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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 330

East Liberty Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
East Liberty Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh ..
Tue Sep 24 15:10:10 2002

Re: a question about lat/long coordinates for a major church in the East Liberty
section of Pittsburgh, PA .. the East Liberty Presbyterian Church, at the
corner of Penn Ave. and Highland Ave.

I've just (as of 23rd Sept, 2002) figured-out what I think are the
"true-and-intended" ASM figures for this (at least locally) fairly renowned

Here is my "ASM" interpretation .. for the center of the main "block" of the building ..
the largest 'rectangular area' ("main portion" ?) of the building ..

Approx. W.Greenwich longitude .. 79 deg 54 min 49.51 sec

Approx. N.latitude .. 40 deg 26 min 56.94 sec 

Now, then .. here are my "ASM" figures .. my actual interpretation ..

111(deg) * 02(min) * 50.28044865(sec) W.Giza ..
= 11162.2596 W.Giza. ..
= 360 * (Pi^3) .. which is also (360 * MINTAKA).
This is a match of the_Grid LAT_of the Warwick, New York, USA *analog* of ..
"The D&M Pyramid" at Cydonia on Mars.
My (Morton; 1998, Internet) latitude figures for this "D&M Pyramid II",
the structural remains (heavily eroded and mostly buried) of which were 
discovered by Dr. Bruce Cornet, are .. 41(deg) * 16(min) * 17.01563963(sec) North ..
= 11162.2596 North. 

40(deg) * 26(min) * 56.94002539(sec) North ..
= 59217.62641 North ..
= 6000 * (Pi^2).
This is a decimal-harmonic of the "arc-seconds tag" on the E.ALNITAK longitude
of the South Galactic Node in the ASM (Jan.1, 2000) .. where; 
05(deg) * 18(min) * 59.21762641(sec) E.ALNITAK ..
= 5329.586377 E.ALNITAK ..
= 540 * (Pi^2).

Grid POINT Value of this church .. centered in largest 'section' (room; rectangular) ..
(59217.62641 / 11162.2596) = 5.305164772

Notice .. there is a_great_resonance with The Great Pyramid (of Giza)
Grid Point Value, via the Grid LONG of the_hover-spot_of the renowned PHOENIX
UFO of the evening of 13th March, 1997 ..
(1315.947253 / 5.305164772) = 248.0502134 .. and then; please note that I
found {Morton; 2002, Internet} that the_multiplied-product_of the 3 "branches"
of USA Government (the actual buildings that_house_those 3 'branches') .. 
further-multiplied-by the Grid Point Value of The Washington Monument in D.C. ..
*matches* the Grid Point Value of The Great Pyramid of Giza ..
(7.87873524 * 3.655409037 * 1.591549431) * 5.411616169 = 248.0502134

This is where; 7.87873524 = White House .. 
3.655409037 = Supreme Court ..
and; 1.591549431 = Capitol Rotunda (center of dome). 

Furthermore .. 1315.947253 is a decimal-harmonic of the Grid LONG shared
by (actual longitude_identical_as well) The White House and The Jefferson
Memorial. AND; this shared Grid LONG of The White House and The Jefferson
Memorial .. 13159.47253 .. is_identical_to the apparent "designed and created"
polar circumference of Mars in statute miles. 

There is a very direct connection to the apparent_center_of the "Head" of ..
"Le Serpent Rouge" in the vicinity of Rennes-le-Chateau and the "Circle-of-
Churches". This comes about thanks to the_revised_figures for "Le Serpent Rouge"
(its "Head") found by the meticulous mapping-work of Robert Carl, in 2002.
If we use a decimal-harmonic of the proposed Grid LAT of 59217.62641 ..
and divide it into the Grid LAT of "The D&M Pyramid" of Cydonia on Mars ..
(9929.184894 / 5921.762641) = 1.676727943 .. the (revised) Grid POINT Value
of .. "Le Serpent Rouge" .. the center of its head.

This is already indicating itself to be ("somehow" ??!! .. as I always seem to be
saying to myself, and always expressing in these postings ..) .. "somehow" .. 
resonating and connecting_DIRECTLY_to both "Le Serpent Rouge" and to
"The D&M Pyramid" .. *and* .. to the "D&M Pyramid II" analog in New York, USA. 

Here's yet-another major correlation .. involving the number 360 and the ASM 
Grid POINT Value for POLARIS ..
(360 / 5.305164772) = (21.6 * 3.141592654) .. where Pi is a major factor.

I tend to now think I can't 'do this justice' with common superlatives .. (-;

Thanks .. and double-thanks .. to my friend Bill Barlock .. for suggesting that I
look-up the coordinates for this church in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh,
at the corner of Penn Ave. and Highland Ave. Bill has some sort of project going-on,
he says. I'm looking forward to someday hearing about this .. hopefully.
I happened to have the map .. "Pittsburgh East" .. scale of 1 : 24000, USGS Topo
Quad, for this section of Pittsburgh.
You've picked out a winner, Bill, for sure, in my book.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.