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DNA & MOON Relationship

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 05:15:25 EDT
Subject: Re: [M-I] Cathie on DNA

In a message dated 10/27/99 1:20:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Bucky Fuller found that helical columns of tetrahedra nestle together in local clusters of five tetrahedra, with ten making a helix cycle.

Five tetrahedra triple-bonded together around a common axis fall short of 360degrees by 7deg 20min. This 7deg20min gap is known as the unzipping angle of the DNA/RNA.

7deg 20min = 26400 seconds of arc

If shared by each of the faces then each angle becomes 44min (2640 seconds)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>

Michael Answers:

Very interesting, Raphiem ... Notice that 2460 is exactly HALF of "5280" ... the number of Feet in a statute mile. Numerically, then ... the statute mile is very related ... very resonant ...

with the "geometry of DNA", by way of tetrahedral form. Think about some implications of this. Eh ?!

Recall what I've posted in the past about "5280" and how it interacts with the ratio of Earth diameter to Moon diameter (our Moon) :

5280 / (7920 / 2160) = 1440. The number 1440 is a "biggie" ... it is double 720 ... and 720 is the number of corner-angle degrees on the surface of a ... tetrahedron !! Even though many people will say, "but you are MIXING units of measure", the point is ... that the NUMBERS themselves are the links between our various units of measure. These particular numbers ARE the links ... pointing the way to potential understanding of the "unified field". These particular numbers are NOT "arbitrary".

This is why I think our Moon ... at least the one we have currently ... was "sized" to "fit". To fit what ? To fit the rest of the local (that is .. relatively local) Solar System ... the size of Earth, the size of The Sun ... etc. Also, then .. the distance of The Moon from Earth, etc. When you wonder how The Moon could be "sized", think of "scalar technology" possibilities. Maybe sizing something is a matter of "scale". So ... if The Moon was "sized to fit" ... it was also being sized to fit the geometry of DNA !! Now, having said that .... is it a bit more reasonable to think about The Anunnaki having "genetically engineered" Earth Humans ?

It would make sense that our NUMBER system ... the measuring system .. would have been handed-down to us by The Anunnaki.

- Michael L. Morton