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Michael Lawrence Morton's

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Recent Crop-forms Point to Greenwich Observatory ?

Michael Lawrence Morton
Recent Crop-forms Pointing to Greenwich Observatory ?
Wed Aug 7 15:46:00 2002

Some recent crop-formations (late-July, 2002, England) are referencing
Greenwich Observatory, according to the centered-locatons (latitude/longitude)
of these particular crop-formations. The centered-location of Greenwich
Observatory, itself, is indicated (self-evidently) within the mathematical
relationship_shown_by the exact locations of these particular crop-formations.

I will qualify the data-source that I'm using, in this particular case, as ..
apparently a series of "6-digit" OS (Ordnance Survey) Grid References ..
the 8-digit or 10-digit variety being preferred. But .. we work with what we are
given, eh ? My research-colleague Robert Carl might not put much stock in
my findings, in this case. He prefers the 8-digit (at least, if not 10-digit) data.
Some of you might find the 6-digit-based data, here, to be inadequate. 
So be it. I'm working with what I'm given. Maybe the results will "speak for
themselves" .. regardless ? I think this might be the case. You will think
what you will, I know. But I present, here .. what I see .. based on what I'm given.
If that isn't good enough for you .. so be it.

It was only quite recently .. that Robert Carl and I were able to figure-out the
apparently-intended "W.Giza Grid LONG" and "Grid LAT" for the centered-location
of Greenwich Observatory. Robert C. did a lot of work with the UK map system,
etc., etc. .. in order to get a good fix on things. 

Based on Robert Carl's work .. here's what I found ..
51(deg) * 28(min) * 38.98462518(sec) North ..
= 55670.04476 North.
31(deg) * 08(min) * 0.800161979(sec) W.Giza ..
198.4401707 W.Giza.
Grid Point Value .. (55670.04476 / 198.4401707) = 280.5381822
Centered-location, in the "ASM" context, of Greenwich Observatory.

Crop-formation reported on the 28th of July, 2002 ..
"The Avenue", Avebury .. 410500 E, 169500 N
My "ASM" interpretation ..
32(deg) * 58(min) * 36.83483498(sec) W.Giza ..
= 68365.45373 W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich .. 01 deg 50 min 36.035 sec ].
51(deg) * 25(min) * 27.02072041(sec) North ..
= 34451.41853 North.
Grid Point Value .. (68365.45373 / 34451.41853) = 1.984401707

There you have .. a decimal-harmonic of the 198.4401707 Grid LONG
of the Greenwich Observatory.

Notice, please .. that this particular crop-formation is obviously associated
with .. "Avebury". Robert Carl's crucially-important revisions of a number of
important British archaeological sites'_mapping-locations_according to the
'WGS 1984 Datum' .. has allowed us to find several key "ASM" connections.
And these key connections are apparent in_many_of the recent crop-formations'

The revised (WGS '84) "ASM" Grid Point Value for the_center_of Avebury Circle ..
{R.Carl; 2002, Internet} .. is .. the Square-Root of 3.75 .. 1.936491673

If I multiply_that_figure times this Grid Point Value for this particular crop-form,
(1.936491673 * 1.984401707) = (1.351926225 * 2.842446067) ..
I get the precise multiplied-product of .. the_revised_(WGS '84) Grid Point Value
of SILBURY HILL {R.Carl; 2002, Internet} times SOLAR APEX .. {Morton; 2001,

There_seems_to be something rather "intelligent" happening, here. (Hmmmm).
Well .. probably just random coincidence. (Or; I'm just cooking the numbers,
and I still just "can't seem" to admit it).

I wonder what might be "indicated" .. (??) .. if I was to 'compare' .. oh .. say ..
this Grid Point Value for this particular crop-form, and .. oh-h-h-h .. let's see ..
how about the_Grid Point Value_ of Greenwich Observatory ?
(280.5381822 / 1.984401707) = 141.3716694 = (45 * 3.141592654) ..
(45Pi) .. which so-happens to be the Grid Point Value of the "Great Serpent
Mound" in Adams County, Ohio, USA. Probably just another random coincidence,
I'm almost sure. I mean .. what would this "serpent effigy" in Ohio, USA ..
have to do .. (??) .. with some "crop-formation" near Avebury in England ?
I mean .. the very idea is silly, and obviously a fluke. And .. remember; in situations
like these .. when you might start to feel a little "stir" in the area of your solar-
plexus .. just "think" of what the great Joe Nickel of "CSICOP" has said so many
times. Think of all the great quotes from the eminent Joe Nickel .. that have
appeared in print, and on Internet sites. This will help to calm you .. and it will help
to restore your proper mind to your control. Yes .. "mind .. control" .. the 'thing' to
which you need to 'cling'. (Get that grip).

Then .. we have another crop-form that was reported on the 28th of July, 2002 ..
the "Celtic-Cross Quintuplet" .. Etchilhampton Hill .. 403000 E, 160705 N
Well .. let's see if this silly nonsense will continue .. after a good look, here.
51(deg) * 20(min) * 44.00598936(sec) North ..
= 44886.10915 North.
33(deg) * 05(min) * 30.86641321(sec) W.Giza ..
= 5092.958179 W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich .. 01 deg 57 min 30.06 sec ].
Grid Point Value .. (44886.10915 / 5092.958179) = 8.813366922

OK .. now .. let's apply a typical "ASM probing" sequence to this Grid Point
Value, here. I'll multiply this figure times the figure for the_other_crop-form under
discussion in this posting .. and I'll then divide the_result_by .. the Pi constant.
[(8.813366922 * 1.984401707) / 3.141592654] = 5.567004476

Well; look .. just because that figure_happens_to be an exact decimal-harmonic
of the_Grid LAT_of the centered-location of Greenwich Observatory .. well ..
its always likely to be random-coincidence. I mean .. random-coincidences
have a way of always being around .. "everywhere", you know. They really are
very hardy souls .. or .. I mean .. hardy *phenomena*. (Tough to get rid of, 
you know). Well; it's a good thing they're so hardy .. because they can explain
an awful lot of things that might 'otherwise' give you trouble. Be thankful.

And .. I just "know" that someone is going to "point-out" .. that ..
the_44886.10915_figure is the "multiplied-product" of ..
16_times_a decimal-harmonic of the "Grid Point Value" of Greenwich Observatory.
Yeah .. OK .. (16 * 280..381822 * 10) = 44886.10915 .. "wowww-eeee-eeee ..
BIG DEAL" (Yeah. Right). Oh .. and I suppose its_"another"_BIG DEAL ..
that "16" is .. "4-squared" .. like .. (yeah, right) .. as if it's "alluding" to a "cross" ..
like a "cross" with its "4 arms at right-angles", or something. (Yeah. Right).
I suppose that's why it's called .. the "Celtic-Cross Quintuplet" .. h-hee-eheeeehee-
heee-heee-heeeheheheheeee !!!! 

OK. Let's take a look at yet-another crop-form that was reported on ..
the 28th of July, 2002 .. "The Gallops", Beckhampton .. 406500 E, 169500 N
Now; this ought to "break" this "Greenwich Observatory" nonsense, for good.
33(deg) * 02(min) * 11.80716255(sec) W.Giza ..
= 779.2727283 W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich .. 01 deg 54 min 11.01 sec ].
51(deg) * 25(min) * 22.00299468(sec) North ..
= 28053.81822 North.
Grid Point Value .. (28053.81822 / 779.2727283) = 36.

See !! Yet-another random-coincidence. Like I was saying .. they're always
around. You see, there .. yet-another "decimal-harmonic" of the "Grid Point
Value" of .. Greenwich Observatory .. "encoded" as the "Grid LAT" of this
crop-form. HA !!! Such incredible luck !! Almost unbelievable, actually.

Just in case .. just in case .. this might "not" be random-coincidence ..
there are only 2 other explanations, of course.
1). Pranksters .. probably "university students" .. fooling around with
some sort of computer-projected "layouts", or something.
2). Evil ETs .. getting ready to invade. Prior to invading .. (and eating us) ..
they would be playing "mind-tricks" with us .. as a "final experiment", if you will.
This also would help their invasion, of course .. because many of us might
(they hope !!) be caught "in-fascination-with" these demonic tricks .. 
like "moths to a flame", or .. something.

So .. you can see; there's really nothing to worry about. Everything is ..
well .. under-control. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.