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Montauk Co-Ordinates

Maybe I can help, here.

I have done work, several years ago, which I also forwarded to Carl Munck .. for his opinion. He was "impressed" at the time, but he apparently decided not to "pursue" the matter ... for 'whatever' reason.

There is a "mound" (visible on the USGS Topo map of scale 1: 24000 ... "Montauk" (NY) Quadrangle, 7.5-minute Series).

This 'mound' is at Camp Hero. As to whether-or-not it's actually "one of the former pyramids" of Montauk (referred-to by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon), we don't know. But it does seem to be an old 'mound' ... not of natural origin.

NOTE : I just now located a file of a correspondence I had with John Quinn (now of "Newshawk, Inc.") back in March of 1998. I was informing him, at that time, of my work on this subject, as you can see (below). There are actually 3 "mounds" that I found on the topo map, there, at Camp Hero. Here, below, are 2 of them ... described precisely by their coordinates. BTW .... I've never been able to get John Quinn interested in "following-up" on my figures, here. (Which is a bit disappointing to me. But I assume he has his own good reasons for maybe not wanting to pursue this ... maybe similar (?) to why Munck didn't (at least to my knowledge) want to pursue this ?

Subj: Fwd: I have some figures re: Montauk ... Date: 98-03-27 01:40:03 EST From: Milamo To: J9 Aq9

Hi, John ...

Good talking with you on the phone tonight.

One thing I remind you of : the 'ancient' prime meridian passes through the center of The Great Pyramid, and so we adjust the W.Greenwich longitude eastward by 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec ... that is reflected in the "W.Giza" figures.

Here's the enclosed material I mentioned. Thanks, John !

Questions, comments are very welcome.

.... Michael L.M.

----------------- Forwarded Message: Subj: I have some figures re: Montauk ... Date: 98-03-27 00:44:49 EST From: Milamo To: Milamo

I read your article/series in "The Strange" on Montauk. I've been a student of the work of Carl P. Munck for several years. I'm in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

I have just now (within the last two or three hours or so) revised my figures on Montauk .... revised from the previous figures which I had given to Carl Munck, Al Bielek, and Chelsea Flor. (I met Al Bielek and Chelsea Flor at the UFO conference in Philadelphia of Nov.1996).

I feel the urge to contact you and others, now, with this info.

I'm working from the USGS 7.5-minute Series Quadrangle topographical map of the Montauk area. There are two "hills" in particular ... in the immediate Camp Hero locale ... they appear as "UFOs" on the topo map; the classic 'saucer' (side view). One is roughly a half-inch east of the 71 deg 52 min 30 sec W.Greenwich longitude line, and the other one is about a half-inch west of that same longitude line. These "hills" could be remnants of ancient mounds. They could be 'remains' of part of the "pyramids of Montauk" ... as discussed in the book by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon.

It appears that both of these 'mounds' are important sites in the Geomathematical (or Planetary) Grid, which Carl P. Munck has re-discovered from very deep antiquity.

Carl P. Munck and I would very much like someone to examine these 'mounds' on-site ... if at all possible. First, just to see if we can verify as to whether or not they are 'still there'. I could send a copy of the topo map to someone who would be willing to check these two sites out. We'd like to pinpoint the exact spots, and we'd like to find out their exact size ....length, height, and width in FEET. And also their shape as viewed from 'ground level'. Also, we'd like to try to get an idea as to whether or not they seem 'ancient' or (on the other hand) relatively 'recent' creations of the military during the last century or so.

So, here then are my revised figures for the locations of these two 'mounds'.

REVISED FIGURES as of March 26,1998 (by Michael Lawrence Morton)


'Mound A' ....

Grid Latitude 41 deg x 03 min x 45.34224405 sec = 5577.096019 North.

Grid Longitude 103 deg x 43.92129535 sec = 4523.893421 W.Giza. [ W. Greenwich 71 deg 52 min 43.12129535 sec ].

Grid Point Value 5577.096018 / 4523.893421 = 1.232808888

'Mound B' ....

Grid Latitude 41 deg x 03 min x 51.99596465 sec = 6395.503652 North.

Grid Longitude 103 deg x 20.97087379 sec = 2160 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 71 deg 52 min 20.17087379 sec ].

Grid Point Value 6395.503652 / 2160 = 2.96088132

____ (c) 1998 by Michael Lawrence Morton ____

{ MLM as of Feb. 20, 2000 } ... Note : Mound 'A' has VERY significant Grid LAT and Grid LONG. Its Grid LAT is a precise match of the "Giza Grid POINT" ... "5577.096019" (Munck, 1992). Mound 'A's Grid LONG is a precise match of the Grid LAT of 'The Face' on Mars at Cydonia .... "4523.893421" North ... on Mars ... = 41 (deg) X 11 (min) X 10.03080581 (sec) North.

Also .... there is an actual intersection ... just inside the western perimeter side of Camp Hero ... an intersection of ... "4523.893421" W.Giza ... AND ... "4523.893421" North. I showed this "intersection" on the USGS topo map, to Al Bielek, in person, at the 'Philadelphia UFO Conference' of November 1996. He then immediately told me that because the "4523.893421" figure is precisely "1440Pi" (which it is; and I had explained this to him then, on the spot) ... he immediately said, and I paraphrase as best as I can; "let's see ... 1440 is .. 4 times '360' ... so, you'd have a reference there to 4 dimensions ... length, width, height, and ... time". He then said; "and having the intersection, there, of a Square, of 90 degrees, would fit in with the location of the Montauk Chair".

Here are the coordinates of that intersection .... Grid LONG 103 (deg) X 43.92129535 (sec) = 4523.893421 W.Giza. Yes, of course, this is also the Grid LONG of Mound 'A'. (See above). Grid LAT 41 (deg) X 03 (min) X 36.77962131 (sec) = 4523.893421 North. Grid POINT Value 4523.893421 / 4523.893421 = 1.

As for Mound 'C' .... I should have it here, somewhere, although I'm not sure of this (yet, until I check thoroughly) ... because some of my files are gone. I will try to find it .. or, I'll just "re-do" it from the topo map again.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) copyright 2000
Copying and forwarding of this article is encouraged, provided the copyright is included. Thanks -- MLM.