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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 298

Hopefully informative/instructive ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Hopefully informative/instructive ..
Mon May 27 14:34:08 2002

Hi, Everyone ..
I'm presenting this (below) as an (hopefully) informative/instructional
piece .. inspired by a personal email I just received (today, as I write this)
from a friend ..
-- Michael L.M.
{{Friend's email first ..}} ..
I have some comments to make. First, it looks to me as though Mark Vidler has expanded on the Hancock/Bauval topic; i.e. of the Giza correspondences to Orion. Am I right? Is that what his book is about? .. {snip} ...
It looks as though I should buy Mark's book {Ed. -- "The Star Mirror"} just to see what he's done. Could you comment on it a little -- i.e., give me a little summary as to his book's conclusions and geometric discoveries? What excites you most about it, besides Orion's "47 degree" motion over time? What discoveries does he make in his book, that really seem "right on" or great?

{{ Yes .. he's done_great_work .. and I hope you order his book relatively soon.
Just the way he's found 'prominent' stars in our sky .. based on the celestial-
sphere line-of-sight perspective .. (projecting Earth's equator out into the sky
as the 'sky-equator') .. *aligning*_latitudinally_to certain very major archeological
sites_and_to certain of the highest mountain-peaks on Earth .. is a stunning,
astounding body of empirical evidence to bring to the table. And it works
via the "celestial-sphere" perspective .. which, in my way of thinking .. is the
compliment_'proof'_to the way the ASM works (via the solar ecliptic and the
Alnitak-marked ecliptic meridian). The "designers/creators" worked-it-out *both*
ways .. and_we_are "seeing it both ways" now. And it even "works" at various
time-nodes .. at 2500 B.C._AND_at 2000 A.D._AND_ at 10,500 B.C. .. with
different stars in particular "marker-roles" .. for example .. Bellatrix in 2500 B.C.
and then Rigel at the_same spot_in 2000 A.D. .. at the *apex* of The Great
Pyramid as_viewed_from (literally) the base of the slope of its North Face,
at the_middle_of the base-length of its north face .. at December Solstice, at a
certain time of night. ***THEN*** .. when I compare the "ASM" (2000 A.D.)
'Astrolog'-based Grid POINTs of Bellatrix and Rigel .. !! .. 
(7.792727283 / 1.44) = 5.411616169 .. I get the_exact_Grid POINT Value
of The Washington Monument in D.C.!!! (-; ..
And this is only_one_example !!! }} 

Secondly, I agree with your friend Gary about the Goddess thing. I'm sure a lot of people either haven't heard of Sitchin or (like myself) hold different and open-minded views on the topic. Discussing the Goddess from a Sitchin-absent or "evolution" point of view, doesn't mean that the author(s) isn't/aren't open to alternative history scenarios like what Sitchin proposes. 

{{ Well .. in my *opinion* .. (with all respect to you) .. I think Sitchin's thesis has
become so corroborated with various empirical evidence, that I think the
'Anunnaki factor' now demands an 'up-front' acknowledgement on the part of
critics, researchers, and scholars .. when broaching the subjects of Earth-human
history, "mythology", planet-wide cultural systems, "cultural traditions", etc.
Again .. in my opinion .. the basic "Sitchin thesis" has gone beyond conjecture.
So .. I just can't fully respect any "overview" at "this point forward", lets say ..
that doesn't at least acknowledge, and deal-with, the 'Sitchin factor' in a more-
than-passing manner .. even if the author/critic/researcher/scholar does not
'agree' as to the "importance/significance/reality" of the 'Anunnaki factor'. }} 

You've done a lot of work on the pyramid numbers and Sphinx. Right now, I don't want to go out and get Munck's book on the archeomatrix values of various points of interest in Egypt -- though I'm thinking I should know them .. {snip} ..
Do you know a good place for me to find out, say, the archeomatrix values of the pyramids at Giza, or (for example) the location of the obelisk that once resided between the paws of the Sphinx, or some other Sphinx coordinate of interest? I just thought that'd be a good idea, whether or not I could use them. (I know your articles have some of that in them. But I wouldn't, for example, remember which article of yours to find Sphinx coordinates in -- I loved that Sphinx article you did once, but I think it got lost when my email account got deleted.) If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I'd appreciate knowing the coordinates or just a referral to a web article or page that might have them listed. I'm not in the market for buying the book right now, unfortunately.

{{ OK .. here's Munck's figures for The Great Sphinx of Giza .. and I do agree
with Munck's figures in this case. This is for "body-center" of the structure ;
Grid LONG ..
11.77245771(sec) E.Giza .. East of the Giza ("ASM") prime meridian.
Grid LAT ..
29(deg) * 58(min) * 37.79504853(sec) North ..
= 63571.27163 North ..
= (57.29577951)^2 * (Square-Root of 375) ..
= (Radian-arc numerical value in the_360_system) * 19.36491673

Great Sphinx of Giza .. Grid POINT Value (GPV) ..
(63571.27163 / 11.77245771) = 5400 ..
= Half-Pi (Radians-of-arc) * (Earth polar radius in nautical miles) ..
= 1.570796327 * 3437.746771

This is apparently_'why'_the so-called "Riddle-of-theSphinx" contains
the_multiplied-product_of 4_ASM_Grid POINT Values .. corresponding to
the 4 "star-entities" ALDEBARAN, REGULUS, ANTARES, and FOMALHAUT ..
respectively .. (8.888888889 * 19.7392088 * 4.297183463 * 20.83333333) ..
= 15707.96327 .. a decimal-harmonic of (Half-Pi).
Half-Pi is, of course, the "right-angle" in Radians-of-arc .. and 5400 nautical
miles is a right-angle measure of arc-distance on Earth's surface, from either
pole to the equator in_terms_of nautical miles_and_in terms of *arc-minutes*
of latitude on Earth. In-addition, of course .. 15707.96327 is the Grid LAT of
ALNITAK in the (2000 A.D.) ASM ..
25(deg) * 17(min) * 36.95991358(sec) South-of-ecliptic ..
= 15707.96327 South-of-ecliptic.
Further .. I think this is 'why' Rosslyn Chapel_and_Stonehenge (according
to my interpretation of the *revised* Stonehenge, initiated by Robert Carl) ..
were precisely placed (apparently) at the Grid POINT Value (GPV) of ..
2.908882087 .. because .. (15707.96327 / 5400) = 2.908882087 ..
showing the direct ratio of the multiplied-product of the "Riddle of the Sphinx"
and the actual_GPV_of The Great Sphinx of Giza.
In-addition .. this (following) is apparently_another_reason 'why' Stonehenge
and Rosslyn Chapel were both placed (centered) where they are ..
(43.63323131 / 2.908882087) = 15 .. the number of "OSIRIS Re-Membered"
(David Wood; his book, "Genisis") .. and_also_the Sumerian Pantheon
"rank number" of Inanna/Ishtar {Z.Sitchin} .. and, where; 43.63323131 is
the ASM (2000 A.D.) Grid POINT Value (GPV) for .. ALNITAK.

Grid POINT .. this will show you_my_interpretation of the_very_recent
"revised" ASM figures for the location of STONEHENGE.

Additionally .. the ASM Grid POINT Value for SIRIUS .. "finds" the ASM
Grid POINT Value for GALACTIC CENTER .. *via* the number 15 ..
(2.368705056 * 15) = 35.53057584 .. and; in-turn .. the Grid LAT of
GALACTIC CENTER is .. 3600 South-of-ecliptic ..
= 05(deg) * 40(min) * 18(sec) South-of-ecliptic .. and_3600_is *also* the
"ideal" orbital period {Z.Sitchin} of "Nibiru" in terms of Earth years. 
-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.