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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 295

Re: Nibiru's orbital path ..

From:  milamo@a... 
Date:  Tue May 21, 2002  10:28 pm
Subject:  Re: Nibiru's orbital path ..

I'm forwarding a comment from Damon Elkins that I just received. {Below}.

On line-of-sight from Earth .. D.Elkins and I are saying that its perihelion
"peaks" around (close-to) the_ecliptic-longitude_of Peacock Star ..
*between* the ecliptic-longitudes of ALTAIR and VEGA .. moving retrograde
'from' Capricorn constellation 'to' Sagittarius constellation .. in that 
direction ..
and reaches a peak ecliptic_latitude_of about 30 degrees north-of-ecliptic ..
between ALTAIR (which it "appears" to cross-over) and the ecliptic-longitude
of VEGA. Its_aphelion_is in the *direction* .. on line-of-sight from Earth ..
of SIRIUS, according to D.Elkins and me. I think the most-recent aphelion
was around 1800 A.D. So .. *at present* .. it would still be out in the 
*direction* (on line-of-sight, only) of SIRIUS .. just very slightly toward 
"right and up" .. 'very' slightly. I agree with Laurence Gardner's research 
which makes a good case for the time of the birth of the historical Jesus the
Christ as the time of the most-recent perihelion .. around 00 B.C./A.D. ..
which was apparently one of its "relatively" non-catastrophic passages. 

Its Solar ecliptic crossing-points (Nibiru's) are probably around 5 degrees 
(sidereal; constellation) and 5 degrees Virgo (sidereal; constellation) ..
or .. my other 'choice would be 2.2222222 deg Pisces and Virgo.
So .. on "incoming" at perihelion .. it crosses in early sidereal Pisces .. 
crosses at "outgoing" perihelion in early sidereal Virgo.

Well .. I hope that helps, a little, at least.
-- Michael L.M.
Subj: Re: Fwd: [cydonia] Thoughts on Niburu's Possible Orbit
Date: 05/21/2002 9:51:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: dle33@s... (Damon Elkins)
To: Milamo@a...

I admit that I have never studied the celestial mechanics or dynamics to be 
able to calculate the orbital velocity nor shape of ellipse of Nibiru's path.
However, I can say from some quick searching on the 'net that the center of 
the asteroid belt is some 2.7AU, and Jupiter is about 5.2AU.
We are told that the path of Nibiru is between Mars and Jupiter in the 
vicinity of the asteroid belt where it crosses the plane of Earth ecliptic 
from the "south" and then orbits the Sun above the
ecliptic path then once again crosses the ecliptic plane as it returns to 
deep space.
It would seem reasonable to assume that it could vary somewhat between Mars 
and Jupiter depending upon the dynamics of the previous pass with respect to 
where the planets were in their orbit paths
at that time.
I would say we should plot the orbital mechanics with a median range of about 
3AU, but someone who is experienced with orbital dynamics should calculate 
the speed necessary to orbit the Sun at
that distance with a body of size three to four times Earth up to possibly a 
brown dwarf with seven moons. We've had it described as the former by 
Sitchin, and the latter by Andy Z. {Andy Lloyd}.
That's about all I can offer in this exchange at the present time.
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.