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Michael Lawrence Morton's

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Not only "Yom Kippur", but ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Not only "Yom Kippur", but ..
Sat Nov 9 21:51:48 2002

In the preceding post, I mentioned that the figure
"2368.705056" .. as in year-"A.D." .. in using the
figures to the_right_of the decimal-point ..
could indicate "where", in that calendar year of 
2368 A.D., there might be an "official ASM" entrance
into the Age of Aquarius.
0.705056 * 365.24 = approx. 257.5 DAYS into the 
calendar year. This would be on the 15th of September 
which (id I'm not mistaken ?) is the Hebrew day of ..
Yom Kippur .. correct ? This is one WEEK prior to ..
September Equinox .. yes/no ? This would be 7 days ..
with the significance of the "7" apparently relating to
The Menorah .. which might_also_be referencing
7 "planetoids" orbiting the 'companion' brown-dwarf star
(Nibiru)of Sol. In other words .. Sol might NOT be really
"solitary". We may be in a binary star-system, after all.

Now; not only is the 15th of September a week from
our "current" September Equinox .. it is also {NOW, 
circa 2000 A.D.} .. quite close to the ecliptic-
longitudinal conjunction with the_CUSP_of Leo/Virgo ..
on the_sidereal_zodiac.
Is this not diametrically-opposite the "entrance" to
the Age of Aquarius ? The_cusp_of Pisces/Aquarius is
OPPOSITE the cusp of Leo/Virgo, of course !! 
In fact .. by the year 2368 A.D. .. our Earth precession
cycle will have moved "almost" to where the_CUSP_of
Leo/Virgo is_aligned_with our September Equinox Point.
-- MLM 

(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.