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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 327

"Dome-of-the-Rock", Ararat, and The Great Pyramid ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
"Dome-of-theRock", Ararat, and The Great Pyramid ..
Sun Sep 8 17:03:50 2002

Subj: "Dome-of-Rock" Key to "Post-Diluvial Space-Center Layout" ..
Date: 09/08/2002 2:43:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Milamo
To: Milamo

Yes .. 
I've found_very_special ASM correlations among these 3 sites ..
and more.

Sitchin's Post-Earth-Shift "Flight Corridor"

Part of Sitchin's work describes his interpretation concerning the "Post-Flood"
(or was it really the "Post-Earth-shift" ?? .. and; is the most recent "Earth-shift"
the *same event* as "The Great Flood" ???) .. the "Post-Diluvial" flight-
corridor of the Anunnaki .. after their former one was apparently obliterated by
the "Earth-shift". {{ We NEED to distinguish between these 2 events .. !! ..
and are they, or are they NOT .. the *same* event ??!! }} .. and I've brought this
question up years ago, too. Of course, no one has touched it with a 10-foot pole.

Sitchin's work describes a scenario in which a *new* primary "flight-corridor" ..
needed to be established, after almost 'everything' was
wiped-out in the "Earth-shift" event of 10,800 B.C.

I suggest that you go to page 181 in the paperback version of Zecharia Sitchin's
book, "The Wars of Gods and Men" .. where there is a diagram of this 
*post-diluvial* layout. The apparent 'design' involved ..
using the_peak(s)_of Mount Ararat (twin-peaks) as one "marker" .. and then
*building* another "marker" to the (far) southwest of Ararat .. and_also_establishing
a "Mission Control Center", a "Spaceport" in the Sinai, and a "Landing-Place"
at Baalbek in the mountains of today's Lebanon. The structure at Baalbek was/is
situated directly on a line from the "southwestern marker" to the Ararat marker.
This_southwestern_marker was/is The Great Pyramid of Giza. 
The "Mission Control Center" was at/in (??) a "dome of rock" in what is 
now Jerusalem, and which also became the "Temple" site of Kings David and
Notice, please .. that the site of the remains of the "Ark of Ziusudra" ..
which I've written-about on the Internet .. is_southwest_of the peak(s) of
Ararat by 17 miles .. and is apparently_aligned_with the "landing-path"
which is a "line" (of arc-distance on Earth) from The Great Pyramid of Giza ..
northeastward to the peak(s) of Ararat. The peak(s) of Ararat (as Sitchin points
out) would be snow-capped year-round .. and so would "stand-out" (white) as viewed
from space .. from Earth-orbit-distance. The Great Pyramid of Giza had a facing
of gleaming-white limestone .. and so it, too, was very "outstanding" from Earth-orbit
perspective. Between those 2 *white-markers* was Baalbek .. directly
aligned with The Great Pyramid and Ararat.
This is involving *navigation*, of course .. "markers" .. "orientation" by line-of-sight.

Would the ASM-figures corresponding to these ground-sites .. correlate
meaningfully with one-another ? Yes .. they would. Hopefully, we will be able to
find (someday in the not-too-distant future) the ASM values for Baalbek and for the (former) "Spaceport".
The "Spaceport" was apparently (Z.Sitchin) wiped off the face of the Earth by
a nuclear-type bomb or missile .. in the days of Abraham. 
Baalbek's foundation (and more) is still intact.

With essential mapping-help from Robert Carl, I found the Grid Point Value
for the_center_of the "Dome-of-the-Rock" in Jerusalem to be ..
(56107.63642 / 72) = 779.272728 .. where;
72 E.Giza ..
= 04(deg) * 06(min) * 03(sec) E.Giza.
[ E.Greenwich .. 35 deg 14 min 3.8 sec ].
56107.63642 North ..
= 31(deg) * 46(min) * 39.3461686(sec) North.

This Grid Point Value, here, is_exactly_the multiplied-product of ..
the *Pi constant* and the Grid Point Value (north face) of The Great Pyramid
of Giza !!! ... (3.141592654 * 248.0502134) = 779.272728

Please stop and consider this. You have the_center_of the "dome-of-rock" in
which the "Anunnaki" apparently established their "post-diluvial" Mission Control Center ..
*encoded* as the exact_multiplied-product_of the Pi constant and the Grid Point
Value of the "southwestern"_marker_for the 'new' flight-corridor .. which, in-turn,
is none-other-than The Great Pyramid of Giza.

This_reeks_of a grand, intelligent design by a civilization ("colony" ?) that
used space-travel.

What about the ASM-numbers for the site associated with the peak(s) of Ararat ? 
I've figured that out .. as some of you (hopefully) recall.
(72 * 75) = 5400 .. the 72 at the "phi-point" of the remains (length) of the "Ark of Ziusudra",
and the 75 at the center of the_limestone_boulder still lodged in the western side
of the remains of the vessel. This 5400 figure .. *matches* the Grid Point Value
that Munck found (1993) for The Great Sphinx of Giza.

Now please notice, carefully, the following equation .. because it involves
the values I've proposed for the "true-and-intended" precise length of the
Royal Cubit .. in *regular* feet_and_in *regular* inches ...

[(5400 * 248.0502134) / 779.272728] = 1718.873386 ..
= 1000 Royal Cubits in terms of *regular* feet ..
= 50 * 34.37746771 .. 
= 20.62648063 * 83.33333333 ..
a.) 50 is the "Rank Number" in the Sumerian pantheon for the "Enlilship" ..
which is the title of "Lord of the Command" on Earth, or, the title of 
the "official" Kingship on Earth as recognized by the "Anunnaki". 
b.) 34.37746771 is the_exact_length .. "true-and-intended" .. of the floor
of "The King's Chamber" inside The Great Pyramid of Giza .. 
in terms of *regular* feet.
c.) 20.62648063 is the "true-and-intended" length of the Royal Cubit in terms
of *regular* inches. 
d.) 83.33333333 is the ratio of (Cydonia Face One / The White House in D.C.) ..
= (656.56127 / 7.87873524) .. AND .. where; 83.33333333 is the ratio of ..
mean/ideal annual movement, in terms of arc-seconds, of Earth precession
and main Earth obliquity (to the ecliptic) cycles .. (50 / 0.6) = 83.33333333

Also; please note that 1718.873386 is_one-half_the polar radius of Earth,
in terms of nautical miles.

Here are some additional equations .. showing a very direct connection to
the "Full Octave Nibiru Cross", Face One at Cydonia, The D&M Pyramid
at Cydonia, the polar circumference of Mars, the Pi constant, base 10,
and powers-of-ten ...

[(779.272728 * 656.56127) / 123758.8838] = 1.315947253 * 3.141592654

(779.272728 / 887.6223994) * 10 * 3.141592654 = 27.58106915

This is where 887.6223994 is the Square-Root of a generic Volume-of-a-Sphere,
in which the radius is_numerically_equal to the 57.29577951 (deg) value of
the Radian-arc in the "conventional" case of a_360_arc-degrees circumference. 
{ 360 (deg) = (2Pi) * 57.29577951(deg) }. 

27.58106915 .. is the Grid Point Value of "The D&M Pyramid" at Cydonia on Mars ..
(Munck, 1993}. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.