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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 324

The Lord of Heaven's Peak Flight-Path

Michael Lawrence Morton
The Lord of Heaven's Peak Flight-Path
Tue Aug 27 01:40:50 2002

Hello, Everyone ..

I just found an astounding equation .. one that I want to share
with all of you, right-away.

Some of you may recall the Grid LONGs that I found for the sky-locations
of ALTAIR and VEGA .. 160000 W.ALNITAK for ALTAIR, and 180000 W.ALNITAK
for VEGA. Their difference, in terms of simple *subtraction* .. is .. 20000 ..
or, ten times the year-node of_2000 A.D._for the ASM sky-matrix convergence.

I've also posted (on the Internet) my figures for the Grid LONG of the Greenwich
Observatory in England (198.4401707 W.Giza) .. 
= 31(deg) * 08(min) * 0.800161979(sec) W.Giza.
And; for the longitude variance on Mars_from_the "publicly-acknowledged" prime
meridian ("NASA")_to_the current "ASM" prime meridian through the center of
"The D&M Pyramid" at Cydonia .. which I have figured to be ..
09(deg) * 32(min) * 0.8(sec) ..
= 230.4 .. a "defacto Grid LONG W.NASA" .. for the ASM prime meridian,
whose_actual_"ASM-value" is 360. {{ Mars and Earth ASM prime meridians
found by Carl P.Munck, Sr. .. }}. 

So; I'm sitting here with these 3 figures .. 230.4 .. 198.4401707 .. and .. 20000.

These 3 figures all involve "longitude variances" .. certain arc-distances of longitude.

One is on Mars, one is on Earth, and one is in the_Sky_as-observed-from-Earth
at the beginning of 2000 A.D.

Do you suppose I might try to see if these 3 figures can "show" anything ..
mathematically-speaking ? Here you are ..

(198.4401707 / 230.4) * 20000 = 17225.70926

This is where .. 17225.70927 North-of-ecliptic ..
= 29(deg) * 18(min) * 32.99944305(sec) North-of-ecliptic.

And_that_is the Ecliptic Grid LAT of .. ALTAIR .. whose Grid LONG is 160000.

That latitude .. north of the Solar-ecliptic, as-observed-from-Earth ..
and that longitude (West of ALNITAK) .. 142(deg) * 54(min) * 20.86593636(sec) ..
*describes* the_sky-location_of ALTAIR (in the constellation of Aquila, the Eagle),
and ALTAIR is a "marker-star" in the ASM for .. the beginning of the "peak
perihelion" of Nibiru .. as-observed-from-Earth on line-of-sight .. in the sky,
against the back-drop of the stars. 

The ecliptic-longitude of VEGA then "marks" the end of the "peak perihelion"
of Nibiru. VEGA is also an Eagle. In effect, Nibiru has "soared" from 160000
to 180000 .. between the Solar-ecliptic longitudes of ALTAIR and VEGA ..
at approximately 30 degrees above (north of) the Solar-ecliptic ..
This is the peak perihelion flight of Nibiru, The Lord of Heaven, as seen from Earth.

Apparently, the Anunnaki have marked the 'prime meridian longitude variances'
on both Earth and Mars .. to show us the equation I have just shown to you.
In-turn, we can see the place in our sky, from Earth, where Nibiru soars at its peak.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.