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Michael Lawrence Morton's

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"Le Serpent Rouge" Symbolizes Nibiru ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
"Le Serpent Rouge" Symbolizes Nibiru ..
Mon Aug 12 03:21:30 2002

This is an "important" posting.

I hope you'll focus on this .. or .. that you'll "return to it" .. 
when maybe you 'can' focus on it.

And; I hope you'll save this.

Yes .. "Le Serpent Rouge" .. symbolizes Nibiru's "appearance"
in the sky, as-observed-from-Earth .. especially as it goes through
its perihelion phase. I need to cite the work of Andy Lloyd, here ..
because he has found bonafide evidence, in his research, that indicates
a "fiery-reddish" celestial body in the sky .. which fits with Andy's analysis
of Nibiru as a smallish brown-dwarf_companion-system_to Sol .. that comes
to a perihelion every ("ideally", according to the work of Zecharia Sitchin) ..
3600 Earth years. Nibiru apparently emits energy (dominantly) in the infrared
band, and it also apparently develops a "swept-back" fiery-looking aura of
"comet-like" streamers .. as it comes to perihelion and interacts with Sol's
magnetosphere and "Solar wind" .. which actually produces the set of "wings"
depicted in the "winged-disk" motif. I think its last perihelion was in "00" B.C./A.D.,
if you will .. or; 7 years after the birth-year of Jesus the Christ. I suppose this
perihelion would technically be said to have happened in "Year 01".
(This correlates with the research of Laurence Gardner and of Barbara Thiering).
I say we are literally keeping-time, in terms of the consensus calendar,
according to the most-recent perihelion-passage of Nibiru.
Nibiru's next "scheduled" perihelion would be in 3600 A.D. .. matching (numerically)
its "ideal" orbit-period in terms of Earth-years. 

Nibiru thus "appears", in the Earth-sky .. at its perihelion, especially .. to be ..
a "flying serpent" .. a reddish, fiery-looking "flying dragon". 

Now; Robert Carl has done a great service by really digging-into the mapping
situation, regarding the updating to the WGS '84 Datum .. and working with it
in terms of the UK mapping system, the French mapping system, etc.
His work has enabled a reliable set of revisions to be made, which has been
an essential factor in our very latest work involving the "ASM". 

Robert C. found what seems to be the true-and-intended set of "ASM" values
for the location of the Head of "Le Serpent Rouge" in the South of France ..
located in the same general vicinity as the church at Rennes-le-Chateau, etc.
Of course, "rouge" means "red" in English. This is an ancient "serpent effigy"
earthwork, in the genre of other serpent effigies such as the "Great Serpent Mound"
of Adams County, Ohio, USA. 

The "ASM" Grid Point Value for the_church_at Rennes-le-Chateau is ..
(1.2*Pi) .. {R.Carl; revised, 2002, Internet}, and I found the indicated radius
of the "Circle-of-Churches" to be 9000 Royal Cubits of 1.718873386_regular_feet
per Royal Cubit .. or; (48600 / Pi) regular ("British") feet.
I've also found the azimuth of the location of the_church_at Rennes-le-Chateau
to be 300 arc-degrees .. from the_center_of the Circle-of-Churches.
[(9000 / 300) / (1.2*Pi)] = 7.957747155

The figure_7.957747155_is the "Orion Belt-stars Composite" .. a_huge_"hit" ..
= (43.63323131 * 31.00627668) / 170.010936

And if you "back-up" just a bit .. (9000 / 300) = 30 ..
= (1.54101111 * 19.46773765) .. where; 1.54101111 is the Grid Point Value
of the_center_of the Circle-of-Churches .. {R.Carl; 2002, Internet} ..
and where 19.46773765 is what R.Carl calls, the "Alternate Tetrahedral Constant";
which is_one_of the "ASM" versions of the now-famous "19.47" Hoagland latitude ..
{R.C.Hoagland; "The Monuments of Mars"}. 

[19.46773765 / (1.2*Pi)] = (160.1157243 / MINTAKA) ..
= (Great Pyramid of Giza's Base-Area to Volume RATIO) / (Pi^3).
And_160.1157243_is exactly 1/3rd of the derived original APEX-Height
of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. in terms of_regular_("British") feet ..
{Munck; 1993, "The Code", self-published;}.

Here, now .. are the figures of Robert Carl .. for (Head) "Le Serpent Rouge";

42(deg) * 57(min) * 46.26233713(sec) North ..
= 110752.0351 North.
28(deg) * 48(min) * 49.14618878(sec) W.Giza ..
= 66052.47772 W.Giza.
[ E.Greenwich .. 02 deg 19 min 11.654 sec ].
Grid Point Value .. (110752.0351 / 66052.47772) = 1.676727943

I will now compare the aphelion and perihelion "ASM" values that I've
calculated (and that I've posted on the Internet) .. for the orbit-path of Nibiru,
on *line-of-sight* as-observed-from-Earth .. against the_backdrop_of the stars
in the Earth-sky. The "ASM" uses "marker-stars" .. their actual sky-locations
as of Jan.1st of 2000 A.D. .. according to a_particular_database.
This database is known as "Astrolog" .. and it uses a sidereal zodiac.
It is found here ..

In order to see how I adjust the given longitudes (in the database) .. to ..
"ALNITAK" longitude .. you'll need to go to ..
Once at that webpage, 'click' on the hyperlinks at the top of the page where
you see "SKY-MATRIX" .. and, of course, please start with Part One.
I give you examples, in there .. of actual calculations. I take you step-by-step.

Now; I'm going to show you how the people who set this all up .. the designers
and creators of this_amazing_(understatement) "ASM" .. are using ..
"cross-referencing" .. involving the Grid LAT of one site against the Grid LONG
of another site, etc., etc. This is a "demonstration" of specific redundancies ..
literally_designed_to "show intelligence". So .. if you can't_get_this ..
you will know that you_are_a dumbass. (-; (I'm sorry .. I just couldn't resist).

OK. Here we go. As I've written on the Internet, it appears that Nibiru's
orbit-path, as-observed-from-Earth against the_sky_backdrop .. reaches a
"leveling-off" point, in terms of its apparent "climb" in our sky, relative to
the Solar-ecliptic in terms of ecliptic-latitude .. at just-about where_ALTAIR_is
located in our sky. So; ALTAIR is apparently a "marker-star" .. for the point
in the perihelion-phase of Nibiru's orbit-path, as-observed-from-Earth on *line-of-
sight* .. at-which Nibiru appears to "level-off" in terms of its ecliptic-latitude ..
north of the Solar-ecliptic. Also; Nibiru has a_retrograde_orbit .. meaning that
it will be 'seen' to move from sidereal Aquarius, for example .. to sidereal Capricorn,
to sidereal Sagittarius, etc., during its perihelion phase.
ALTAIR is at a little below (south-of) 30 degrees ecliptic-latitude North.
So .. Nibiru's orbit-path will appear (from Earth-observation-perspective) to
level-off at about 30 degrees above the Solar-ecliptic .. just as it reaches
the sky-location of ALTAIR. I've found the Grid LAT ("ASM") of ALTAIR ..
to be .. 17225.70927 North-of-ecliptic .. 
= 29(deg) * 18(min) * 32.99944305(sec) North-of-ecliptic.
Its Grid LONG I've found to be .. 160000 W.ALNITAK ..
= 142(deg) * 54(min) * 20.86593636(sec) W.ALNITAK.
This is at roughly 07 degrees sidereal Capricorn.
Grid Point Value .. ALTAIR .. as of Jan.1st, 2000 A.D. ..
= (160000 / 17225.70927) = 9.288441917

Notice the "name" .. ALT .. AIR .. as in .. "alt-i-tude in sky" .. 
or .. as in .. "latitude above Solar-ecliptic in the sky".
ALTAIR is the alpha-star in the constellation of "Aquila, the Eagle".
So you have a reference to an "eagle", here, with this marker-star.
This is a fitting metaphor for Nibiru .. the "fiery-red-flying-serpent" ..
as it magestically levels-off in its lofty approach to its peak-perihelion. 

I'm going to multiply the_Grid LAT_of ALTAIR .. times .. the_Grid LONG_of ..
"Le Serpent Rouge" (Head) ..
(66052.47772 * 17225.70927) ..
= (656.56127 * 27.58106915 * 5760 * 31.00627668) / 2.842446068 ..
= 1137800777 ..
= 13159.47253 * 8760.48194 * (Pi^2) ..
= 1.676727943 * 3600 * 2000 * (30*Pi).

This is a huge hit. 

Please notice .. that .. (656.56127 * 27.58106915 * 5760 * 31.00627668) ..
is actually one complete_"side"_of .. the "Cydonia/Giza Equation" ..
(Morton; 1998, 1999, Internet}.

This is a major "ASM" equation that I found .. after having studied the works
of Carl P. Munck, Sr. for over 7 years. At that time .. I had not yet even begun
to study the realm of the_"sky"_portion of the "ASM". In fact; at that time, I
didn't yet even know that a "sky" component existed in the "ASM".
The_31.00627668_figure is the Grid Point Value of the Orion belt-star MINTAKA,
which is also (Pi^3). The_5760_number is the equivalent of the 2000 A.D.year ..
in the Nippurian Calendar (the ancient Hebrew calendar) which began in 3760 B.C.
in Nippur .. a city in the ancient Sumerian civilization.

Of course .. as many of you know by now .. the other figures in that series
of terms .. 656.56127 and 27.58106915 .. are, respectively .. the Grid Point Values
of the "Face One" and the "D&M Pyramid" at Cydonia on Mars. {Munck, 1993}.

The other_"side"_of the "Cydonia/Giza Equation" .. is ..
(Great Pyramid * Chephren Pyramid * Mycerinus Pyramid) ..
or .. (248.0502134 * 5764.166073 * 2261.946711) .. the multiplied-product of
the_Grid Point Values_of the 3 main Giza pyramids.

Please notice .. that_2.842446068_is the Grid Point Value of ..
SOLAR APEX in the "ASM" .. which is the North Galactic Node ..
as of Jan.1st of 2000 A.D., directly-based on the "Astrolog" database, of course ..
as mentioned earlier in this posting. 
{Morton; 2000, 2001, Internet}.

8760.48194 .. is the "HD-TET Grid LAT" .. {Morton; 2000, Internet} ..
which is_another_"ASM" format for the encoding of the Hoagland 19.47 degrees
"tetrahedral-based" latitude on rotating (celestial) bodies .. north & south.
This is where .. 8760.48194 North/South ..
= 19(deg) * 28(min) * 16.46707132(sec) North/South.

13159.47253 .. is what I think was the "designed" polar circumference of Mars ..
in terms of statute miles. This is a sort of "Pi Fractal" .. where;
13159.47253 = [(2Pi)^2 / 3] * (10^3).
And; 13159.47253 W.Giza ..
= 108(deg) * 10(min) * 12.18469679(sec) W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich .. 77 deg 02 min 11.385 sec ].
This shows the W.Giza longitude of The White House in Washington, D.C. ..
its_centered_location. {Morton; 1998, Internet}.
This just might be the so-called "God's Longitude".

(30*Pi) .. is the_azimuth_of orientation of The Great Sphinx of Giza ..
{found by Munck; 1993, "The Code"} .. which is_NOT_"90 degrees due East" ..
but it_is_94.245 degrees azimuth .. (30*Pi) in the "ASM".

2000 .. well; of course .. this is referencing the_year_2000 A.D. .. 
which is the_"time-node"_of synchronization and correlation for the entire
"sky-portion" of the "ASM".

3600 .. is the "ideal" orbital-period of Nibiru in terms of Earth-years ..
{Z.Sitchin; "The 12th Planet", and other books of his}.

1.676727943 .. is .. the Grid Point Value of .. the_Head_of "Le Serpent Rouge" ..
{R.Carl; 2002, Internet}. 

This is a major milepost.
And this is one of the most exciting moments of my life.
All-along, I have felt that the "ASM" would correlate with discoveries
involving the Anunnaki .. the so-called "mythological gods and goddesses".
I always felt that Zecharia Sitchin's brilliant work would be vindicated someday.
It was only a question of "when" his work would be vindicated, in a "critical-mass"
consensus realization .. at some time when enough people finally recognized
a certain amount of self-evidential truth. I sense that we are coming closer to
that "someday" .. when we will reach a new quantum level of collective
consciousness and understanding about the truth of our own "Earth-human
condition". We_need_to know the truth about our collective cultural, and genetic,
deeply-ancient history .. which involved_people_who came here from elsewhere.
They are truly_ET_ancestors and relatives of ours. They are at-least "humanoid",
just as "we" Earth-humans are "humanoid". We are very_directly_related to them,
genetically and culturally. And, again; I stress that the "Anunnaki", per se,
are probably only the "most-recent" group of humanoids to widely-colonize
this planet Earth .. just during the last half-million years or so. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.