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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Precession of the Zodiac

<< their exotic cargoes...jesus was the lamb of god...he was also an Aries...born on April 6th. >>

Here I have two points to make. Well ... who knows how many, actually. But ... first of all ... the latest, apparently most-accurate info on the date of Jesus' birth is from Laurence Gardner's work, which indicates that Jesus was born on a March 1st. The year was apparently 7 B.C.

The other point was this ... apparently the practice of astrology has ... until some recent breakthroughs (which haven't yet filtered through the astrology community, sufficiently) ... has neglected to correct the Zodiac Houses *themselves* for Earth precession. The 'common' astrology practice is to still use "zero degrees Aries" as the Vernal Equinox point .. which is not true. The Vernal Equinox point is now (year-2000) at 05 deg PISCES 15' 49". This is about 24.75 arc-degrees OFF the "frozen" Zodiac-position of common astrology practice. So ... this means that *most* of us are NOT what we 'think we are', in terms of astrology !!!

As applies to Jesus' birthdate ... if we assume "April 6th" as Marilyn says ...

Jesus WOULD have been an ARIES .. because April 6th *WAS* in Aries 2000 or so *years ago*. But, if we assume "March 1st" as Jesus' birthdate, he would have been a PISCES *back then*, around 2000 years, or so, ago.

Today, or during the 20th century, anyone born on April 6th is a PISCES ... because April 6th is now *in* PISCES .. correcting the Zodiac for Earth precession.

After all, the Zodiac is based on the actual star constellations. So ... why would the Zodiac NOT be precessing ?!! Obviously, the Zodiac DOES precess "with" the constellations !!! This is why we need to stop using "zero degrees ARIES" as the Vernal Equinox point !! Our Vernal Equinox is almost 25 degrees *away from* "zero degrees ARIES" !!! So ... slide the Zodiac "counterclockwise" by 24.75 degrees, to bring it up-to-date.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) copyright 2000
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