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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 336

Corrected Tetrahedral Correlations ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
*ALERT* .. Major Oversight .. now CORRECTED !! ..
Tue Oct 15 16:45:21 2002

I just realized a major oversight has been made ..
but this has now been *corrected* .. and, in fact,
this correction-process has revealed even MORE
astonishing correlations and connections to the "ASM".

Mistakes are certainly a part of the learning/discovering
process. And it is true that in many cases, the process
of "mistakes" is almost "necessary" as an integral part
of any meaningful process of learning and discovery.

The key to this paticular "mistake" .. 
was the "unit-length" method of calculation ..
as compared with the 57.29577951-based calculation.
This is because .. the Cube of 1 = 1, of course.

In the "unit-length-based" calculation ..
the number 1 is used .. as in this case .. of 1/2 the
base-length of the equilateral triangle (under discussion).
Yes .. the Cube of 1 = 1. Of course.
But this applies_only_to this commonly-used methodology
of simplification, in which a "unit-of-one" is used in
attempting to find "geometrical proofs", typically.

So; except in the special case of the "Unit-length"
proof-methodology .. the standard formula for finding
the Volume of a regular tetradedron is ..
(1/3rd of the Area of One Side * Height).

I will now_correct_the "819069.955" Generic Volume ..
to its correct figure.

Area of One Side .. is the Area of the 2-D equilateral
triangle in your (original; recall ?) drawing.
This is found as .. 1/2 * base * height.
(1/2 * 93.56361614 * 81.02846845) ..
= 3790.658259 Sq. Deg.

Now .. taking 1/3rd of that .. 
(3790.658259 / 3) = 1263.552753

Then; (1263.552753 * 81.02846845) ..
= 102383.7444 Cubic Deg. .. Generic Volume of 
a Regular Tetrahedron Circumscribed in a Sphere,
(where radius value of Sphere is 57.29577951).

It so-happens that .. this_corrected_value is ..
EXACTLY 1/8th of the erroneous "edge-length Cubed" value.

A new finding is now revealed .. !!! .. which connects
*directly* to the "ASM" values involved in the South 
Galactic Node.

This will also connect DIRECTLY to The White House ..
to its centered-location.

I decided to take a look at the_ratio_of the corrected
Generic Volume of the regular tetrahedron, as we have
calculated it, based on a radius value of 57.29577951
for the circumscribing Sphere.

Bear in mind, that the Grid Point Value in the "ASM"
for The White House is .. 7.87873524

787873.524 Cubic arc-degrees .. IS the Generic Volume
of a Sphere.

(787873.524 / 102383.744) = 7.695298981 ..
= Sqrt 59.21762641

This is where; 59.21762641 is the "arc-seconds-tag"
on the ecliptic-longitude of the South Galactic Node
in the "ASM".
Where; 05(deg) * 18(min) * 59.21762641(sec) E.ALNITAK ..
= 5329.586377 E.ALNITAK ..
= 540 * (Pi^2).

AND .. this_now_connects DIRECTLY with .. "The Fortress"
at Cydonia on Mars; where .. 540 is the Grid Point Value
of the centered-location of "The Fortress", itself.
AND, where; the Grid LAT of "The Fortress" is a
decimal-harmonic of the "787873524" figure .. where;
41(deg) * 07(min) * 27.45203916(sec) North ..
= 7878.73524 North.

Not only have I corrected the "mistake" on the 
calculation of the Generic Volume of a regular
tetrahedron inscribed in a Sphere, where the radius
of the Sphere is 57.29577951 .. but I've also found
*yet-another* dramatic, precise, self-referential,
self-evident_connection_involving *case-related*
"ASM" parameters and specific values.

-- MLM 

(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.