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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 334

Squaring the Galactic Torus ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Squaring the Galactic Torus ..
Sun Oct 6 23:21:47 2002

Squaring a Torus .. squaring the Milky Way ?
--OR --
Could the "Miami Square" be an overhead-aerial-view depiction of
a Toroidal rotation-dynamic of the "Galactic Wheel" of the Milky Way, 
from a North Solar-ecliptic-polar perspective ?

Intended as "Intro"-type Doodling, with ASM figures, and such ..
but not as a finished treatise, here.

I suggest going to a graphics-depiction by Gary Val Tenuta ..
involving this subject of the "Miami Square".
Once there .. look for a "Miami Square" hyperlink-phrase .. ?? .. 

Well, now .. this could get very interesting, something tells me.

In the Northern Hemisphere of Earth, in the "Spring" .. its beginning marked
by the March equinox .. you might say there's an "upwelling" of .. life force ..
into many plants, and such. These plants typically turn green, and they turn lush,
and "things seem to come to life", if you will.

A "spring" .. often connotates a "fountain" .. a "springing-forth" .. such as in
a natural water fountain, for example.

As I've stated before, on the Internet .. I think the Miami Circle is the place
of the remains of what has been called, "The Fountain of Youth".
It is the northeastern corner of what I call .. "Miami Square".
Its Grid Point Value is the Square Root of 15, according to my calculations.

I think this NE corner-node .. the Miami Circle-center .. is part of an overhead-view
depiction of the Milky Way .. from the perspective of the north Solar-ecliptic pole,
looking "down" on a toroidal doughnut-wall of the galactic-wheel of the Milky Way,
such-that .. you (the viewer) are looking straight through the Sun (Sol) and also
on-through the Galactic Center .. and also, straight through the_intersection_of
the galactic plane (galactic-equator) with the galactic pole. More specifically, 
I think the Miami Circle (center) represents (again; from "aerial-view", which is 
from the north Solar-ecliptic-pole perspective) .. I think the Miami Circle represents
the "fountain-node" of the Milky Way's Galactic pole .. which I have also called,
the "West Galactic Cross-Node" .. which is *now* (due to Earth's precession cycle)
aligned with our March equinoxial point. I have also called this node .. which is
essentially a line-of-sight alignment *as-observed-from-Earth* .. the "incoming
ecliptic-crossing-point" of the orbit-path of Nibiru .. {essential assistance from
Damon Elkins}. 

I also suspect that our "language" .. reflects this .. in the word, "spring" ..
a partiality to the northern-hemisphere on Earth, yes .. but this is to be expected,
because our "most-recent" planetary human history has_been_in the northern
hemisphere on Earth. 

The Center-point of "Miami Square" is analagous, then, to Galactic Center ..
and_also_(due to our "perspective-view") to the intersection of galactic pole and
galactic equator.

The "toroidal doughnut wall" .. the 'galactic wheel' of the Milky Way .. rotates
from (as seen from north Solar-ecliptic-pole) .. SE to NW .. AS SEEN ..
FROM AERIAL-VIEW over "Miami Square" .. or .. the rotation of the "top half"
of the toroidal doughnut-wall .. is "viewed" as rotating from SE corner to NW
corner of "Miami Square". Therefore .. SE-corner would be "South Galactic Node" ..
and NW-corner would be "Solar Apex" or North Galactic Node.
Think of the center-point, here, of "Miami Square" as .. Sol's location. 

The NE-corner (Miami Circle) is the "fountain" ("spring-node") .. West Galactic
Cross-Node .. and the "incoming ecliptic-crossing-point" of the orbit-path of Nibiru,
as-observed-from-Earth, and also *currently* (as of "circa 2000 A.D.", due to
Earth's precession) .. our March equinoxial point. 
I suggest thinking of this in terms of the North Galactic Pole .. where 'upwelling'
magnetic energy spews-forth .. in a "magnetic-field" model.

The SW-corner of "Miami Square" is what I have called .. the "Well of OSIRIS" .. 
at a Grid Point Value of .. 1.622311471 .. a figure called "Alternate Phi" by Carl
Munck, and discussed by Robert Carl on the "GridPoint" BBS Website.

This is_literally_the site of a very ancient water well.
I've actually been there, and have paced-off the distance from the street-curbs,
as well as doing my very best to locate it on the USGS 1: 24000 topo map ..
I mean, "locate it" myself. 

"Miami Square" is oriented precisely north-south-east-west.

The SW-corner, then, is the "inwelling-node" .. the East Galactic Cross-Node,
the "outgoing ecliptic-crossing-point" of Nibiru's orbit-path as observed-from-Earth,
and also ("currently", due to Earth precession) our September equinoxial point. 
This is, then, the South Galactic Pole .. where magnetic energy "goes-in" ..
in a "magnetic-field" model. 

The viewer is "looking-down" from the_direction_of the center of DRACO.

Now .. to begin getting-into some "ASM" figures in-support of this scenario ..

You have the number 36 .. the_Arc-Cosine_of HALF the Golden Section ..
as the_multiplied-product_of .. Galactic Center and "Miami Square" Center-point;
(35.53057584 * 1.013211836) = 36 .. 
and the Cosine of 36 is .. (1.618033989 / 2) .. precisely HALF of the Phi Constant.
(I know a lot of folks will like this). "Give 'em their Phi Fix" .. heh-heh.
Just kiddin' .. just kiddin'.

Taking the "fountain-node" of the galactic pole .. which is the Miami Circle 
spot at the NE-corner of "Miami Square" .. and taking the ratio ..
(7.5 / 3.872983346) = 1.936491673 .. Square-Root of 3.75 ..
which is also the_revised_{Robert Carl, 2002, Internet} Grid Point Value of ..

Taking the NW-corner .. the Solar Apex (North Galactic Node) .. 
8.268340445 .. which is also (2Pi * SE-corner), by the way .. (-; ..
and dividing-by the Grid Point Value_of_Solar Apex in the "ASM" ..
(8.268340445 / 2.842446068) = 2.908882087 .. the Grid Point Value of ..
Rosslyn Chapel, itself (in Scotland).

AND; 2.908882087 = (ALNITAK / 15) = (43.63323131 / 15).

Of course .. "15" is known esoterically as "OSIRIS Re-Membered" ..
(see the book, "Genisis", by David Wood, for example). 
And, of course, then .. 15 is the Square of .. the_Grid Point Value_of ..
Miami Circle .. the "fountain-spot" .. the NE-corner.

If you take the galactic "inwelling-node" .. East Galactic Cross-Node ..
and you divide by the SW-corner .. the "Well-of-Osiris" .. 
(281.4477322 / 1.622311471) = 281.4477322 / (Pi / Avebury Circle) ..
this is where; (3.141592654 / 1.936491673) = SW-corner.

AND .. keep in mind, throughout all of this .. that "Miami Square" Center-point
is **directly** connected to Cydonia City Square Center on Mars ..
(56.54866776 * 1.013211836) = 57.29577951 .. the_numerical_value of ..
the Radian-arc constant in the_360_system .. where; (360 / 2Pi) = 57.29577951

AND; also keep in mind .. that the_side-length_of "Miami Square" is ..
(Pi*Face) .. or .. (3.141592654 * 656.56127) = 2062.648063 *regular* feet. 
This is where; 656.56127 is the Grid Point Value of "Face One" at Cydonia, Mars ..
{Munck, 1993}.

I know you can go on, and on, with this .. which is what you're *supposed*
to do, of course !! But I need a break right now .. (-; 

-- Michael L.M. {Break's over} ..
P.S. .. I read somewhere, recently .. that one rotation of the galactic wheel
(Milky Way) takes about 225,000,000 Earth-years.

This figure .. 225,000,000 .. is a decimal-harmonic of 225 .. which, in-turn,
is the "Square of 15".

If I now divide 15 by .. the Center-point of "Miami Square" ..
(15 / 1.013211836) = 14.8044066 .. the precise_numerical_value of ..
JUNE SOLSTICE Node, in the "ASM" .. {Morton; 2002, Internet}.

Our "overhead" aerial-view of "Miami Square" is representing, I think .. as I said ..
a view from the perspective of the North Solar-ecliptic Pole .. or, from the direction
of the center of the "curled-up" DRACO. This "view" is of the "top-half" of the
toroidal doughnut-wall of the Milky Way. So .. 'HALF' of the torus-wheel would be ..
from SE-corner to NW-corner on "Miami Square". This would be .. 
South Galactic Node .. to .. Solar Apex.
HALF of 225 is 112.5 .. and if you multiply by 15 .. (112.5 * 15) = 1687.5 ..
a decimal-harmonic of the *Celtic-Unit* found by Brennan .. which is ..
1.6875 *regular* feet.

If I now multiply .. (South Galactic Node * Solar Apex * June Solstice Node) ..
I get .. (6.981317008 * 2.842446068 * 14.8044066) = 293.7788974 ..
which, in-turn, is .. the precise numerical value of .. December Solstice Node,
in the "ASM" .. {Morton; 2002, Internet}. 

-- MLM

(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.