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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 358

Ed Kohout's work .. A Dramatic Tie-in ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Ed Kohout's work .. A Dramatic Tie-in ..
Fri Dec 6 01:25:24 2002

Please see ..

That URL should take you to some of the work of
Ed Kohout. 

Ed details the fact that there is a certain *statue*
at the top of The Capitol Rotunda in Washington, D.C. ..
a statue which is_exactly_19.5 Regular Feet in height.
This 19.5 feet is included, according to the information
provided by Ed Kohout .. in an_exact_height of 288 Regular
Feet for the entire Capitol Rotunda at its *apex*.

Ed Kohout tells me that he was inspired by .. 
Richard C.Hoagland. Notice the_19.5_reference .. (-; 

I now refer you to my "ASM" figures pertaining to the
Orion Belt-stars and to the actual {Munck, 1993} locations
of the 3 main Giza pyramids.
My "Orion Belt-stars Composite" is .. 7.957747155
and my "Giza Pyramids Composite" is .. 97.33868822 ..
which (97.33868822) is ALSO the_exact_diameter of the
Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge in Regular Feet as found by
Carl P. Munck, Sr.

Notice their ratio .. 
(97.33868822 / 7.957737155) = 12.23194031

Now .. please refer back to the preceding postings in this
particular thread. ("GridPoint" BBS)

You will recall, please .. that I mentioned the "ideal"
total (full) cycle of our main obliquity-to-the-ecliptic
cycle as .. 6.666666666 .. (repeating 6s) .. degrees ..
over an "ideal" time-span of 40,000 years. This gives
an ideal_annual_angular movement of 0.6 arc-seconds.

I showed how the Grid Point Value of "The Gold Pyramid"
(in northern Illinois, USA) .. when_multiplied_by the
6.666666666 .. (repeating 6s) .. degrees .. gives
the value 23.54491542 .. which is *precisely-double* the
11.77245771 longitude (in arc-seconds) of both The Great
Sphinx and The Chephren Pyramid, of Giza .. E.Giza for
The Sphinx and W.Giza for Chephren Pyramid. I proposed
that this 23.54491542 could be an 'encoding' of the "mean"
angle for our main obliquity-to-the-ecliptic cycle ..
or .. that this angle value could tie-in to a particular
"intended year" on our current consensus calendar.
(Maybe both, simultaneously).

Back now .. to the value 288 .. the exact (E.Kohout)
number of Regular Feet in the height of The Capitol
Rotunda in D.C. Please notice ..
(288 / 6.666666666) / 3.531737313 = 12.23194031 ..
where; 3.531737313 is the Grid Point Value of "The Gold
Pyramid" under discussion, and where 12.23194031 is the
RATIO of the "Giza Pyramids" and the "Orion Belt-stars"

Let me now use the figure_19.46773764_as the height of
the *statue* atop The Capitol Rotunda .. 19.46773764
being the "Alternate Tetrahedral Constant" {Munck} or
"ATC" figure in the Pyramid Matrix/ASM .. and which has
been written-about quite extensively by Robert Carl on
the "GridPoint" BBS.

(288 / 19.46773764) = 23.54491542 / (5/Pi)

The (5/Pi) value .. 1.591549431 .. is none-other-than ..
the_precise_Grid Point Value of .. The Capitol Rotunda,
itself, in Washington, D.C.

Now .. there's more .. so I ask that you please focus.

[12.23194031 / (23.54491542/1.591549431)] * 3.531737313 ..
= 2.920160646 .. Grid Point Value of STONEHENGE ..
{R.Carl, 2002; Internet}.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.