity acceleration ..
16 regular ("British") feet per (second-Squared) .. a function of
the 'square' of the amount of elapsed time-seconds.

In other words .. *at least* near the surface of Earth .. relatively-speaking ..
the_distance_traveled by an object in "free-fall" .. can be calculated in terms
of feet .. regular ("British") feet .. by taking the number of time-seconds the
object was/is in "free-fall" .. and "squaring" that number .. meaning multiplying
the number by itself. That is "step one". Then; "step 2" .. is .. you multiply
the result of your first calculation by 16. And that will give you the distance,
in regular ("British") feet .. that the given object traveled in its "free-fall".

That is .. the number 16 is a factor relating_directly_to the number of regular
feet and also to the number of time-seconds_and_to the effect of "gravity" ..
at least on-or-near Earth. How would this apply to other celestial bodies ?
Would it apply at all to other celestial bodies ? I think this is a key question ..
and I'm not sure it has been "effectively_or_truthfully" answered (yet, at least)
by the current, reigning "Establishment". 

I think the "ASM" is encoded with numbers that would have to relate .. at least
in terms of "ideals" or "ideal limits" .. to some important "physics parameters".
I've suggested an "Ideal" Fine Structure Constant .. and an "Ideal" e Value ..
both apparently resonating precisely as integral to the "ASM". What about
some sort of "ideal" gravity-acceleration value, or values, that would be encoded
within this "ASM" ? I think it's likely. 

Taking the "peak" or Apex of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. I've found an apparent
"Primary Apex-GPV" at the original height {derived by Munck; 1993, "The Code",
self-published;} .. (including capstone height) ..
of .. 238.3004375 ... {Morton, 2001, Internet} .. with a "Primary Apex-Grid LAT"
of 85788.157151 North = 29(deg) * 58(min) * 51.00366083(sec) North, and
a Grid LONG of_360_as per functional prime meridian designations in the ASM.

Precisely Relating the "New" (Revised) Stonehenge,
Silbury Hill, and Avebury Circle GPVs .. {R.Carl} ..

The new (revised_very_recently, through the diligence of Robert Carl) ..
GPVs of Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, and Avebury Circle .. in the "ASM" ..
multiply together as-follows .. 
(3.08202222 * 1.351926225 * 1.936491673) = 8.068715302

Please note how this resulting figure then 'resonates' mathematically ..
with the_Pi constant_ raised to its_4th_exponential power ..
(238.3004375 * 8.068715302) / (Pi^4) = 19.7392088

The figure_19.7392088_is the (2000 A.D.) GPV of_REGULUS_in the "ASM".
{Morton, 1999, Internet}.

I do pause to remind you, the reader, that the word "regular" .. or .. "regulator" ..
seems to be linguistically involved (and 'historically/culturally' referenced) here ..
as well as the relation to the word "ruler". (And .. "regulation").

Regulus is the "Heart of the Lion" in the Leo constellation.

The current, reigning Establishment is about to fall. A new "Kingship" is near.
This is welcomed by The People of Earth .. and, probably welcomed by many
people off-Earth, as well. Self-rule would be "ideal", eh ?

With the essential work of Damon Elkins .. he and I were able to find certain
numbers to be apparent (self-evident) involving The D&M Pyramid and "FACE ONE"
at Cydonia on Mars. Damon found that a 'straight' line projected from the Apex
of The D&M Pyramid .. intersects the "right-eye" of "FACE ONE" at an azimuth
of 12 arc-degrees. And he also confirmed my prediction of an azimuth of ..
13.15947253 arc-degrees .. of a 'straight' line projected from the Apex of The
D&M Pyramid to the 'Nose' of "FACE ONE". 

Here are some more "revealing" numbers, then ..

(19.7392088 / 13.15947253) = 1.5 .. a decimal-harmonic of 15 .. 
the number of "OSIRIS Re-Membered" .. {David Wood; "Genisis"}.

(19.7392088 * 12) = 236.8705056 .. a decimal-harmonic of the (2000 A.D.)
GPV of SIRIUS (2.368705056) in the "ASM" .. {Morton, 1999, Internet}.

(19.7392088 * 13.15947253) = 259.757576 ..

Notice, please, the ratio that results from_this_figure and the_259.2_GPV
of "The Tholus" at Cydonia .. {Morton, 2000, Internet} ..
(259.757576 / 259.2) = 1.002151142 .. which "pops-up" a lot in the ASM.
Notice, also, that 259.2 is a decimal-harmonic of the "ideal" Earth precession
cycle of 25920 years. 

Now .. I will return to that "1.002151142" figure a bit later, here, in this article.

In now taking the_ratio_of the 2 figures revealed by the azimuths of the 2 lines
from the Apex of The D&M Pyramid .. one to the 'Nose' and one to the 'right-eye'
of "FACE ONE" .. 
(259.757576 / 236.8705056) = 1.096622711

And now .. please recall the number_16_from earlier in this article.

First, I want to point-out something about the number 16, that I was shown
recently, by a man named Konstantine Zelator .. a mathematics professor
who has taught at CMU (Carnegie-Mellon University) in Pittsburgh.
He drew my attention to the fact that 16 is the only number ..
(other than the number 1, of course) .. that has the following 'property' as
an exponential function .. that is, where; x^y = y^x .. (2^4) = (4^2).
This is a unique situation to the number 16.

Notice please, now, as I take the_ratio_of 16 and the 1.096622711 figure ..

(16 / 1.096622711) = 14.59025045

That figure .. 14.59025045 .. is the Grid LONG of .. the_centered-location_of ..
"The Fortress", at Cydonia on Mars .. {Morton, 2000, Internet}.
This is actually .. 14.59025045(min) W.Cydonia .. arc-minutes West of
the "ASM"_prime meridian_on Mars. Munck (1993, "The Code") discovered
this self-evidential prime meridian as passing through the center of The D&M
Pyramid at Cydonia on Mars.

The Grid LAT that I found {Morton, 2000, Internet} for "The Fortress" is ..
41(deg) * 07(min) * 27.45203916(sec) North ..
= 7878.73524 North.

Notice the resulting GPV for "The Fortress" .. 
(7878.73524 / 14.59025045) = 540 .. a decimal harmonic of the 5400
GPV of The Great Sphinx of Giza {Munck, 1993} and also the Grid LAT
for "FACE TWO" at Cydonia on Mars {Morton, 2001, Internet; assistance
from D.Elkins} .. and_also_the 5400 nautical miles of arc-distance on
Earth's surface from either pole to the equator. 

Please recall .. the_GPV_of the centered-location of The White House in
Washington, D.C. .. {Morton, 1998, Internet} .. 7.87873524 .. a decimal-harmonic
of the_Grid LAT_of "The Fortress" at Cydonia on Mars.

Also .. please note the following ..

(7.87873524 * 0.54) = 14.59025045 .. where; 0.54_finds_the GPV of ..
"The Tholus" at Cydonia .. via the number 480 .. as so ..
(0.54 * 480) = 259.2 .. not only the_GPV_of "The Tholus" at Cydonia,
but also a decimal-harmonic of the "ideal" Earth precession cycle in years.

The number_480_appears in 2 very conspicuous places at Cydonia ..
in terms of GPVs .. 
1) at the POLARIS location on the "Marked Celestial Sphere"
on the ground at Cydonia {Morton; D.Elkins; 2001} 
2) at the_northeast-corner_of the "Main City Pyramid" on the ground at Cydonia ..
{Morton; D.Elkins; 2001}.

Returning, now .. to the_GPV_of The D&M Pyramid {Munck, 1993} ..
and to the peculiar figure 1.002151142 ..

(27.58106915 / 1.002151142) = 3.141592654 * 8.76048194

You (hopefully) will recognize a high-octane Pi, there.

The other figure .. 8.76048194 .. is a decimal-harmonic of what I call ..
"HD-TET Grid LAT" .. north & south .. referencing the R.C.Hoagland
{"The Monuments of Mars"} "Hyperdimensional-Tetrahedral" latitude of ..
19.5 degrees north & south of the equator of rotating celestial bodies .. 
as a signature of "hyperdimensional physics" on a planetary scale.

The "ideal" geometric angle for this parameter is .. 19.47122061 degrees ..
with the Sine of .. 1/3 .. or .. 0.333333333 .. repeating 3s.

I was able to "transcribe" this "ideal" geometric angle into its "ASM" encoded
format .. {Morton, 1999, Internet} ..
19(deg) * 28(min) * 16.46707132(sec) north & south ..
= 8760.48194 .. north & south.

So; it appears that there is some important "advanced" information encoded
by the "ASM" .. *including* the actual current locations of some_very_major
archaeological sites .. and *including* some_current_(2000 A.D.) sky-locations
of some_very_prominent stars as seen in our (Earth) sky .. and *including* some
very_conspicuous_structures at Cydonia on Mars.

{{ "Including" the exact, centered-locations of some very_important_buildings
in Washington, D.C. }}

-- Michael Lawrence Morton


Michael Lawrence Morton
My silly mistake re: Gravity Acceleration ..
Sun May 19 23:14:16 2002

Sorry, everyone ...
I must have been thinking in "half-measures"
when I wrote "16" feet per sec^2 .. 
when it is 32 feet per sec^2, of course.

Fortunately .. this is "instructive" in that 16
is HALF 32 .. and it is actually true that "halves
and doubles" are observed to be very significant in
the "ASM".

So; think about the Cosine of 36 as *HALF* the Golden
Section .. (-; .. you know .. that sort of thing ..
(-; .. and .. and, ahhh . let's see ... yeah ..
"half life" in the realm of radioactivity.

And .. let's see .. 144 is HALF of 288 .. heh-heh.

Well .. you get the picture .. right ?!!
-- Michael L.M.
P.S. .. and, like .. "HALF" Pi .. is .. half of .. Pi ..
heh-heh ... 
-- MLM 
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.