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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 323

"Mirror-Images" .. Face One & Earthface ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
"Mirror-Images" .. Face One & Earthface ..
Fri Aug 23 14:55:16 2002

I just noticed something .. and here it is, below.

Dr. Bruce Cornet, who discovered what I call, "Earthface",
or what Dr. Cornet called, "Face II" Cydonia analog ..
wrote on his website (this was in 1998) .. that this
"Face II" analog of the "Face One" at Cydonia on Mars ..
appears to be an actual_"mirror-image"_of the Face One
at Cydonia. Same length/width dimensions, at least ..
but more than that. Dr. Cornet mentioned what appears
to be some sort of object as maybe "part of a headset-or-
helmet apparatus .. which is located near the lower-left
jaw area of "Earthface" .. which_mirrors_the *same*
object (possibly a part of a headgear-apparatus) ..
again; which_mirrors_the location of the same apparent
object .. which is located (as seen from aerial-view) ..
at the_lower-right_jaw area on "Face One" at Cydonia 
on Mars. In other words .. this is an obvious indication
of an intentional "mirror-image" .. including very similar
length/width of each "face".

In terms of the mathematical workings involved in the
"ASM" .. I've noticed that *reciprocals* of some ASM
figures .. are apparently being used as "metaphors" in
certain cases .. such as what I've just found to be the
case here .. "mirror-as-reciprocal" ..

If I take the_reciprocals_ of BOTH "Earthface" and the
"Face One" at Cydonia .. and then if I_multiply_these
2 reciprocals together ..

(1 / 656.56127) * (1 / 1.234567901) ..
= 1.23370055 * (10^-3)

This is where; 1.23370055 .. is the Grid Point Value
that I found for the "N.A.S.E. Face" .. which is
located on the_roof_of the Headquarters Building of
the National Association of Science and Engineering ..
in Washington, D.C. Yes .. this rather "feline-looking"
face must be seen_from_aerial-view .. to be 
*recognized* .. as is the case with MANY important
structures/sites in the "ASM".

I've already written about this "N.A.S.E. Face" ..
on the "GridPoint BBS" .. and I've already sent out
emails about this to various Lists and to certain
individuals .. many months ago.

I wonder how many "scientists and engineers" are even
aware that there is, in fact, a "feline-looking face",
looking straight up to the sky, perched atop their 
"headquarters building" in Washington, D.C. ?
If there_are_any "scientists and/or engineers" .. who
ARE members of the National Association of Science and
Engineering ("NASE") .. who_ARE_aware of this fact ..
I wonder if they realize that their "rooftop-kitty"
is solidly in the "ASM" ? Is there even ONE of them ..
out there .. who is aware that it is so precisely
connected to both "Face One" at Cydonia on Mars *AND*
to "Earthface" at Middletown, New York, USA ?

Don't you think that a lot of the "Establishment" needs
to wake-up ?!! It seems that way to me, anyway.
I think some of them are guilty of some serious crimes
against "The People". 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 

Chronos Funny you should mention mirrors... Sat Aug 24 05:29:32 2002 656.5612701 in conversations with 1.2345678901 is also able to address the SQUARE of 1.234567901... 656.5612701 x 1.234567901^2 x Pi^2 = 9876.54321 And the product is what I call "the Smoking Mirror", the "Tezcatlipoca" to Munck's 1.1111111111 "Thoth", the square of 1.1111111111 being of course 1.234567901... thus a mirror image of "Thoth" not only in the sense of reciprocals, but the ability to actually invert a digit string, and a very significant one, and also still have something that belongs to the Pyramid Matrix on top of it, although 9.87654321 is still a less-explored Matrix constant... You know, I got looking at your astute observation, and in fact I've been thinking about some of our so-called natural stone faces, Keith Phillips has uncovered a possible stone face in Arizona that may be on the order of "the Old Man of the Mountain" or "Sphinx Rock"... and the rock its on is evocative of a cylinder, which I think is pretty intrinsic to Western American monuments... cylinders and toroids... so may that's something we can have a look at in the relatively near future... also in that category is one that is nearly in my backyard, Face Rock... Last time around I came up with "Suggested Actual Values for the "Face" at Face Rock Latitude: 43* 06' 20.37321382" = Grid Latitude 5256.289166 Longitude 124* 26' 14.55891025" Longitude 155' 34' 15.35891025" W of Giza = Grid Longitude 80941.457 Grid Point: 15.3997339" Which is some of the first work I ever tried to do, back when I didn't even know what a reciprocal was... and I notice my equations look like they're trying too hard, and gloss over the lack of straight rapport with "The Old Man of the Mountain"... This being the original estimate stripped off the coordinates, Grid Point Estimate: 15.21963824, is even more of a dead give away... I'd feel not too foolish suggesting that maybe Face Rock has a Grid Point of the Reciprocal of this: 656.5612701 and a Grid Latitute of the Reciprocal of this: 1.234567901, meaning their decimal harmonics... that falls within .2" of one I had trouble with, and being one of my very first tries at mapping anyway... Now even closer to our own backyard, we also have have our own little Oregon Vortex... not *the* Oregon Vortex, but a cousin... I keep daydreaming that Face Rock has something to do with it, some kind of pointer or something... something other-dimensional Bermuda Triangle-ish, Hyperdimensional or something... And that might help shed light on that these figures are doing on a Face in D. C. throwing its shadow on an Einstien Zodiac statue, maybe... Going back to my source figures for Surface and Area of a hypersphere, I'm pretty sure of the style of the equation meaning that if there are no other instructions, you multiply the parts, exactly as if you were reading "The Message of Cydonia" or some Hoagland material and it said "e pi radians", that would be meaning e x pi x r... At least in the sense that the Matrix should start with the most rudimentary hypersphere math the same as it starts with the most rudimentary elliptical formulas which seem to work although there are much more complicated ways to go abou them... And this gives the toroidal (cylindrical) Volume as the surface area of the hypersphere, and there is not just that sense of that, but the minute someone expounds on some Kiva lore, that "otherworldly" or "other-dimensional" element will be right there... So I find this really very interesting (even if other figures should happen to prove to be the ones for Face Rock, not these, this is still straight Cydonia Face / Earthface stuff), that for Face Rock, I would now have the Grid Values 81000 / 53181.46288 = 1.523087099, or (dh Reciprocal 1.2345678901 / Grid Point "Earthface") / (dh Vol. Hypersphere) = (dh Reciprocal Grid Point Cydonia Face) (Maybe this will also shed light on the astronomical lore of Face Rock... hopefully there's an ASM constant in there somewhere... but some say Face Rock is looking at the Moon, others say Venus... What is they were both right? 53181462.88 / 1080 Lunar Radius / 225 Venus Year = 2.18854756) Meaning we can also do this, 656.5612701 / 1.2345678901 = 53.18146288 where again Vol Hypersphere appears to be 53181462.88 = "1/2 Pi^2 R^4" or .5 x Pi^2 x R^4 Where then Grid Point N.A.S.E. Face x 1.2345678901^2 = Reciprocal Vol Hypersphere... What an interesting scientific sort of thing to cast a shadow on the likeness of Einstien... who sits on the edge of a Zodiac, where 25920^2 is the ratio between the apex of the inverted D. C. Pentagram and Vol Hypersphere... What do Quetzalcoatl/Thoth and his brother "Smoking Mirror", and the D. C. Freemasons know that is still only starting to come to light? Cheers, Chronos
Michael Lawrence Morton Very, very interesting .. Sat Aug 24 14:26:16 2002 Very, very interesting, Chronos !! However .. I'll pose an alternative .. which I'd like your feedback on, if you would. I love this reciprocal stuff .. of course. But .. in this particular case, here, with "Face Rock" .. I notice that your revised Grid LAT is about 0.24 arc- seconds changed from your original figure. And 5256.289164 is a very major decimal-harmonic in the Pyramid Matrix/ASM .. and it resonates big-time with the HD-TET Grid LAT .. (5256.289164 / 8760.48194) = 0.6 Then .. I noticed .. (81000 / 5256.289164) = 15.4101111 which is a dh of the Grid Point Value for the center of the "Circle-of-Churches" (R.Carl). I mean .. I certainly hate to go "against" the flow of the moment, here .. regarding the revelations having to do with the "face-reciprocals". But .. it's hard to walk away from this alternative that I see waving at me. 0.6 is a biggie, to me .. being the ideal/mean annual movement, in arc-seconds, of the main Earth Obliquity (to the solar-ecliptic) cycle. And 0.6 fits with 50 arc- seconds, which is the ideal/mean annual movement of the Earth precession cycle .. to give .. (50 / 0.6) = 83.33333333 .. = (656.56127 / 7.87873524) .. the ratio of "Face One" at Cydonia to The White House in D.C. Anyway .. I just have trouble walking away from this. -- Michael L.M.
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.