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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 353

ANOTHER ASM "Tithonia" Figure Emerges ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
ANOTHER ASM "Tithonia" Figure Emerges ..
Mon Nov 18 14:26:46 2002

I ask everyone to please focus on this.
And I hope everyone will take this seriously. (And Siriusly).

Please recall .. {and/or .. see the posting I made re: "Tithonia Complex",
on the "GridPoint" BBS} .. please recall .. that I made an "ASM" assessment
on the *GIVEN* coordinates for "Tithonia" (Mars) that were posted on
the_website_of the people involved in the "Tithonia Complex" project. 
This means Stewart Best and Cynthia Best, among others, I assume. (?)
{"Redstar Project" .. something like that}.
Even though The Bests have still not answered_any_of my email inquiries to them ..
I remain dedicated to trying to find the Truth. 
And though, at times, I may use some "rough language" in the "passion of the
moment" .. I_don't_really mean to "scare anyone off". And I don't think I'm really
a monster, or anything of the sort. I just_really_want the Truth to come out. 
And I think part of being truly_human_involves the honest expression of emotions.
I am what I am. "Sorry". I apologize. OK .. so; can we all just focus on finding
the damned Truth, please ?

I proposed "ASM" values as-follows .. as being "likely-intended" ..
based_DIRECTLY_on the *given* coordinates posted on the "Project Redstar"
website .. involving the location of "Tithonia". I converted the 'given' longitude
into W.Cydonia longitude .. by subtracting the variance of 09 deg 32 min 0.8 sec ..
between the "NASA" prime meridian and the "D&M Pyramid" prime meridian.

8207.015875 and 4500 .. was my interpretation.
This is where; 4500 W.Cydonia = 80(deg) * 05(min) * 11.25(sec) W.Cydonia.
And, where; 8207.015875 South = 04(deg) * 57(min) * 35.99568366(sec) South.
Therefore; (8207.015875 / 4500) = 1.823781306 .. "Tithonia" likely-intended
Grid Point Value .. logically encouraged by the fact that ..
1.823781306 = [Generic Radian(deg) / Pi] / 10 ..
= (57.29577951 / 3.141592654) / 10. 

I STILL DO think .. and feel .. that this is a VALID set of "likely-intended" ASM
values for the "center" of Tithonia on Mars. I am_not_"rejecting" this particular
set of ASM values, in this particular case.

However .. IN-ADDITION to this particular set of ASM values, in this particular case,
I now think (and feel) that I HAVE discovered ANOTHER set of ASM values
for this same "SPOT" .. which seems to be JUST as VALID as my first proposal.
AND; I think (and feel) that this .. *itself* .. is INTENDED .. by the creator(s) and
designer(s) of the ASM. I hope that you, the reader(s) .. will notice from my following
figures and correlations .. that this is True. This is an elegant, magnificent method
of *communication* across time and space. WE apparently_are_at LEAST on the
"receiving end" of this current communication-process. 
AT LEAST on the receiving end.

Here's my "First Alternate" ASM set of values for .. "Tithonia Center" ..
8207.015875 South .. same as above.
4479.379781 W.Cydonia = 80(deg) * 05(min) * 11.19844945(sec) W.Cydonia.
This gives a Grid Point Value of .. (8207.015875 / 4479.379781) = 1.832176836
(I will return to that figure, before long, here in this posting).

Notice something about the "arc-seconds-tag" on that W.Cydonia longitude ..
if I multiply it by (Pi^3), or, by MINTAKA's Grid Point Value .. I get ..
(Pi^3) * 11.19844945 = 347.222222 = (2000 / 5760) * (10^3).

You get .. a decimal-harmonic of the_numerical_ratio of "year 2000 A.D." and 
"year 5760" of the Hebrew calendar. This is the "ASM" time-node, itself !!!

And .. there's even MUCH MORE, to this. Please bear with me.

In a very recent email posting .. I showed my "reading" on the specific
relationship among the Grid Point Value of the "Eagle-Man w/CD Message"
crop-form, the Grid Point Value of South Galactic Node, and the_54_DAYS 
between June Solstice and the 14th of August .. with 14th August being the
day the "Eagle-Man w/CD Message" crop-form BEGAN to appear, in 2002.

A key point, here .. as I've written-about on the Internet .. is that "currently",
or, as of "circa 2000 A.D." .. our Earth precession cycle and our main obliquity-
to-the-ecliptic cycle .. are such that .. our Solstices are "now" *in-alignment* ..
*ECLIPTIC-LONGITUDINALLY* .. with the Galactic Nodes. This, as I've written
several times on the Internet .. is a VERY KEY part of the "ASM"-encoding.
ALSO .. simultaneously .. our Galactic Cross-Nodes are "now" *in-alignment*
with our Equinoxes. 

One of the MAJOR crop-forms of recent years, in my opinion .. was the one that
appeared on the morning of June Solstice of 2001 .. which I have referenced as ..
the "Solar (Pyramid) Apex" crop-form. This one appeared_concurrently_with a
Total Solar Eclipse in the South of England_on_that morning. The *depiction*
in the crop-form_itself_showed a "4-sided (Giza-like) pyramid" .. with a "Sun"
at the "apex" of the pyramid .. but also including "rays" protruding "out of"
the "Sun" .. which actually could be artistically-indicating a "Total Solar Eclipse"
in terms of 'visual effect'. 

My (revised) .. {as-posted on the Internet in 2001} .. Grid Point Value for this
particular crop-form .. was/is .. 1.157407407

In 2002, I figured-out the *June Solstice Node* .. in the ASM.
The Grid Point Value for this is .. 14.8044066 .. and you can look-up the
details in my archives. (5329.586377 / 360) = 14.8044066

NOW .. please notice the_ratio_of South Galactic Node and June Solstice Node ..
(14.8044066 / 6.981317008) = 1.157407407 .. the_precise_Grid Point Value
of the "Solar (Pyramid) Apex" crop-form which appeared CONCURRENTLY
with the Total Solar Eclipse in the South of England .. ON .. June Solstice, 2001.

What is the_ratio_of the_center-point_of that particular crop-form and the June
Solstice Node ? (14.8044066 / 1.157407407) = 12.79100731 .. which is a
decimal-harmonic of the 127910.0731_Grid LONG_of GALACTIC CENTER !!!

Now .. what is the_ratio_of 12.79100731 and 6.981317008 ?
(12.79100731 / 6.981317008) = 1.832176836

Do you recognize THAT result .. as .. my "First Alternate" Grid Point Value
for "Tithonia Center" ?

And how would (C^2) .. "Light-speed Squared" .. or; (162,000)^2 .. or; a decimal-
harmonic of same .. {2.6244} .. how would THAT relate to 1.832176836 ?

Remember .. E = m * (C^2) .. according to Einstein.
If mass = Unit of 1 .. then .. Energy = (C^2).

(1.832176836 / 2.6244) = 6.981317008 / 10.

You see ?!?! 

You know .. I'm wondering if I'm "hardwired" to the "ASM" itself. (-;
I'm wondering if we're "all" hardwired to it. (??)
What is DNA/RNA doing in all of this, I wonder ?!
Is "free-will" a lot different than most of us have thought ?

-- MLM 

(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.