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Confirmation of 'significance' of ALNITAK

Subj:    Re: Confirmation of 'significance' of ...
 Date:  02/26/2000 3:41:53 AM Pacific Standard Time
 From:  Milamo
 To:    Code UFO

In a message dated 02/26/2000 2:24:22 AM Pacific Standard Time, Code UFO writes:

<< Michael, this is stunning news! I need to let this soak in! So let me get this straight... you're telling me the corrected Zodiac positions correspond directly with your Sky Matrix work??? Am I understanding this correctly??? -Gary- >>

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (-: BUT ..... you must *ALSO* use the Orion belt-star ALNITAK as the prime meridian marker for the ecliptic. This means you must :

1) Use the *corrected* Zodiac position ..


2) Measure the longitude arc-distance of the *corrected* star position .... FROM the *corrected* longitude of ALNITAK. To do this, you need to keep in mind that ALNITAK's *corrected* position is ... 29 TAURUS 56' 50". In other words, just inside the House of TAURUS, on the other side of the border w/the House of GEMINI ... by 03' 10".

Example ..... let's say we're dealing with SIRIUS. First ... look up SIRIUS on that 'Astrolog Fixed Star List' I emailed to you. You'll see on that list .... 19 GEM 20' 47" ... which is the *corrected* longitude for SIRIUS. That notation is telling you that SIRIUS is 19 deg 20 min 47 sec "into" (counterclockwise) the Zodiac House of Gemini. So ... we need to figure how far that longitude is from the longitude position of ALNITAK. So, we then do exactly that ... we count the total degrees, minutes, and seconds ... from 19 GEM 20' 47" .... to .... 29 TAU 56' 50". In doing this, we find we only need to add 03 min 10 sec onto the SIRIUS value. So .... we get ... 19 deg 23 min 57 sec ..... *approximately* ... but at least we have it to the nearest arc-second. OK ?

Now ... here's where we convert this longitude distance (from SIRIUS to ALNITAK) into the 'archaeomatrix code' formula : First ... we use the three numbers ... 19, 23, and 57 .... 19 (deg) X 23 (min) X 57 (sec) ... E.ALNITAK ... = 24909 E.ALNITAK ... approximation. This is an approximation.

Next ... we check the 'Code Matrix' to find the nearest significant 'code-valid' figure to "24909". I find the decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value of The Great Pyramid (248.0502134) to be very close .... "24805.02134". Next .. we check to see "HOW CLOSE" this would be. We divide "24805.02134" by 19 and then by 23 .... 24805.02134 / 19 / 23 = 56.76206256 (sec) .... which is less than 1/4th of an arc-second difference from "57". So ... this is *VERY* close. NO PROBLEM !!! We've GOT it !!!! SIRIUS is displaying itself .... as of *midnight* Greenwich Mean Time on New Year's Eve of 1999 .... about 56 Days ago .... !!! .... to resonate with the Grid POINT Value of The Great Pyramid itself !!!! And this is the *corrected* longitude position for SIRIUS in the Zodiac !!!!

Now ... I might as well give you a walk-through of the LATITUDE of SIRIUS. First .. look on the Star List. You'll see .... -39 36' 42" ... which tells you that SIRIUS is South of the ecliptic ... (-) ... by 39 deg 36 min 42 sec ... to the nearest arc-second.

Next ... we simply get the approximate Grid LAT .... 39 X 36 X 42 ... = 58968 South (of the ecliptic). Now .. we check out the 'Code Matrix' for a figure close to "58968". ONe thing we can try, at this stage, is to divide this approximation figure by the "24805.02134" we have. 58968 / 24805.02134 = 2.377260603 ... and this does help me, because I know the "2368.705056" decimal harmonic so well .. it's the Square of the radius (in Feet) of The Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge.

So ... my knowledge of 'The Archaeomatrix Code' helped me, here. So ... now .. I still need to check "HOW CLOSE" I'll be. I don't want anyone telling me that I'm stretching things !! So ... first ... multiply the "24805.02134" by "2.368705056" ... = 58755.77946 South (of the ecliptic). Now .. check to see what the "seconds" value would be ... 58755.77946 / 39 / 36 = 41.84884577 (sec) .... and that's less than 1/5th of an arc-second from "42" ... NO PROBLEM !!!!!

(-: We GOT it !!!!!!!! (-: SIRIUS is also displaying itself ... at the SAME time .... to resonate with the Square of the radius of The Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge ... in Feet !!!

AND .... as I found out in December of 1999 ... SIRIUS is right *on* the Sky Meridian on *New Year's Eve* !!!! The Sky Meridian is a "line" in the sky, running exactly north/south .. directly overhead ... according to the axis of rotation of the Earth. So ... on New Year's Eve .... SIRIUS is directly in line ... 180 degrees azimuth .. with the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza ... which is also the same axis line where the Grid POINT Value of The Great Pyramid is !!!!! And the Grid POINT Value of The Great Pyramid is a decimal harmonic of the Grid LONG of SIRIUS !!!!

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) copyright 2000
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