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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 348

So; when did Nibiru last "cross" ?

Michael Lawrence Morton
So; when did Nibiru last "cross" ?
Thu Nov 7 02:56:56 2002

Apparently .. Nibiru last "crossed" the Solar-ecliptic,
**as-observed-from-Earth** .. in .. 00 B.C./A.D. ..
or "exactly" 2000 years prior to 2000 A.D.

You have, then Jesus the Christ .. associated with
the most-recent "crossing" of the Solar-ecliptic
by Nibiru .. the "Lord of Heaven" .. {Z.Sitchin, et al}.
If Laurence Gardner's research is correct, then Jesus
the Christ was 7 years of age at 00 B.C./A.D. .. at
the last "crossing". And THAT, I think .. is the 
*starting-point* for the "Christian" calendar.

The "next-scheduled" crossing would be as of 3600 A.D. ..
if Zecharia Sitchin's research is correct as to the
orbital-period of Nibiru. This "3600" figure would match
the orbital-period of Nibiru in terms of Earth-years.

The 3600 figure is also "referenced" to us ..
as the_Ecliptic_Grid LAT of both Galactic Center and
Galactic Anti-Center ..
again; AS SHOWN in that very *Special* DATABASE ..
05(deg) * 40(min) * 18(sec) = 3600 north & south ..
Galactic Center south of the Solar-ecliptic, as viewed
from Earth .. and Galactic Anti-Center the same
ecliptic-latitude distance north of the Solar-

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.