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Michael Lawrence Morton's

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Why is Nibiru the "Planet of Crossing" ?

Michael Lawrence Morton
Why is Nibiru the "Planet of Crossing" ?
Thu Jun 27 13:12:07 2002

I think this has to do with "galactic orientation" in space/time, at least. 
That is; galactic orientation with respect to the location of Earth ..
and with respect to the location of the solar-ecliptic 'as-observed-from-Earth',
over relatively_long_periods of time (to our "Earth-human" perspective).

The work of Damon Elkins will be speaking much more directly to this subject.

I think I have found the intended "ASM" values .. 'numbers' .. for the Galactic Nodes
and for what I will call, here .. the "Galactic Cross-Nodes" .. meaning those 2
points on the solar-ecliptic, as viewed from Earth, which are essentially at right-
angles to the_ecliptic-longitudes_of the 2 Galactic Nodes.

I think the orbital path of "Nibiru" .. again, *as-observed-from-Earth* .. "marks" the
Galactic Cross-Nodes on the solar-ecliptic .. for 'observers' on Earth.
Apparently .. this has been monitored, or "gauged", via the Earth precession
cycle .. of an_"ideal"_period of 25920 years. For example .. over a period of
3240 Earth-years .. our_equinoxial_points on the_ground_on Earth .. at the horizon,
would "shift" .. relative to the *sky-locations* (such as the Galactic Nodes and the
Galactic "Cross-Nodes") .. by .. an "ideal" 45 arc-degrees .. or, by (Pi/4) Radians-
of-arc. This would be_1/8th_of an ideal Earth precession cycle ..or ..
(25920 / 8) = 3240 years. Is this clear ?

In his seminal work, "The 12th Planet", Zecharia Sitchin writes that the typical
*ziggurat* in Mesopotamia .. in the Sumerian civilization .. was oriented such
that its corners (a square structure) were pointed 45 arc-degrees off the
cardinal directions .. i.e., the 4 corners of the (square) ziggurat were pointed
to the NE, SE, SW, and NW. This meant that the 4 sides were oriented to the
4 cardinal directions. 

In the_360_system .. 45 degrees is_1/4th-Pi_Radians-of-arc .. or; (Pi/4) Radians.
This is 1/8th of a circumference. This would equate to 1/8th of an Earth precession
cycle, or .. 3240 years.

An "ideal" orbit period for "Nibiru" {Z.Sitchin} is 3600 Earth-years.

Notice that .. (3600 - 3240) = 360 .. the very_basis_of the "conventional" number
of equal arc-segments on a 'given circumference'. 

I have also found the_Grid LAT_for GALACTIC CENTER, and for GALACTIC ANTI-
CENTER .. to be 3600 ..
= 05(deg) * 40(min) * 18(sec) north/south-of-ecliptic, in the "ASM".
{Morton, 2001, Internet}.

And, of course .. the ratio of 3600 and 360 is .. 10 .. the 'basis' of the base-ten
system we have been using on "planet Earth".

In the "ASM", Munck found {1993} that the self-evident numerical value-designation
for functional prime meridians (and equators) is .. "360".
I also found that "360" is the self-indicated numerical value for the solar-ecliptic's
*prime meridian* .. as-observed-from-Earth .. which appears to pass directly through
ALNITAK in the belt of Orion. It was the theory of Mary Anne Weaver .. which I have
now proven as correct, within the context of the "ASM", after more than 3 years
(as of this writing) of intensive calculations .. that ALNITAK would serve a function
analagous to that of The Great Pyramid of Giza and to that of "The D&M Pyramid"
of Cydonia on Mars.

In assigning the value of "360" to the solar-ecliptic itself, in terms of the "ASM",
I have been able to calculate "Grid POINT Values" (GPVs) for the Galactic
"Cross-Nodes". I have already posted these figures on The Internet.
For the West Galactic Cross-Node .. I found a Grid LONG of 2700 W.ALNITAK.
And so; using the_360_designation for the solar-ecliptic as an "equator" ..
(2700 / 360) = 7.5 .. the "ASM" GPV for "our" West Galactic Cross-Node ..
meaning the point on the_solar-ecliptic_as viewed from Earth .. which is
essentially at_right-angles_from the 2 Galactic Nodes' ecliptic-longitudes as
viewed from Earth. 
Again; here are my figures for the 2700 Grid LONG of the West Galactic Cross-
Node ..
84(deg) * 41(min) * 0.783972125(sec) W.ALNITAK ..
= 2700 W.ALNITAK.

Now .. please take note .. that as of "Circa 2000 A.D." .. our Milky-Way's
Galactic Cross-Nodes are precisely-aligned with .. our Equinoxial points !!!

This is, of course, coinciding with all of the other correlations involving the "ASM"
as of 2000 A.D. This is all obviously_way-beyond_"random-coincidence".

Notice, please, that the figure_7.5_resonates with the ideal "free-space" speed-
of light_and_with the polar circumference of Earth .. *simultaneously* .. in terms
of nautical miles ..
(162000 / 21600) = 7.5 .. the 162000 referencing the Bruce Cathie light-speed
of 162000 nautical miles per time-second. {B.Cathie; "The Harmonic Conquest
of Space"}. Also .. the work of Damon Elkins has enabled me to find a value
of "480" for 2 important spots on the_ground_at Cydonia on Mars.
These 2 points on the ground at Cydonia on Mars are .. the NE-corner of the
"Main Pyramid" in the "City" at Cydonia .. *and* .. the point on the circumference
of the "Marked Celestial Sphere" {D.Elkins} on the ground at Cydonia .. which
is where POLARIS_aligns_in a particular ("SkyGlobe") computer-view-overlay
projection .. which integrates ..
1) an aerial-view of Cydonia
2) an aerial-view of Giza
3) a sky-view from Cairo, Egypt, on December solstice sunrise at 10,500 B.C. 
4) a sky-view from Cairo, Egypt, on December solstice sunrise at 2012 A.D.

All 4 of these "perspectives" are_overlayed_with one-another .. via computer
graphics. This_reveals_a very specific, precise series of alignments and
correlations .. involving both visual line-of-sight and also the "ASM" numerical
values and correlations involving "sky and ground" on these 2 planets .. at
2 very specific points-in-time.

There are other parameters/perspectives involved. 

Getting back, now, to the "480" figure. 
Pleae notice .. (480 * 7.5) = 3600 .. the "ideal" orbital period of "Nibiru" in
terms of Earth-years, and also the "ASM" Grid LAT of GALACTIC CENTER and
GALACTIC ANTI-CENTER. This is another redundancy .. another indication
that the "7.5" value is_correct_for the West Galactic Cross-Node in the "ASM".

I think "Nibiru" is marking .. via its orbital path .. *as-viewed-from-Earth* ..
the solar-ecliptic_location_of "our" Galactic Cross-Nodes. I think this is
why Zecharia Sitchin has been able to translate the ancient cuneiform-textual
writing which apparently refers to this "Nibiru" .. as .. "The Planet of Crossing".

And; I think part of the significance of the "year-2000 A.D." time-node, if you will,
in terms of the "ASM" correlations .. is the_self-evident_fact that "our" Equinoxial
points as of "Circa 2000 A.D." are certainly in_relatively-precise_alignment with
the Galactic Cross-Nodes. This is "displaying" a self-evident "celestial geometry"
to the observer on Earth. What is, in essence, this particular celestial geometry ?
It is the "cross" .. showing 4_right-angles_within a Circle.

On pages 308-310 in the paperback version of "The 12th Planet", Z.Sitchin
writes about the Mesopotamian ziggurat. He writes that the typical ziggurat
had a square side-length of .. "15 GAR". He says the "GAR" was/is ..
"about 6 metres" or .. "about 20 feet" in length. I think it is very likely that the
"GAR" was/is .. 19.7392088_regular_("British") feet in length.
19.7392088 = (2Pi) * Pi. This is_also_the GPV that I found for .. REGULUS ..
in the "ASM" of Jan.1st of 2000 A.D. 
{Morton, 1999, Internet}.

I think REGULUS is a "ruler" .. pun intended .. equal exactly to one "GAR".

So; 15 "GAR" would be .. (15 * 19.7392088) = 296.088132_regular_feet.
Yes .. "REG-U-LAR" .. notice the similarity to .. REG-U-LUS.

This, I think, was/is .. the "standard" (typical) side-length of the Mesopotamian

Might this particular side-length_figure_("number") be encoded .. via the "ASM" ..
to be mathematically-resonant with .. oh-h-h .. something such as .. a certain
number involved in "marking" some sort of "celestial node" ? .. such as maybe
the_incoming_ecliptic-crossing-point of "Nibiru" ?
(296.088132 / 7.5) = 39.4784176 ... hmmmmmm.

Well .. it "just happens" .. that 39.4784176 .. is .. (2Pi)^2.

Ohh. The "Square" of (2Pi) .. in other words .. a mathematical metaphor for ..
"Squaring the Circle". Yes. 

We've seen "15" involved, here, in this scenario .. and 15 is a very important
player in the "ASM". What about the number "18" .. the number associated
with ISIS .. such as is discussed in the book by David Wood .. "Genisis" .. ?

With essential assistance from Damon Elkins, I was able to find that "18" is the
*radius* of the "Marked Celestial Sphere" (in the form of a self-referential Circle
on the ground at Cydonia on Mars, with its exact_center_at "Cydonia City Square"),
in terms of_statute_miles.

(296.099132 * 18) = 540 * (Pi^2).

It "just happens" .. that [540 * (Pi^2)] is precisely equivalent to ..
the_Grid LONG_of the South Galactic Node in the "ASM" of 2000 A.D.
{Morton, 2002, Internet; with assistance from Rab Wilkie}.
5329.586377 E.ALNITAK ..
= 05(deg) * 18(min) * 59.21762641(sec) E.ALNITAK.

Notice, now .. (5329.586377 / 2700) = 1.97392088 .. or; 1/10th "GAR"
in terms of_reg-u-lar_feet. Yes .. this is also 1/10th of the GPV of REGULUS
in the "ASM". (Please recall that 2700 is the_Grid LONG_of West Galactic

Regarding the "Marked Celestial Sphere" at Cydonia on Mars ..
if its_radius_is "18" statute miles .. then, its circumference is ..
18 * (2Pi) = 113.0973355 statute miles.

It "just happens" .. that 113.0973355 is exactly_1/10th_of ..
the Grid LAT of_ REGULUS_in the "ASM".

Please recall, now .. my figure for the_multiplied-product_of the Galactic Nodes
and the Galactic Cross-Nodes .. all 4 of them multiplied-together ..
(7.5 * 6.981317008 * 281.4477322 * 2.842446068) = 41887.90203

It "just happens" .. that 41887.90203 .. is a precise decimal-harmonic of ..
41.88790203 .. the "arc-seconds-tag" on the *ecliptic-latitude* of ..
REGULUS in the "ASM" .. where; 
27(min) * 41.88790203(sec) north-of-ecliptic ..
= 1130.973355 ..
= (360 * Pi).
{Morton, 1999, Internet}.

Also .. please notice .. that the "27" arc-minutes in the REGULUS ecliptic-latitude,
is a_decimal-harmonic_of the "2700" Grid LONG of the West Galactic Cross-Node.

This is why I say that the apparent orbital path of "Nibiru" .. is an integral and
very significant part of the "ASM" itself. It_crosses_the solar-ecliptic ..
*as-viewed-from-earth* .. at the Galactic Cross-Nodes.
As of "Circa 2000 A.D." .. the Galactic Cross-Nodes_are_very closely-aligned
with Earth's Equinoxial points. This "presents" a celestial cross as 'observed'
from the perspective of Earth's location in space and in time .. "now".

This scenario involves "markings" .. for space/time reference .. "self-reference",
from the perspective of observers on Earth. This has evidently been involved
in space/time *navigation* by various ancestors of ours who had/have the ability
to travel beyond Earth, beyond this solar system, and even beyond this galaxy.

-- Michael L.M.

P.S. ... As I've written before, on The Internet .. this also implies that "all
of this" .. including the "celestial mechanics" of the interaction involving
the orbit of "Nibiru" relative-to-Sol .. has been "designed and managed/maintained"
by advanced intelligent beings .. who I think are probably literally related to us
"Earth humans". This would also, then, go "beyond" the Anunnaki .. although I think
it is very clear that the Anunnaki have been the_most-recent_people/beings ..
to be directly involved with monitoring and 'maintaining' the "local integrity"
of the "ASM". By "local" .. I mean this Sol system, and the Nibiru system, 
at least. 

(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.