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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 320

ASM Findings .. "ET Crop-Face with Code" ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
ASM Findings .. "ET Crop-Face with Code" ..
Tue Aug 20 04:36:34 2002

I need to qualify these findings .. only in the sense of the
"limited" data I'm using .. meaning; I'm using the "6-digit" set of 
OS Grid Referencing as-given for the location ("centered" ?) for this
crop-formation .. (

This formation first (reportedly)_began_appearing (forming) on the morning of 
14th August, 2002 .. (report of Linda Moulton Howe).

Then .. Palden Jenkins just wrote a piece .. saying that he noticed a
"right-angled" lay involved in this particular formation. Please keep that in mind ..

But .. I'm going-ahead with reporting my "ASM" findings, here, in this case ..
because the_figures_I'm being **shown** are simply_too_remarkable to ignore,
under the circumstances. I'm "going with what I'm being given and shown", here.
In a way .. the_figures_I'm getting, in this case .. are even MORE remarkable ..
BECAUSE I'm being "forced" (in a sense) to use a relatively-limited (approximated)
data-set. I hope you can appreciate this. (??).

In other words .. if we had an "8-digit" or "10-digit" set of OS Grid Referencing,
in this case .. we would 'normally' be pleased that we were given "more-accurate"
mapping-figures by whoever is collecting and reporting the latitude/longitude
data for the ("hopefully centered") location of the given formation.
But; what I'm actually suggesting, here .. is that the "disappointingly-limited"
accuracy of the 6-digit OS Grid Reference .. is, in_*this*_case .. maybe acting
as significant weight_*in-support*_of what Robert Carl and I have been writing
about on the Internet regarding many of the crop-formations.

We've established that this formation began forming on the 14th August, 2002 ..
*exactly* one year after the very significant "Chilbolton Crop-Face" of 2001.
As I have pointed-out in email postings I've written about the Chilbolton Crop-Face
of 2001, there are_160_days (counting counterclockwise) from 14th August to ..
the ecliptic-longitudinal conjunction with ALTAIR .. which I have identified as a
"marker-star" involving the line-of-sight (as-observed-from-Earth) orbit-path of
Nibiru. I have done several email postings on this .. in great detail. (This
happens on 21st of January). I found_160_to be significant .. involving the Grid
Point Value (2.117510841) that I found for the Chilbolton Crop-Face of 2001 ..
and, again; I have written several detailed postings on this.

I also notice that there are_54_days between *June Solstice* and the 14th of 
August .. (correct) ? .. counting counterclockwise.

I've also written about the fact that our Solstices are now ("circa 2000", if you will,
OK .. for terminology's sake, here ?) .. our solstices are "now" ecliptic-longitudinally
*aligned* with the Galactic Nodes .. due to Earth precession. 
My "ASM" Grid Point Value for_South Galactic Node_is .. 6.981317008 ..
as of Jan.1st of 2000 A.D. .. according to the "Astrolog" database, which I've
been using consistently for all "sky-locations" in the "ASM" ..

I have found the "ASM" Grid Point Value for ALTAIR .. to be .. 9.288441917

Based on the "Streetmap" figures given in a link from the "CropCircleConnector"
website .. I have come-up with the following "ASM" figures ..
and, again; please understand that I am simply "going with what I am given", here,
in spite of the "limitations" imposed by a 6-digit OS Grid Reference.
(Plus .. I do not know, as of this writing, if the data-gatherer in this case is
using a "centered" spot .. ?? .. "between the face-center and the disk" .. ?? ..
nor_any_such qualifying details. I'm simply "flying blind", almost; going only with
what cards I'm dealt, here).

Here are the OS numbers given .. 444500 E .. 129500 N.
The "Streetmap" link then translates that into .. 
51 deg 03 min 45 sec North .. and .. 01 deg 21 min 51 sec W.Greenwich.
But there are over 100 feet in each second of latitude; and at this latitude
there are about 60 to 65 feet in each second of longitude (I don't have my
"converter" handy; so please don't pick on that, OK ? .. thanks).

The "ASM" longitude variance between Giza and Greenwich is .. 
31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec ... so you adjust the Greenwich longitude to
Giza longitude .. 32 deg 29 min 51.8 sec

Now .. this gives an_"ASM"-approximation_for W.Giza longitude of ..
32(deg) * 29(min) * 51.8(sec) W.Giza = 48070 W.Giza.
The "ASM"-latitude approximation is .. 
51(deg) * 03(min) * 45(sec) North = 6885 North.

Here is my interpretation .. my "ASM" interpretation ..

(48103.25483 / 6890.283706) = 6.981317008

Do you see that this is apparently_referencing_South Galactic Node ?!! 
Please recall .. earlier in this posting .. the figure_6.981317008_as the
Grid Point Value for South Galactic Node in the "ASM" !!

And the figure_6890.283706_is a decimal-harmonic of ..
1) the 6.890283706(min) Grid LONG (E.Cydonia) of "Face One" on Mars.
2) the 689.0283706 Grid Point Value of SPICA .. which Mark Vidler
(in his book, "The Star Mirror") says is/was the "Star-in-the-East" ..
at the time when Jesus the Christ was 6-to-8 years of age .. which
Laurence Gardner's work says is 01 B.C. to 01 A.D. This was when SPICA
rose_due-East_from Earth's horizon. "Today" .. MINTAKA (in Orion's belt) is
the "Star-in-the-East" .. rising_due-East_from Earth's horizon. 

I've also written (on the Internet) about the_encoding_of the Grid Point Value
of South Galactic Node ("ASM"; Jan.1st of 2000) .. *within* the Grid LAT of ..
SPICA. I found SPICA's Grid LAT to be .. 02(deg) * 03(min) * 6.981317008 (sec)
south-of-the-ecliptic, in the "ASM". That is; (02 * 03 * 6.981317008) ..
= 41.88790203 South-of-ecliptic .. Grid LAT of SPICA. 
Meanwhile .. I had_also_found the "arc-seconds-tag" on the ecliptic-latitude
of REGULUS .. {which, by the way .. is_now_in its ecliptic-longitudinal
conjunction !!} .. to be .. 41.88790203(sec) .. as part of the REGULUS Grid LAT of ..
27(min) * 41.88790203(sec) North-of-ecliptic .. 
= (360*Pi) North-of-ecliptic. 
AND; quite recently .. I found that_41887.90203_is the *multiplied-product* of ..
the 4_Nodes_of our "galactic orientation" as observed from Earth .. meaning;
(Solar Apex * South Galactic Node * West Galactic Cross-Node * East Galactic
Cross-Node) ..
= (2.842446068 * 6.981317008 * 7.5 * 281.4477322) ..
= 41887.90203

SPICA's Grid LONG is found by multiplying its Grid Point Value by its Grid LAT;
(689.0283706 * 41.87790203) = 28861.95289 E.ALNITAK.

Notice what is indicated, when I divide this figure by the indicated Grid LONG
of this particular crop-formation under discussion ..
(28861.95289 / 48103.25483) = 0.6

Now; 0.6 .. is the "ideal/mean" number of arc-seconds of annual movement ..
of the_main_Earth Obliquity Cycle .. 
(Earth's rotation-equator angle to the Solar-ecliptic).

A lot of astronomical stuff going-on, here.

Now; I'm going to show you how this "0.6" number relates to a major mass-
sighting incident involving a_huge_UFO .. but this is_tied_DIRECTLY to the
figure_6890.283706_that you will recall from earlier in this posting_as_the
apparently-intended_Grid LAT_of this crop-form under discussion !! 
Here you are;

[(6890.283706 * 0.6) / Pi] = 1315.947253 .. which is the Grid LONG of the ..
*hover-spot* (W.Giza) of the "PHOENIX UFO" of the evening of 13th March, 1997,
over Phoenix, Arizona. Yes, again; I have written_detailed_email postings all
about this .. with the "ASM" figures all explained, etc.
FURTHERMORE .. the decimal-harmonic_"1315947253"_is a major player in
the "ASM" .. such as the_Grid LONG_of the centered-location of The White
House in Washington, D.C. .. and; such as .. the "apparently-designed" polar
circumference of Mars (13159.47253) in terms of statute miles. 

And at this point, I'm going to show you a direct connection involving SPICA
and its positional analog .. The Washington Monument .. (see my write-ups
concerning this; the 2 right-triangles .. one in the sky_over_D.C., and the other
one on the_ground_in D.C. !!) .. 

I noticed that Bernard Pietsch writes that the intended apex-height of
The Washington Monument (D.C.) is .. 555.5555555 .. (repeating 5s) ..
regular feet. If I divide this figure into the Grid LONG of the *hover-spot* of
that_PHOENIX UFO_of 13th March, 1997 .. 
(1315.947253 / 555.5555555) = 2.368705056 .. which is_exactly_the
Grid Point Value of_SIRIUS_in the "ASM".
And if I divide this same repeating-5s figure into the Grid Point Value of SPICA ..
(689.0283706 / 555.5555555) = 1.240251067 .. which is ..
exactly_HALF_the Grid Point Value of_"The Eltanin Antenna"_on the ocean-floor ..
which I have_also_been writing about .. quite a bit !! 
AND; 1.240251067 is the Grid Point Value of .. The Statue of Liberty ..
yes .. THE "Statue of Liberty" .. which is_also_in my archives .. (and with
assistance from Robert Carl on that one, too). 
The_Grid LONG_of the "Eltanin Antenna" is .. 23687.05056 W.Giza ..
which is a decimal-harmonic of the Grid Point Value of SIRIUS.
And the_Grid Point Value_of the "Eltanin Antenna" .. 2.480502134 ..
is not-only a decimal-harmonic of the_Grid LONG_of SIRIUS .. {24805.02134} ..
but is_also_a decimal-harmonic of the_Grid Point Value_of The Great Pyramid
of Giza (on its north face). ADDITIONALLY .. 248.0502134 is the multiplied-product
of .. the Grid Point Values of ..
1) Supreme Court
2) Capitol Rotunda
3) White House
4) Washington Monument

Furthermore; if you divide the apparent Grid LONG of this crop-formation under
discussion, here, by the Grid LAT of SPICA ..
(48103.25483 / 41.88790203) = 3.655409039 * Pi * (10^2) .. where;
3.655409039 is the Grid Point Value of The Supreme Court in D.C.

If I divide the gematrian number for "light" .. 144 .. by the Grid Point Value
of The Supreme Court .. and then I multiply the_result_by the Pi constant ..
(144 / 3.655409039) * 3.141592654 = 123758.8838 * (10^-2) . where;
123758.8838 is the multiplied-product of the "Full Octave Nibiru Cross" ..
= (2.368705056 * 7.5 * 10.44949716 * 281.4477322 * 2.368705056).

At the same time .. if I multiply the 144 .. "light" .. by the Grid Point Value
of The Washington Monument ..
(144 * 5.411616169) = 779.272728 .. the Grid Point Value of ..
the "Dome of the Rock", in Jerusalem.

**NOW** .. please recall, from early in this posting ..
that I counted the days .. from 14th of August .. counterclockwise ..
to .. the date of the annual ecliptic-longitudinal conjunction with ALTAIR ..
160 days. And please also recall, that the number of days from June Solstice,
counterclockwise, to .. 14th of August .. is .. 54 days. 
Also; please recall the comments of Palden Jenkins .. from his observations
on going into this crop-formation, itself; "right-angled lays".

OK .. the "right-angle" = (HALF Pi Radians-of-arc) .. and; 90 degrees in "our"
conventional system, in which "we" use 360_equal_segments-of-arc on one

HALF Pi = (3.141592654 / 2) = 1.570796327

Notice the following, please ..

90 / (1.570796327)^2 = (6.981317008 * 5.224748577) .. the apparent Grid Point
Value of this crop-formation, here, under discussion .. *times* .. a decimal-harmonic
of the regular "Nibiru Cross" of_52247.48577_which is equivalent to ..
(2.368705056 * 7.5 * 10.44949716 * 281.4477322). 
So; you've got_not-only_the "universal" mathematical expression for "Right-angle",
involved, here .. you've_also_got "our" conventional *90 degrees* figure shown,
as well .. for "Right-angle". Plus .. of course .. you've got a reference to the
Grid Point Value of South Galactic Node .. plus a reference to the "Nibiru Cross".

Now .. there's MORE !!

The_Grid Point Value_of the "Chilbolton Crop-Face" of_exactly_one year prior
to this one under discussion .. is .. 2.117510841 .. and this is on-the-record
in my archives on the Internet.

I'm going to simply_extend_the equation, here .. like this ..

[90 / (1.570796327)^2] = 6.981317008 * 52247.48577 * (10^-4) ..
= (2.117510841 / 9.288441917) * 160 ..
= [(1.2Pi) * 522.4748577] / 54.

This is where; you are making use of the 160 and the 54 .. the 2 time-periods
in numbers-of-days .. and you are also using the Grid Point Value of ALTAIR ..
9.288441917 .. and .. you are also including a very important node in the "ASM"
regarding the very ancient_Grail-legacy_of "kingship and enlightenment" ..
{L.Gardner} .. the location of the_church_at Rennes-le-Chateau .. its Grid Point
Value as found {revised; R.Carl, 2002, Internet} of .. (1.2*Pi).

ALTAIR is the "alpha-star" in the constellation of .. Aquila, the Eagle.
In my opinion .. this "ET Face" has an "avian" appearance .. actually
rather similar to the face of an eagle. And; the number 160 is a decimal-harmonic
of the_Grid LONG_of ALTAIR .. 160000 W.ALNITAK .
Plus .. 1600 is the "street address" of The White House in D.C.
And; if you take the "ideal" orbital-period of Niburu {Z.Sitchin} in Earth-years;
and you subtract_1600_from it .. (3600 - 1600) = 2000 .. as in "2000 A.D." ..
the *time-node* of the ASM "sky-locations". 

There is even a direct reference, indicated, to the_Grid LONG_of the "Cydonia City
Square Center" on Mars ..

(160 / 6.981317008) = (72 / Pi) = 22.91831181(min) W. Cydonia.

So; I see many, multiple_direct_connections, here .. involving the "ASM".

-- Michael L.M.

(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.