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Some (Tree of Life) ASM Connections as of 11-11-02 ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Some (Tree of Life) ASM Connections as of 11-11-02 ..
Mon Nov 11 13:09:32 2002

First; I want to thank Moe Sizlac ..

He (apparently .. (??) .. or did someone else find it first ?) found the Tree of Life 
on the DC landscape.
And I've now found what I think is a major series of connections
involving the ASM .. which includes certain "number nodes" from the Tree of Life.

I'll focus, here, on 3 particular "number-nodes" on the Tree of Life ..
and these are indicated on Moe's graphics at the above website.
These are .. # 6, # 9, and # 10 .. corresponding to .. respectively;
The White House, The Washington Monument, and The Jefferson Memorial.

As some of you already know .. I've noticed an "ASM" pattern, involving the
relative locations of the 3 Orion Belt-stars; whereby .. certain_very_specific
number-correlations are self-evidently obtained by "multiplying the nodes 
on either side, and then dividing that result by the middle node".

I'm following that pattern, here, with respect to the Tree of Life.
(6 * 10) / 9 = 6.666666666 .. (repeating 6s).

I then apply the "Orion Belt-stars Composite" .. which is ..
= (43.63323131 * 31.00627668) / 170.010936 ..
= 7.957747155 ..
{Morton; Internet, 2000}.

Here, then ..
(7.957747155 / 6.666666666) = 1.193662073

Next; I apply the "Main Giza Pyramids Composite" .. same pattern ..
(Great Pyr * Mycerinus Pyr) / Chephren Pyr ..
= (248.0502134 * 2261.946711) / 5764.166073 ..
= 97.33868822 ..
This is where Munck (1993) found the ASM values for the 3 main Giza pyramids.
I then investigated the pattern as compared with the Grid Point Values I found
for the 3 Orion Belt-stars.
One major note, here, is that this "Main Giza Pyramids Composite" is identical
numerically to the diameter of the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge (England) as found
by Munck (1993) .. in terms of 97.33868822 regular ("British") feet.

Now, then ..
(97.33868822 / 1.193662073) = 81.54626877

Then; I'll apply the "Teotihuacan Composite" .. which involves, in the same pattern,
the 3 major structures at Teotihuacan, Mexico .. as per their ASM Grid Point
Values as found by Munck (1993) ..
(The Citadel * The Moon Pyr) / The Sun Pyr ..
= (9.118906527 * 6.489245883) / 12 ..
= 4.931235553

Here, then ..
(81.54626877 / 4.931235553) = 16.5366809

At this point (pun not intended) .. I recognize the ratio of ..
(248.0502134 / 15) = 16.5366809

You can go back to earlier in this article, and see that 248.0502134 is
in fact the Grid Point Value of The Great Pyramid of Giza.
And 15 is a number I call, "OSIRIS Re-membered" .. {see the book, "Genisis",
by author-researcher David Wood}. Also; 15 is the ancient Sumerian Rank Number
of Inanna/Ishtar .. {see the works of Zecharia Sitchin}.
In fact; 15 is the Grid Point Value that I have found for the centered-locations
of both The U.S. Naval Observatory_and_The Supreme Council 33rd Degree Temple.
And both of those structures are in Washington, D.C.
{Morton; 1998, 2000, Internet}. 

Continuing; I'll again use the_ratio_of 15 and 248.0502134 ..

And I'm now using the ASM Grid Point Value for Galactic Center ..
(16.5366809 * 35.53057584) = 587.5577949

That result is actually a precise decimal-harmonic of the Grid LAT of SIRIUS
in the ASM. I found the SIRIUS Grid LAT to be .. 58755.77949 .. 
{Morton; 1999, Internet}. 

Noting this .. I then applied the Grid Point Value of SIRIUS ..
( 587.5577949 / 2.368705056) = 248.0502134 .. exactly 1/100th of the
Grid LONG of SIRIUS .. which, in-turn, is exactly 100 times the Grid Point Value
of The Great Pyramid of Giza !!

Some of you may recall, that I have found this same figure .. 248.0502134 ..
which is also the Cube of double-Pi .. (2Pi)^3 .. to be the_exact_multiplied-product
of .. (The White House * The Capitol Rotunda * The Supreme Court * The
Washington Monument) .. or, respectively;
(7.87873524 * 1.591549431 * 3.655409037 * 5.411616169) = 248.0502134

Please note: these individual Grid Point Values .. are_each_the result of
calculating the exact_centers_of location of_each_of these structures ..
based on the_official_USGS Topographical Map .. scale 1 : 24000 ..
7.5 (arc-min) Series. {The longitudes must be converted to "W.Giza" longitudes;
by adding-on .. 31deg 08 min 0.8 sec .. to the W.Greenwich longitudes}. 
The "ASM" Earth prime meridian is through the_center_of The Great Pyramid 
of Giza, as discovered by Carl Munck .. {1993;}
Therefore; these particular findings are repeatable. I encourage others to replicate
these results .. thank-you.

Continuing even further .. I will use, again .. the ratio of 15 and 248.0502134 ..
and I will directly apply the ASM Grid Point Value of SIRIUS ..
(16.5366809 / 2.368705056) = 6.981317008

That result .. is the precise figure for the ASM "South Galactic Node".
{Morton; 2002, Internet}. In-addition; this is_also_the Grid Point Value that
I calculated for the "Alien with binary-code CD" crop-formation, which first began
to literally take-shape on the 14th of August, 2002. This is *on-the-record*;
because I wrote a brief article on this, including my ASM assessment ..
soon after this major crop-form appeared in England.

Notice, now .. the concise and elegant_equation_that becomes self-evident ..
(587.5577949 / 6.981317008) = (2.368705056 * 35.53057584) ..
= (SIRIUS Grid LAT * 10^-2) / South Galactic Node = SIRIUS * Galactic Center.

Now .. using my Grid Point Value for .. ASM June Solstice Node ..
(587.5577949 / 14.8044066) = 1.013211836 * 16.5366809 * 2.368705056 ..
Where; 1.013211836 is Grid Point Value for the_Center-point_of "Miami Square".

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 

Michael Lawrence Morton The Tree of Life has "Branches" .. Wed Nov 13 06:58:59 2002 The Tree of Life has branches. The Life Force .. the true nature of Nature .. has self-organizing power. Life has Intelligence within itself .. and tends toward increasing itself. This is an essential and integral part of Intelligent life forms, it seems. Intelligent life tends to recognize itself .. "self-awareness", you might say. The ASM is a grand testament to self-awareness .. to our very Heritage, in fact. Wouldn't the Tree of Life have branches ? Wouldn't a culture of Intelligent, self-aware Humans tend to want to harmonize with the basic essence of the true nature of Nature .. ??? .. all other things aside ? Yes .. I do think so. This would be a primary tendency .. a primary life-force manifestation .. giving the LIE to the false doctrine/dogma of the so-called "survival-of-the-fittest" paradigm. Tragically; this false doctrine/dogma has been the foundation of ever-increasing, institutionalized corruption and abuse in the general 'Western' consensus Earth-human culture .. especially over the last 150 years. Part of the thrust-of-discovery involving the ASM .. embodies a recovery of the awareness of True Self in a broad cultural context, including very deeply- ancient Extra-terrestrial Heritage. Indeed, this would seem to be a practical pre-requisite for joining the "Galactic Community". It only makes sense. A striving toward "ideals" would seem to be integral to an innate tendency toward an increasing Intelligence. The formation of the USA happened only a little more than 200 years ago. Somehow .. the very_locations_of the 'Houses' of the 3 Branches of Federal Government in this very young organization .. were_precisely_centered .. along with the exact, centered location of The Washington Monument .. such that their 4 "nodes" of location .. when_literally_multiplied-together, based on officially-mapped longitude and latitude .. create a precise MATCH of the_ASM_Grid Point Value {Munck, 1993} of The Great Pyramid of Giza !! This is empirical reality. This is self-evident. I like to call The Washington Monument .. the "Pillar of Enlightenment". This 4th ingredient in the alchemy of "ideal" government .. stands for wisdom, knowledge-of-self, understanding, self-awareness. This ingredient is just as essential as the 3 Branches, themselves .. if the governed culture is truly striving for the best that Life holds. "Who put them there" .. in those "exact" spots ? We did, of course. "We", you say ? Yes .. We .. in the broad sense of our true, very deep, extraterrestrial Heritage. Yes .. this will also involve understanding .. an understanding by "Us" of how the genetic engineering was done .. how our particular hybrid was accomplished. Sitchin's work leads the way, in this realm. It is the best_starting_point, IMO. "What !!" .. .. "hybrids !!" .. well .. yes. Do you have a better term ? "WHO did that to us !!" .. you say ? We did, of course. We did. This is one main example of the new understanding and wisdom that we need to cultivate in terms of a critical-mass. Everything is "in place". It is the Understanding that We need, now. Even the stars are in place .. in the ASM. For all We know .. We did THAT, too. How can We separate Ourselves from the Creator who "did this" ? We can't, I don't think. How_far_do "We" go back ? A helluva long way .. apparently. Further-back than We can tell, it seems. At some point, We need to understand that Enlil/Jehovah/Yahweh was and is NOT The Creator .. *any more-or-less* than any one of Us was/is The Creator. He was an Anunnaki ruler/leader on Earth. He was NOT "God" .. *any more-or-less* than any one of Us was/is "God". This is something We need to understand. Did_Enlil_put the Stars in their currently-observed locations .. as-observed-from- Earth ? I do not think so .. *any more-or-less* than any one of Us put the Stars where they now are. -------------------------------------------------- Did you know that We have already CUBED the Circle ?! 248.0502134 = (2Pi)^3 .. a Cubing of the 2Pi Radians-of-arc. And THAT is the multiplied-product of the locations of the Houses of the 3 Branches of the "ideal" Federal Government of the USA .. themselves then multiplied by Enlightenment, which, in-turn, has its foundation centered as the House of the Pillar of Enlightenment .. The Washington Monument. 248.0502134 = (7.87873524 * 1.591549431 * 3.655409037 * 5.411616169) .. = (Executive * Legislative * Judicial * Enlightenment), respectively. Now; what about the "Dome of the Rock" ? I mean .. its centered location .. ? Robert Carl mapped it out .. and I found its ASM values, to be self-evident. Sitchin has said that this place was the "Mission Control Center" of the Anunnaki. This would have been where the "Bond Heaven-Earth" was established .. after The Great Deluge .. {Z.Sitchin}. Enlil was the one who was "in-charge" of this cultural function. No wonder so many people "worship" this spot, still. It was a very important_functional_place in our ancient Heritage. We've lost a lot of our own_knowledge_of our own Heritage, and there has also been a lot of_suppression_of our common ancient Heritage .. by .. some of .. Us. The Grid Point Value for the_center_of the "Dome of the Rock" is .. 779.2727281 . and .. (779.2727281 / 5.411616169) = 144. "144" .. a gematrian number for .. "Light". Actually .. it seems that the 144 references the "natural" *Speed-of-Light* .. {see Bruce Cathie .. "The Harmonic Conquest of Space"}. As you can see, from the above equation .. you have the Grid Point Value of the House of the "Pillar of Enlightenment" actually displaying the "144" .. by combining_with_the "Dome of the Rock". What about the "144,000" ? Yes .. it is a number involving the Speed of light. And notice how it combines_with_the "Supreme Court"_and_with the Pi constant, to display what I call, the "Full Octave Nibiru Cross" .. (144000 / 3.655409037) * 3.141592654 = 123758.8838 .. = (2.368705056 * 7.5 * 10.44949716 * 281.4477322 * 2.368705056). From SIRIUS/aphelion node .. to Incoming ecliptic-crossing node .. to Perihelion node .. to Outgoing ecliptic-crossing node .. back to aphelion/SIRIUS. It touches 5 nodes. This is all as-observed-from-Earth, against the background of the Stars. We now know the path of the orbit of the Lord of Heaven .. at least on *line-of-sight* against the sky-background as observed-from-Earth. Damon Elkins has been instrumental in finding this_line-of-sight_orbit path. The Pi constant, itself .. is the_ratio_of the "Dome of the Rock" and The Great Pyramid of Giza .. (779.2727281 / 3.141592654) = 248.0502134 .. which is echoed in Washington, D.C. -- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.