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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 338

Cydonia "Tet-Pyramid" Grid LAT ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Cydonia "Tet-Pyramid" Grid LAT ..
Sat Oct 19 02:23:18 2002

<< ASM Values for Tet-Pyramid at Cydonia, Mars .. {Elkins, Morton; 2001} ..

40(deg) * 57(min) * 18.70030308(sec) North ..
= 42636.69101 North ..
= 4320 * (Pi^2).
37.69911184(min) W.Cydonia .. (west of Martian ASM prime meridian) ..
= (12*Pi).
Grid Point Value of "Tet Pyramid" at Cydonia on Mars ..
(42636.69101 / 37.69911184) ..
= 1130.973355 ..
= (360*Pi).

This Grid Point Value is numerically_identical_to the ASM Ecliptic Grid LAT of ..
the alpha-star of the Leo constellation .. REGULUS .. where;
27(min) * 41.88790205(sec) North-of-ecliptic ..
= 1130.973355 North-of-ecliptic ..
= (360*Pi).

Leo is traditionally associated with "fire" .. the primary "fire-sign" in the zodiac;
and the regular tetrahedron is the Regular Platonic Solid of "fire". >>

In my posting regarding "Coral Castle" in Florida (USA)
on the following website ..

I show its Grid LAT as .. 
25(deg) * 29(min) * 58.80922898(sec) North ..
= 42636.69101 North ..
= 4320 * (Pi^2).

This is_identical_to the 42636.69101 Grid LAT 
that D.Elkins and I calculated for the centered location
of the latitude of the "Tet-Pyramid" at Cydonia on Mars.
Although the actual latitudes are quite different .. 
the key, here, is that the_Grid LAT_is the same.

But the significance increases even more, when you realize
that the Grid Point Value that I found (in 1998) for
"Coral Castle" .. is 3.65020081 .. which is an exact
decimal-harmonic of the "ideal" ASM Solar Year of ..
365.020081 Earth Days .. {Munck, 1993}.
Here we are, again, with a "Solar" reference in the ASM ..
as a (decimal-harmonic) Grid Point Value of the centered
location (built by Ed Leedskalnin) of "Coral Castle" in
Florida, USA .. a renowned "modern" mystery structure.

In fact .. when you use the "HD-TET Grid LAT" figure
of 8760.48194 .. {Morton; 2000, Internet} .. and you
divide by the Grid Point Value of "Coral Castle" ..
(8760.48194 / 3.65020081) = 2400 .. which, in-turn,
is a decimal-harmonic of 240 .. which, in-turn, is ..
(20/Pi) * (12*Pi) = 240 .. the *multiplied-product* of ..
A.) the_ratio_of the )Volume/Surface-Area) of a Regular
Tetrahedron circumscribed in a Sphere, where said sphere
has a radius length of 57.29577951, which radius-length
is exactly equal to the numerical value of the Radian-arc
constant, in the case where_360_equal arc-segments are
assumed as comprising one Circumference. {R.Carl}. 
-- AND --
B.) the W.Cydonia longitude .. 37.69911184(min) W.Cydonia,
of the centered-location of the "Terahedral Pyramid"
at Cydonia on Mars. {Morton, Elkins}.

Even the Sarsen Circle_radius_of STONEHENGE is referenced,
as a decimal-harmonic .. when you notice the relationship
between the_shared_Grid LAT of the "Tet-Pyramid" at
Cydonia and "Coral Castle" in Florida, USA .. and ..
the "HD-TET Grid LAT" figure ..
(42636.69101 / 8760.48194) = 48.66934411 / 10.

Even exactly HALF of the Grid Point Value of Galactic
Center is indicated .. in the ratio of the Grid LONG
of "Coral Castle" and the "HD-TET Grid LAT" ..
(155632.4841 / 8760.48194) = 17.76528792 ..
which is precisely HALF of the 35.53057584 Grid Point 
Value of Galactic Center in the ASM.

AGAIN : the "HD-TET Grid LAT" figure .. is the ASM
encoding format that I discovered .. for the "Hoagland"
*tetrahedral-latitude* on rotating celestial bodies ..
the "19.47" latitude, north & south of the equator ..
but expressed precisely in an ASM format-code.
The "ideal" geometric value for this angle is ..
the Arc-Sine of 1/3rd .. 
SIN 19.47122061 = 1/3rd.

19(deg) * 28(min) * 16.46707132(sec) ..
= 8760.48194 .. {Morton; 2000, Internet}.

So; you're seeing, here, some very solid evidence for
intentional locating of structures on a planetary
latitude/longitude grid .. using the "360" system ..
yes .. but using a special encoding/format of the 360
system, also. Not only is it specifying the rotational
equators on both Earth and Mars .. but it is also
specifying the prime meridians through the centers of
The Great Pyramid and through The D&M Pyramid.
The precision is indicative of high technology, of course.

-- MLM 

(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.