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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 347

Yes .. it only makes sense ..

More "Geodetic" Pi / "Not-Phi" Pyramid?...
Mon Nov 11 19:32:39 2002

I wrote,

"But Carl Munck's 89298.07632 is the Grid Latitude of a point on the North Face of the 
Great Pyramid, not the Apex, which according to him, is "reserved" for a geodetic figure, 

Apex Latitude 85789.3568772, which is the North Face Grid Latitude, times the Precessional 
Cycle divided by the earth's equatorial circumference, with a value of 24,901.54558 miles...

89298.07632 / (25920 / 24901.54558) = 85789.3568772

Now, the World Almanac for 1999 says the equator's length is 24,901.55 miles, and that
the mean radius is 3959 miles... 3959 x 2Pi = 24875.13063, so figuring Michell means 
the mean radius by 24883.2, that's pretty close, about 8 miles, and I'd even grant there
are symbolic figures for this and those that differ because they come from different 
"mnemonic" schools and different, more variable metrologies and so forth... 

But if we take the reciprocal of the Great Pyramid's Grid Point of (2 Pi)^3, or 
248.0502134, obtain its reciprocal (1 / 248.0502134) = 4.031441804 x 10^3, and 
divide by 1.61882914,

4.031441804 / 1.61882914 = 24903.44228 / 10^4"

Having said all of that, we have some idea why the apex of the Great Pyramid
finds a slightly unusual geographic point to occur at...

However, this

4.031441804 / 1.61882914 = 24903.44228 / 10^4

Appears as if to be merely an incidental near- approximation of the Earth's Equatorial
Circumference as it is currently listed... 

((25920 x 2) / 1000 ) x 480.3471696 Height Great Pyramid, in feet [Munck] = 24901.19727

Describing the modern Earth Equatorial Circumference 24901.54558 to 
(24901.54558 - 24901.19727) = .34831 miles or an error of .001397484 %...

24901.19727 can be found easily enough throughout the Matrix, almost without
even looking... the "geographic Grid Latitude" of the "Circle of Churches" at 
Rennes-le-Chateau 33664.58184 x Squared Megalithic Yard 7.396853331 = 24901.19743 x 10

24144.88226 (= Grid Latitude Great Pyramid 89298.07632 / 1/2 Squared Megalithic Yard
(7.396853331 / 2)) x 1.031324031 (Area of A Circle / 10000) = 24901.19743

24901.19727 / 2.920161646 Grid Point Stonehenge = "Sirius Apex Latitude" of Michael L.
Morton, an alternate Matrix-Valid apex latitude for the Grid Pyramid, based on a decimal
harmonic of the Grid Point of Sirius (or of the Area of Stonehenge / Pi) x 360, or 

Now, since the 2.920160646 Grid Point was already attractive for reasons including that 
it's square is decimal harmonic to the Area of Stonehenge / Pi... or to the "Sirius Apex
Latitude"... 85273.38203

Grid Point Stonehenge "v. 4.0" / WGS 84 cubed...
(2.920160646^3) = 24901.19743 / 1000

We are also able to "milk" this out of the Great Pyramid's Side length, using an 
approximation of "33" that befits the Pyramid Matrix...

754.5275723 x 33.002366909 = 24901.19743 

Where 33.002366909 is 4^2 / 10 times the length of the Michael L. Morton Royal Cubit 
in inches, 2.062648064, which is equal to the Surface Area of a Hemisphere / 10000...

In case you were wondering how we could live with a Side Length of the Great Pyramid 
which seems a bit ambivalent when subjected to the M. L. Morton Royal Cubit of 
20.62648064 / 12 inches...

And also in case you wondering, this figure is not indifferent to "Not-Phi"... but for 
that, we would have to ask "the Old Man of the Mountain" in New Hampshire... Grid Latitude 
15382.22708 x 1.61882914 = 24901.19743

What about the "Old Man's" Grid Longitude, which figure it shares with the "Cholula" Pyramid
in Mexico 14883.01281? Well, for that we have to ask the Limnatis Pyramid at the bottom of 
Rock Lake in Wisconsin, so to speak... Grid Longitude 16731.28806...

16731.28806 x 14883.01281 = 249011974.5

And the fact of it being if we substitute this approximation into Munck's equation 

89298.07632 / (25920 / 24901.54558) = 85789.3568772

Like so...

89298.07632 / (25920 / 24901.19745) = 85788.157902, which is Michael L. Morton's other
suggested Apex Latitude, an alternate for Munck's 85789.3568772 comprised of dh 9929.184912
Grid Latitude D & M Pyramid x 864... 

Now maybe I am just suffering side-effects of reading all of this stuff by John Michell 
and others, but while Munck has the Great Pyramid locking down the exact and 
"unrepeatable" / Not-Matrix-Valid figure of 24901.54558, a .001397484% accurate 
approximation, 24901.19743, finds it way into a lot of equations (apparently since I 
am only getting started if I want to pursue this, and therefore barely even trying to 
find out where all 24901.19743 might be hiding...)

Oh, yeah... by the way...

24901.19743 / 8760.048192 M. L. Morton "Tetrahedral Hyper-D Grid Latitude" 28.442446073 = 
dh Grid Latitude Great Pyramid / Pi...

So, I don't know 100%... (well, to within .001397484 % shall we say?)... for sure about
all that, but at least it seems to me we aren't necessarily throwing out the references 
to the Earth's statistics that have traditionally been associated with the statistics of 
the Giza Pyramids... by accepting Carl Munck's model of the Giza Pyramids (and Michael's
variations)... ?????



Michael Lawrence Morton Yes .. it only makes sense .. Tue Nov 12 00:55:05 2002 Thanks, Chronos. You know .. it only makes sense .. that it seems "intended" that the "864" decimal-harmonic would be there .. as the RATIO between the Grid LAT of "The D&M Pyramid" at Cydonia, and the "APEX" Grid LAT of The Great Pyramid of Giza. 9929.184894 * 8.64 = 85788.15751 Nice and clean .. and the "864" relates to Total Solar Eclipses so well .. when you use the "gematria-based" 864,000 statute miles diameter of Sol .. in-ratio with the 2160 statute miles Lunar counterpart diameter .. to get a 400 ratio. Then .. I take the "intentional mix" of polar circumferences of Earth and Mars .. (21600 / 13159.47253) = 1.641403175 .. times the "400" from the Total Solar Eclipse metaphorical/Earth-based observation .. (400 * 1.641403175) = 656.56127 .. the "Face One" at Cydonia !! Now I say that's powerful stuff. And it's based on "gematria"_and_on "Observed-from-Earth" reality. And .. BOOM .. you have a solid connection to the "original" FACE ON MARS .. by using the "deliberate mix" of polar circumferences of Earth and Mars .. one in statute miles and the other in nautical miles. All based on .. "empirical observation". The skeptics and debunkers decry the "absence of pure science" .. and yet, when I shove pure science right under their noses .. as Munck has done .. they can't "believe" it. What a pathetic situation. There's an ever-increasing "heads-in-the-sand" approach to my work. A refusal to face the empirical truth .. even when it's displayed in plain view on a silver platter of elegance. This has been going-on for several years, despite almost_daily_reinforcments of evidence that I post to the Internet .. which has provided cross-references galore .. and elegant redundancies out the yin-yang. The more specific and precise and redundant my postings and proofs .. the deeper the "ostrich effect" .. the heads go deeper and deeper into the sand. All I see, now .. are a bunch of asses sticking out. -- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.