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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 329

A "Swiss Ephemeris" Indication re: "Nibiru" ?

Michael Lawrence Morton
A "Swiss Ephemeris" Indication re: "Nibiru" ?
Thu Sep 12 04:05:51 2002

On 9.11.02, I spoke by phone with Mary Anne Weaver .. whose theory
of an "Alnitak prime meridian marker for the Solar-ecliptic" (as observed
from Earth) has been proven as apparently true and correct, via my work with
the "ASM" since March of 1999, in follow-up to her recent email to me.

In this recent email from Mary Anne Weaver, she notified me of a "listing"
in a certain online database called "Swiss Ephemeris" .. in fact; you can probablly
find the website by using a good search-engine and literally typing-in ..
"Swiss Ephemeris" .. including the quotation marks.

This "listing", she noticed, is for an object this database is referencing as "Nibiru".
(It is, if I recall correctly .. in the "asteroid" section of this database .. (??) .. 
and, yet .. the database lists the object as being at a distance, as of Jan.1, 2000
A.D. .. of over 462 AU. That is_much_further-out than the asteroids, of course.

I have not been to this database yet, as of this writing. But as of 9.11.02,
Mary Anne gave me the coordinates for the Jan.1, 2000 A.D. .. specifically as
of midnight, 12/31/99 .. GMT .. for this object named "Nibiru" in this particular
database ("Swiss Ephemeris") .. as ..
Ecliptic Latitude .. - 20 deg 33' 44.5301" South of ecliptic.
Ecliptic Longitude .. Sidereal 29 Deg ARIES 17' 6.5271" 

I have always used the "Astrolog" database .. in all of my work with the "ASM".

Yet .. I have 'heard' that the "Swiss Ephemeris" program is very good, and
very accurate. 

I still definitely and emphatically maintain that the "Astrolog" database is
the self-evidently *correct* database for the basic "ASM" work.
However .. in working with these coordinates, as-given-above .. for this "Nibiru"
object .. I think I may have found a very significant "aberration", at least .. and
*maybe* this "Swiss Ephemeris" actually contains_"Nibiru's"_ASM sky-location
for Jan.1, 2000 A.D. (Maybe).

My working ("work-in-progress") hypothesis has been (over the past year, or so,
as of this writing) that SIRIUS is a "marker-star" for Nibiru's aphelion, and that
the_intersection_of the ecliptic-latitude of ALTAIR and the ecliptic-longitude of
VEGA .. is the perihelion "marker" for Nibiru's line-of-sight-from-Earth (observed)
orbit path .. (as seen against the sky/stars back-drop, from Earth).
This working-hypothesis has been made possible by essential collaboration
in the form of the work of Damon Elkins. 

I have been thinking that Nibiru's most-recent aphelion was probably circa 1800
A.D. .. with a next-scheduled perihelion circa 3600 A.D.
But I'm always open to new evidence !! The 3600 A.D. perihelion_would_seem
to fit with Zecharia Sitchin's work ("The 12th Planet", and other books) .. and 
also with certain evidence turned-up by Andy Lloyd ..

Here is my first (current, as of this writing) interpretation .. my "ASM" interpretation
from the coordinates given in this "Swiss Ephemeris" online program ..

20(deg) * 33(min) * 44.5291072(sec) South-of-ecliptic ..
= 29389.21075 South-of-ecliptic.
30(deg) * 39(min) * 43.49897521(sec) W.ALNITAK ..
= 50893.80099 W.ALNITAK.
Grid Point Value .. "ASM" .. for sky-location of "Nibiru", as of Jan.1st, 2000 ..
(50893.80099 / 29389.21075) = 1.731717174

This is on "line-of-sight", as observed from Earth, on Jan.1st, 2000 A.D.,
in the "ASM".

Distance .. 462.1166 AU

Heliocentric orbit-speed (relative to Sol) .. retrograde .. in terms of ecliptic-longitude
arc-distance_per_Earth-Day .. 
00 deg 00 min 00.0730 sec

I would be careful with this "orbit-speed-relative-to-Sol" parameter .. because 
Nibiru probably (??) speeds-up_*greatly*_as a function of its nearness to perihelion.
This data is saying that Nibiru was about 50 arc-degrees of ecliptic-longitude
from SIRIUS (West of SIRIUS) .. having moved retrograde, through about 2/3rds
of the ecliptic-longitude of Sidereal Gemini, and through Sidereal Taurus .. into
Sidereal Aires by less than a degree .. as of Jan.1st, 2000. And this data is also
saying that Nibiru moved_northward_in terms of ecliptic-latitude .. from its low-
point at SIRIUS (directional, line-of-sight, remember) .. which is around 39.6 deg
south-of-ecliptic .. to about 20.5 deg south-of-ecliptic.
I'm just speculating, here, but it could be that the "West Galactic Cross-Node"
of 2700 W.ALNITAK .. {Morton, 2002, Internet} .. is encoding (?) the year-A.D.
of Nibiru's next perihelion .. 2700 A.D. .. ?? .. yes .. speculation at this point.
This would also, then, put Nibiru's last perihelion at circa 900 B.C. .. 
as-opposed-to the 00 B.C./A.D. time-node. I'm_not-at-all_comfortable with this ..
especially because Laurence Gardner's work has_also_suggested that 00 B.C./A.D.
would seem to be a likely perihelion-time .. 07 years after the birth of Jesus the
Christ. But; again .. all possible evidence should be examined. This 'new' scenario
would put Nibiru's latest_aphelion_at circa 900 A.D.
Wasn't 900 B.C. "around" the time of the completion of Solomon's Temple ?
And wasn't 900 A.D. "around" the time of the last "known" Mayan civilization ?

I suggest that some astronomers could use these coordinates, along with
an_Infrared_detector (scope ?) .. to see if "Nibiru" might be spotted. Chances are ..
that Nibiru has_already_been found .. probably in 1983 via the "IRAS" satellite,
as Z.Sitchin has described. Of course, this has apparently been kept secret ..
withheld from the "public" .. as per everything else of any real importance ..
over who-knows-how-many decades. 

If I was looking for Nibiru .. I'd also look just a bit to the "right, and up" ..
from SIRIUS .. which would be the "1800 A.D." aphelion location .. the *first*
working-hypothesis we've developed. This might still be the correct scenario.

The AU distance (given) could be a real tip-off .. 462-plus AU .. as of Jan.1, 2000.
Hopefully that is a legitimate clue or indication. 

An INFRARED scope is probably required .. remember.
This is probably (IMHO) a small brown-dwarf system .. a companion-system
to Sol.

This Grid Point Value of 1.731717174 .. is actually the_Square_of .. 1.315947253 ..
a real_"biggie"_in the "ASM". 

And notice its affinity for ANTARES and BETELGEUSE ..
(7.441506403 / 4.297183463) = 1.731717174

And_7.441506403_is a huge icon in the ASM .. at least as a decimal-harmonic.
It's the_"arc-seconds-tag"_on the W.Giza longitude of The Washington Monument,
in-addition to being the Grid Point Value of BETELGEUSE. 
And .. it's the RATIO between Galactic Center and Galactic Anti-Center ..
(35.53057584 / 4.774648293) = 7.441506403

It's a dh of the Area of the Sarsen Circle of STONEHENGE .. 

Now .. watch how it interacts with Half-Pi and the_Alternate e'_that Robert Carl
has recently found .. 
(1.570796327 * 1.731717174) = 2.720174976

The_Square_of good ol' 1.315947253 .. how interesting !!?

And I would think .. and hope .. that the Grid LAT and Grid LONG (ecliptic) ..
of this ASM sky-location, would "speak to" some figures that would support
this data. I'll be looking at that, I expect .. shortly.

I'm_not_"throwing-out" our first working-hypothesis for Nibiru's *location/timing*
regarding its orbit-path on line-of-sight from Earth. But this data is very intriguing ..
and should be checked-out, IMO. 

I am convinced that I have found the_orbit-path_for Nibiru, per se ..
as to_"line-of-sight-from-Earth"_observation.
It is now a matter, IMO, of finding its current location .. and of then finding
its "timing" as to when it will reach its next perihelion. 

(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.