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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 357

"Mean" main obliquity-to-the-ecliptic Angle Revealed ?

Michael Lawrence Morton
"Mean" main obliquity-to-the-ecliptic Angle Revealed ?
Thu Dec 5 23:10:05 2002

I refer you to the immediately-preceding post,
on the "GridPoint" BBS .. where I mentioned the identical
longitudes of The Great Sphinx and The Chephren Pyramid,
of Giza .. as .. 11.77245771 .. arc-seconds ..
E.Giza for The Sphinx and W.Giza for Chephren Pyramid.

For some time, I've wondered as to "why" the designers
of the {yramid Matrix/ASM would "split" these 2 locations
precisely on either side of the prime meridian .. including
the use of this particular value of 11.77245771, 
of course.

Could it be a "mean" value for our main obliquity-to-the-
ecliptic angle in the_360_system ? I've wondered about
this, now, for some time.

In other words ..
(11.77245771 + 11.77245771) = 23.54491542

Isn't that figure quite close to the "23.5" degrees
approximation that most people 'quote' ?

It was Klaus Totzek who pointed-out to me that 40,000
years is the full-cycle for this main obliquity-to-the-
ecliptic cycle. And its_annual_mean angular movement,
in terms of arc-seconds .. is .. 0.6
In terms of arc-degrees, this is .. 0.000166667 per year.
And this means its_full_cycle spans a total of ..
(40000 * 0.000166666 .. repeating 6s) = 6.666666666 ..
repeating 6s .. degrees.

Notice what happens, when I multiply 6.66666666 ..
repeating 6s .. times the Grid Point Value of "The Gold
Pyramid" under discussion ..
(6.666666666 * 3.531737313) = 23.54491542

Could this be an encoding of our "mean" obliquity-to-the-
ecliptic angle ? Could this be part of the reasoning
behind the location of "The Gold Pyramid" ?

If this figure .. 23.54491542 .. is NOT our "mean" main
obliquity angle .. then, is this figure tied to an
intended YEAR of the current consensus calendar ?
If so .. what is the intended year ? Can someone reading
this little report, here .. manage to calculate a year ..
based on a particular dataset ? And could they please
report it to us on the "GridPoint" BBS ? 

Part of my rationale for suspecting that this figure
of (double 11.77245771) could be_the_intended mean for our
main obliquity angle .. is .. that the *prime meridian*
is "dividing" the 23.54491542 arc-seconds of longitude
in HALF .. split evenly between The Chephren Pyramid and
The Great Sphinx. What you "see" .. is what you are
supposed to "get".

And I've already found that the_ratio_of the annual
"ideal" angular movements, in terms of arc-seconds,
of main obliquity-to-the-ecliptic and precession .. is ..
(50 / 0.6) = 83.33333333 .. repeating 3s .. 
which is equal to .. (656.56127 / 7.87873524) .. 
= (Cydonia Face One / White House in D.C.) .. and much
thanks to Daniel Perez, too !!
{{ You've GOT to see his website .. "Washington, District
of Cydonia". Look it up on a Google search, please.
It was last on Geocities. }}

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.