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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 297

An inspired look at Isis & Family ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Steve Canada inspires a look at Isis and more ..
Sat May 25 18:17:36 2002

The recent postings by Steve Canada have inspired
me to think about the Isis-Osiris-Horus "family"
and also 'Set' .. in terms of the star-locations
in the (2000 A.D.) "ASM".

[For those new to my work .. I suggest 'clicking' on
my hyperlink at the beginning of the front page of this
"GridPoint" BBS .. in the "intro" section to this BBS.
That will take you to a website where you'll see some
articles toward the top of the page referenced as ..
"SKY MATRIX". Part One describes the methodology of
my calculations, etc., involving the "Archaeo-Sky Matrix",
or "ASM" as acronym].


'Set' is something I prefer not to deal with in this
particular posting. I intend to 'go there' later ..
if I can get 'clear' on that subject.

So; working with the other 3, here .. if I multiply
the "ASM" (2000 A.D.) Grid POINT Values (GPVs) of these
3 stars' locations .. 
SIRIUS .. 2.368705056
ORION_Belt-Stars_Composite Ratio .. 7.957747155
REGULUS ..19.7392088

(2.368705056 * 7.957747155 * 19.7392088) ..
= 372.0753201

{{ By the way .. the "ORION Belt-stars Composite Ratio"
is found by taking the GPVs of the 3 individual belt-
stars into the following expression ..
= [(43.63323131 * 31.00627668) / 170.010936] ..
= 7.957747155
{Morton, 1999, Internet}. }}

You can see that 372.0753201 is a_precise_decimal-harmonic
of the "ASM format" of the base slope-angle of both
The Great Pyramid of Giza_and_The Mycerinus Pyramid of
Giza .. {Munck, 1993, "The Code"; self-published;}
This is where; 51(deg) * 51(min) * 14.30508728(sec) ..
= 37207.53202

Munck noticed that this angle in terms of degrees ..
has the TANGENT of_exactly_(4 / 3.141592654) ..
*exactly* (4 / Pi) .. to a very 'high-precision'
rendering. This "fits" considering the very amazing
"tolerances" observed in the masonry/construction of
The Great Pyramid of Giza. Munck states, in his self-
published works (see above URL for info on obtaining
any of his works) .. that at least one apparently-
original casing-stone, found partially-buried in the
ground at the base of The Great Pyramid .. was shipped
to The British Museum in London, England .. and was
then meticulously measured as to its slope-angle .. 
and it was found to a tolerance of ..
"51 deg 51 min 14.305 sec".
This is enough to imply an angle of slope-tangent of ..
exactly (4 / Pi).

This angle in degrees is .. 51.853974
Its TANGENT is .. 1.273239544

And; sure enough .. the figure_1.273239545_is found
all throughout the ASM, as a major "player", if you will.

So .. here you have "Osiris, Isis, and Horus" ..
*multiplying* to a precise 'ASM configuration' of the
base slope-angle of both The Great Pyramid of Giza
and The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza.
By the way .. is there any "logic" in the 'order' I chose
to arrange the "composite ratio" of the 3 Orion belt-
stars ? Yes. It's based on the visual perception of
The Chephren Pyramid_"in-between"_The Great Pyramid and
The Mycerinus Pyramid. So .. "multiply the book-ends ..
and 'divide-by' the one_in_the middle". Same as with the
visual perception of the 3 Orion belt-stars in the sky.
This is_also_how I found the numerical_match_of the
*diameter* of the_Sarsen Circle_of STONEHENGE .. 
in terms of regular ("British") feet .. {Munck, 1993} ..
97.33868822 'regular feet' ..
= [(Great Pyr * Mycerinus Pyr) / Chephren Pyr] ..
= [(248.0502134 * 2261.946711) / 5764.166073] ..
= 97.33868822
{Munck, 1993; regarding those 3_GPVs_for the 3 main 
Giza pyramids}. 

True !! I'm_not_"making it up" !!
Talk about a "connection" between STONEHENGE and GIZA !! 

Yes .. "regular" .. 'REG-U-LAR' .. like .. 
REG-U-LUS. And it was Steve Canada who jogged my mind
into realizing that REGULUS is HORUS.

The number 15 comes up a lot in this "ASM" work.
And 15 is self-evidently ("showing itself") in-fact ..
a major player in this matrix. It is the number of
"OSIRIS Re-Membered" .. {David Wood, his book ..
"Genisis") .. referencing the "15 parts" (body-parts)
of the (male, of course) Husband of Isis.
Note that "15" is a "right-angle" from the "12:00"
position on a clock-face. This would be 90 (deg) 
azimuth from 12:00-high .. in the_360_system.
In terms of pure math .. the right-angle is ..
"half-Pi Radians-of-arc". This means .. 
1.570796327 Radians-of-arc is the right-angle ..
no-matter_how_many equal arc-segments you are
dividing a circumference into. 
1.570796327 = (3.141592654 / 2).
So; (90 / 1.570796327) = 57.29577951 (deg) ..
= (360 / 2Pi).
That's the _numerical-value_of the Radian-arc ..
assuming a system of_360_equal arc-segments on one
complete circumference. It_does_appear certain, to
me, that the Anunnaki did use the 360 system .. and
that they certainly_used_the 57.29577951 (deg)
'Radian-arc' value_as_a "major player" in the ASM. 

Now .. in 2000 A.D. I found the decimal-harmonic of
"3720753202" .. referenced earlier in this 
posting .. to be indicated as .. the_Grid LAT_for ..
another name for NORTH GALACTIC NODE.
The database-source for_all_sky-locations in my work ..
has consistently been ..
If you go to that webpage .. you will find the "Astrolog"
list. At the end of this list, you will find "CENTRE"
and "APEX" listed. Those are not 'stars' .. those are
This database is using the_sidereal_zodiac .. 
NOT the "Tropical" zodiac. The_solar ecliptic_is the
"equator" here .. and I_also_transpose the longitudes
into "W.ALNITAK" or "E.ALNITAK" .. with ALNITAK being
the "marker-star" (in the ASM) for the ecliptic's
prime meridian. So; I use a longitude-position for
ALNITAK, itself .. of .. 29 deg Taurus 56' 50".

Getting back to the Grid LAT that I found for SOLAR APEX;
from the database, you can hopefully see how close the
given figures_are_to what I interpreted ...

53(deg) * 26(min) * 27.00111177(sec) North-of-ecliptic ..
= 37207.53202 North-of-ecliptic.
[ I later interpreted that South Galactic Node is
*latitudinally-symmetrical* with Solar Apex ].

There are profound implications, here .. in this "match"
of the ASM-configurated base slope-angle for The Great
Pyramid and for The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza.

And now I find that the year-2000 A.D. "sky-locations"
in the ASM .. are revealing that the_GPVs_of SIRIUS,
ORION's Belt-stars, and REGULUS .. "Isis, Osiris, and
Horus" .. are literally_multiplying-together_to a precise
decimal-harmonic of the ASM-encoded formats for the
Absolutely astounding, to say the very least.
-- Michael L.M. 


Michael Lawrence Morton
So; "how" did Isis get the "15" ?? ..
Sat May 25 19:04:55 2002

Here is the "ASM" .. showing us .. as of
the 'sky-locations' of 2000 A.D. ..
how Isis found (ultimately) .. the "15"
parts of OSIRIS.

She used the "magic" of Thoth .. which, in the
ancient encoded "web" that I call, 
"The Archaeo-Sky Matrix" .. involves knowledge
and awareness .. "enlightenment" .. wisdom ..
including letters (alphabet) and numbers.

Isis (SIRIUS) .. "finds" the 15 ..
through "going to the center" of The Milky Way ..
our ("local") Great Galactic Wheel.

She 'divides herself' into the center of the Great Wheel
of our Galaxy.

She finds the value of GALACTIC CENTER ..
35.53057584 .. as observed from her beloved Earth.

She gives herself to that which she has found ..

(35.53057584 / 2.368705056) = 15

She finds the 15 .. using knowledge .. using the
"wisdom of Thoth" .. an encoded mathematics ..
a special system of numbers.

She finds the 15 at the Center of The Milky Way ..
through her own number-identity.
-- Michael L.M. 

Michael Lawrence Morton
Horus finds the Way of Sol ..
Sat May 25 22:48:38 2002

When her son Horus was of age to understand,
Isis told him of how she had found the "15" ..
so that he, Horus, could be born of his father's seed.

She told Horus of the "magic" of Thoth .. that it was
knowledge and understanding .. enlightenment, and
wisdom .. that was most important.

Isis gave the "15" to Horus, her son.

And Horus took the "15" that his mother had given him,
and he learned it well, by heart.

And one day, Horus went to his mother, Isis, and said,
"Mother; I have now a gift for you".

He had taken it upon himself, to multiply the 15
by his own true self .. by his own number-identity.

And Horus showed his mother, Isis, the 296.088132 that
he had made as a gift for her.

(19.7392088 * 15) = 296.088132

He said, "Please try it on, mother".
And Isis said, "I will, my son .. and I thank you
so much for this".

And when Isis tried-on the gift from Horus, she
was truly thrilled with it, for she saw that her 
son had found the Way of The Sun .. ten times over.

"My son .. I am now in tears of joy .. at what you have
given me. Look, Horus !! You have found the Way of Sol,
ten times over!!"

(296.088132 / 2.368705056) = 125 = (12.5 * 10).

And they both knew that it was, indeed, the Way of Sol,
ten times over. And they were both very pleased.

12.5 = (35.53057584 / 2.842446068) ..
= (Galactic Center / Solar Apex).
And the year they saw was 2000 A.D.

And then Isis went and brought into the room the
number of Osiris, and it 7.957747155 .. and Horus
had already learned it well, by heart.

And Isis and Horus, her son .. saw then that the
right angle was apparent for The Way of Sol.
The ancient belt of his father showed the path of
Sol to the Apex of the Great Galactic Wheel.

(12.5 / 7.957747155) = 1.570796327

It was an angle of ascension for the mighty Sol.

And it was a great day, then, on Earth .. as this
was witnessed in the skies throughout the land.

-- Michael L.M.
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.