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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 309

Undeniable, Irrefutable, Correlative PROOFs

Michael Lawrence Morton
Undeniable, Irrefutable, Correlative PROOFs
Wed Jun 19 16:54:24 2002

Yes .. this email ties-in directly to my immediately-preceding email.

These correlations are, frankly .. undeniable and irrefutable at this 
point-in-time. In fact .. many correlations, quite similar to these ..
have already been presented on The Internet .. as some of you know.

These .. to-follow, here .. and also the ones in my_immediately-preceding_email ..
are some of the most-compelling found so far.

The "ASM" is speaking for itself .. loud and clear. There are many artificial
structures of gigantic proportions on Mars. And that is only a_part_of the
"big story".

It has been_proven_that there are massive *artificial* structures on Mars.
And these structures_are_in the "ASM". The "debate" concerning ..
"artificiality-or-not" on Mars .. is over. Done. Finished. Period.
The "ASM" has been the vehicle for this proof.

Please notice this equation ..

(238.3004375 / 2.842446068) = [(9929.184894 / 12) / (Pi^2)].

And, where; 9929.184894 = (360 * 27.58106915).

There are four .. 4 .. *apexes* expressed here .. 4 "peaks".

One of these_apexes_is .. SOLAR APEX .. or, "North Galactic Node" ..
its actual_sky-location_in the Earth-sky .. as of Jan. 1st of 2000 A.D. ..
based directly on the data in the database-source that I've been consistently 
using for over 3 years of intensive studies and calculations ..

The GPV for SOLAR APEX of 1st Jan., 2000 is .. 2.842446068 .. in the "ASM" ..
{Morton, 2001, Internet}.

The_*APEX*_GPV for The Great Pyramid of Giza is .. 238.3004375 ..
{Morton, 2001, Internet}.

The_Apex_GPV for "The Pyramid of The Sun" in Teotihuacan, Mexico is .. 
12 .. {Munck, 1994, "The Code", self-published;}.

The_Apex_GPV for "The D&M Pyramid" at Cydonia on Mars is ..
27.58106915 .. {Munck, 1993}.

The_Grid LAT_for "The D&M Pyramid" at Cydonia on Mars is .. 
9929.184894 .. {Munck, 1993}.

You will notice the Pi constant as integral to these equations.
The Pi constant is integral to the "ASM" .. it is an "icon" in the "ASM".

There was a crop-formation created in the wee-hours of the morning of June
Solstice-of-2001 .. in Wiltshire, England .. that I wrote-about on The Internet.
{see Paul Vigay's website .. .. and there
should still be my article posted there, about this particular crop-formation}.

The GPV that I found for this 2001-June-Solstice crop-formation is .. 
1.157407407 .. clearly on-the-record.

Base ten .. 10 .. is also an "icon" in the "ASM" .. as many of you know.
Decimal-harmonics .. powers-of-ten .. are integral to the "ASM".

The_360_system is also an "icon" in the "ASM". This has been self-evident,
in case-after-case-after-case. {360 * 27.58106915 = 9929.184894 }.

Notice what happens .. when I relate the GPV of the June Solstice-of-2001
crop-formation .. to .. 10 times the Grid LAT of "The D&M Pyramid" ..
(9929.184894 * 10) / 1.157407407 = 85788.15751

Please note ..

85788.15751 North ..
= 29(deg) * 58(min) * 51.00366083(sec) North.

That is the_*APEX*_Grid LAT of .. The Great Pyramid of Giza ..
{Morton, 2001, Internet}. 

The June Solstice-of-2001 crop-formation actually_*depicted*_a square-based,
4-sided "pyramid" .. (similar to the main pyramids at Giza) .. and also depicted
a "Sun" (and/or a total solar eclipse) behind the 'APEX' of said "pyramid" ..
complete with "solar rays" emanating-out from said "Sun" (and/or Sun-Moon
total solar eclipse). I even named this crop-formation, the "Solar (Pyramid) Apex"

So; you've got_not-only_the Grid POINT Value (GPV) of 1.157407407 ..
for this particular crop-formation .. you've_also_got the "Solar/Apex/Pyramid"
metaphor_DEPICTED_by the crop-formation itself !!! 

You've got "SOLAR APEX" .. you've got the Apex of "The Pyramid of the Sun" ..
you've got the APEX of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. you've got the Grid LAT
of the APEX of "The D&M Pyramid" of Cydonia on Mars .. you've got the GPV
of this *crop-formation* as the_RATIO_between the APEX-Grid LAT of The
Great Pyramid of Giza and a decimal-harmonic of the Grid LAT of "The D&M
Pyramid" at Cydonia on Mars .. and you have the crop-formation created on
*June Solstice* .. which "just happens" to be *astronomically-conjunct-with* ..
the *ecliptic-longitude* of .. the South Galactic Node. And you have an appropriate
metaphorical depiction_in_the crop-formation itself. 

And .. and .. and .. you HAVE .. 'all-of-the-above' .. PERFECTLY EXPRESSED
in the set of equations I just_gave_you in this email .. {"see above", please}.

Now .. will you_please_help me .. in getting this self-evident, redundant set
of PROOFs .. "OUT THERE" into this world ? 

Please forward this. And please also forward the URLs/links to the
websites that are carrying this work. 

Please help to BLOW the LID off the cover-ups, manipulations, lies, deceptions,
and incredible corruption in this current world. We NEED the Truth. We NEED 
true freedom as humans. It is TIME .. NOW .. for The Truth to be respected,
en masse.

Thank-you ..

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.