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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 346

Re: The "cross" motif .. So much here !! ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Re: The "cross" motif .. So much here !! ..
Thu Nov 7 02:17:59 2002

There's so much going-on, here .. I need to get
something typed here, that just popped into my mind ..

There's a LOT going-on with the "cross" motif.

Even a "time-node" or intersection .. or .. a point-of-
convergence in time .. such as .. the "ASM" time-node
of .. 2000 A.D. (midnight, New Year's Eve of 1999/2000).
I have to mention the evidently_very_special database
involved, here .. which is an amazing thing in itself ..

The ancient Hebrew calendar began in Nippur, in 3760 B.C.
in the_Sumerian_civilization. So .. 2000 A.D. is equivalent
to 5760 in the ancient Hebrew calendar .. or .. one could
say .. the ancient Sumerian calendar.

5760 * (Pi^2) = 56848.92135 .. mentioned of course in
Chronos' posting just preceding this.

Think of an almost "infinite" amount of "crosses" ..
*converging* at one common central point ..
at midnight, New Year's Eve of 1999/2000 ..
when SIRIUS appears to "cross" the sky-meridian at 33
degrees above the horizon {see "The End of Days" series 
of articles on TEM 'old' website} from a viewer's
perspective at Washington, D.C.

And 5760 is a big factor (literally) in the "Cydonia/Giza
Equation" .. [[ (Face One * D&M Pyr * 5760 * Mintaka) ..
= (Great Pyr * Chephren Pyr * Mycerinus Pyr) ]]. 

Mintaka is one of the Orion Belt-stars .. analagous
to the Mycerinus Pyr {Robert Bauval, et al} positionally.

The "cross" motif .. I think .. is a basic "symbol" of
time/space self-referential, self-evident, observable
"intersection" .. or "self-evident, time/spacial,
self-referential nodal-convergence". It takes a certain
level of_intelligence_to notice this. Everyone has been
clamoring for "proof" of "ETI". Well .. I've been saying,
for years .. that the "ASM" is the best proof I know of
that "we" (Earth-humans, currently) are NOT ALONE .. and
that "we" have NEVER been alone. Any "proof" has to be
ascertained by way of "our" perception and awareness,
*anyway*, right ??!! You waiting for Someone to come along
and say .. "This, Earth-humans, is the proof you seek" ..
and then you all bow-down and say, in unison .. 
"Yes, Someone, we thank you for showing us this Proof".

What is "latitude/longitude" intersection .. if not a
"crossing" ? Points on a "Sphere" .. on the surface of 
a Sphere .. eh ? You need what ? A prime meridian ..
and an Equator. You can then define co-ordinates in terms
of NODES .. "points" .. on the spherical surface .. using
a system of NUMBERS that represent arc-distances ..
in terms of both "latitude" and "longitude".
Each "node" is a crossing-point. These nodes are
intersections at RIGHT-ANGLES. Because the prime meridian
and the equator are at RIGHT-ANGLES to *begin-with*.

If you are intelligent enough to understand the Pi concept,
then .. (Pi / 2) .. half Pi .. describes the RIGHT-ANGLE,
in terms of Radians-of-arc. This is where the arc-segment
of the "curve" on the circumference .. which is *most-
nearly-equal-to* the straight-line RADIUS length ..
"defines" the Radian-arc (constant) on any given true 
circumference. There are 2Pi Radians-of-arc in any *one*
true circumference. So .. 1/4th of that is always Half Pi,
or .. (Pi /2) Radians-of-arc.
This figure, to 9 decimal places .. is .. 
(3.141592654 / 2) = 1.570796327

I think this is why ALNITAK's Grid LAT was planned as ..
15707.96327 South-of-ecliptic ..
= 25(deg) * 17(min) * 36.95991358(sec) South-of-ecliptic.
ALNITAK, in Orion's Belt .. IS the prime meridian "marker-
star" for the Solar-ecliptic .. as viewed from Earth.
This was apparently planned .. to be "most-evident" ..
according to the very special DATABASE I mentioned earlier
in this posting. I would STILL like to know *who* .. and ..
HOW .. ??!! .. came-up with the computer-program for this
database !! I've emailed Walter Pullen .. a couple of
times .. and have received no response. I'm frankly
wondering if the person who actually wrote this program
is AWARE .. ?? .. of the MONUMENTAL significance and
"specialness" .. of this database. If anyone can contact
Walter Pullen .. or, if anyone can contact WHOMEVER wrote
this program .. please let me know.

Just look at the relationship which is self-evident ..
among Galactic Center, the Orion Belt-stars Composite,
and Solar Apex .. according to this DATABASE .. ..

First of all .. Solar Apex is defined as ALWAYS Half-Pi
Radians-of-arc AHEAD of "where" Sol is headed ..
in its place on the Galactic Wheel. This "node" in the
sky (As-Observed-from-Earth) .. is also called, by
astronomers .. the "North Galactic Node". 
So .. right here .. you have *HALF-PI* Radians-of-
arc .. *embedded* in the very_definition_of "Solar
I found that the_ratio_of Solar Apex and Galactic
Center .. IN THIS DATABASE .. which is_calibrated_to
Jan. 1st of 2000 A.D. .. (!!) .. is ..
(35.53057584 / 2.842446068) = 12.5 ..
where 2.842446068 is the node for Solar Apex.

Now .. look what happens .. when you take the ratio of
the Orion Belt-stars Composite .. and the "12.5" ratio
of (Galactic Center / Solar Apex) ..
(12.5 / 7.957747155) = 1.570796327 = HALF Pi. 

Again; Half Pi is a decimal-harmonic of the Ecliptic
Grid LAT of .. ALNITAK .. the "marker-star" for the
Ecliptic prime meridian .. which is at RIGHT-ANGLES ..
**as-observed-from-Earth** .. to the Solar-ecliptic.

You have the Half-Pi figure all over the place, here.
This is a_signature_of the "cross" .. which, in-turn,
is a symbol of a nodal-intersection-point .. which, also,
is a symbol of "LATITUDE/LONGITUDE" description ..
which is a primary symbol involved in the "ASM"
system .. a very_specific_system of **self-reference**
in terms of time and space. Think "self-awareness".

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.