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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 363

A Candidate for Lunar Prime Meridian (Marker) .. ?

Michael Lawrence Morton
A Candidate for Lunar Prime Meridian (Marker) .. ?
Mon Dec 23 01:24:40 2002

This, like almost everything else I'm doing with this work ..
is "work-in-progress". I feel, and have felt for a long time ..
that "time is of the essence", involving this work .. and so I've
essentially being "posting as I go" .. on-the-fly, if you will.
But the results are speaking for themselves. I'm trying not to
"force" ANYTHING .. and I've tried to make that clear at many
junctures along the way.

It just recently came to my awareness that the "Ukert/Triesnecker"
area on The Moon is not anywhere near "19.47" Lunar latitude .. as I
rather hastily (and foolishly) was assuming, without really stopping to "check".
So .. this constitues a *MAJOR REVISION* .. of the postings and emails
of June, 2002, in which I was using a wrongly-assumed "19.47 latitude"
on The Moon in my calculations involving a search for a Lunar Prime Meridian

Recently, as a result of some email inquiries of mine to Keith Laney and to
Steve Troy .. I suddenly realized (thanks to Steve Troy's clarification-info) that the
"Ukert/Triesnecker" latitude is around 3.6 degrees N., approximately.
I'm glad to have been corrected, now .. and my thanks to Steve Troy and
to Keith Laney. This now opens-up a new chapter in the "search for a Lunar
Prime Meridian Marker", at least for me.

Steve Troy has found what he calls, the "Triesnecker Pyramid" ..
(see the Lunar Anomalies website). He provided these coordinates to me ..
3.6 N. and 4.2 E. .. and so I'm working with that as a raw piece of data for
a "center" (approx., relatively) for this "Triesnecker Pyramid".
Of course .. I'm wondering if "Triesnecker Pyramid" could actually be the
"intended" Lunar prime meridian marker .. in the "ASM/Pyramid Matrix".

The first thing I did was to simply translate the "degrees" into a general
"deg/ min/sec" form. The 3.6 N. becomes .. 03 deg 36 min .. which would
call for .. 03(deg) * 36(min) = 108 North. Seems too simple !! (-;
The "designation" for prime meridians, ecliptics, and equators .. in the
"ASM/Pyramid Matrix" .. is .. 360. 
(360 / 108) = 3.333333333 .. exactly 10 times the 0.333333333 Sine of the
geometrically-ideal "Hoagland Tetrahedral Latitude" on rotating celestial bodies ..
SIN 19.47122061 = 1/3rd. Heh-heh !! .. yes .. so simple .. but it has to be
considered an "intended" reference .. though I don't think it is the "main one", here. 
But it's a start. Not bad, at all. And; the "equilateral triangle" in_Ukert_is nearby ..
a 2-D reference (Hoagland) to the 3-D Regular Tetrahedron. 

I'm looking for resonance with the 3 OTHER prime meridian markers that have been
discovered ("re-discovered") so-far, in the "ASM/Pyramid Matrix" .. The D&M
Pyramid at Cydonia {Munck}, The Great Pyramid at Giza {Munck}, and ALNITAK
in Orion's belt {Morton}. By "resonance", I mean mathematical correlation(s) of a
meaningful, significant kind. For example; I'd like to find a very specific, case-related
self-referential number "pop-out" as a big "hit" .. with high redundancy and high
precision. Maybe a reference to "360" .. the "prime meridian designation".
The most obvious reference to "360" would be a decimal-harmonic of same.
Maybe a decimal-harmonic reference to a Grid LAT of one of the prime meridian
markers. This_sort_of thing is what I'm looking for, here .. because it should be
very intentional and "obvious" .. if the "ASM/Pyramid Matrix" evidence is going
to continue to show itself. 

03(deg) * 36(min) * 1.002151142(sec) North ..
= 108.2323234 North.
(360 / 108.2323234) = 3.326178251

This "happens to be" .. (10.44949716 / 3.141592654) ..
or .. the "Perihelion Point" of NIBIRU .. {Morton} .. divided by a relatively
high-precision Pi constant.
The "Perihelion Point" of NIBIRU .. as-observed-from-Earth against the sky
back-drop .. is found by taking the ratio of the ecliptic Grid LONG of VEGA
and the ecliptic Grid LAT of ALTAIR .. {Morton; Elkins, 2001}.
This is described as .. (180000 / 17225.70927) = 10.44949716

The "arc-seconds-tag" on the latitude (Lunar) .. 1.002151142 .. is an important
"Gremlin" (see the reports of Robert Carl, alias "Chronos" .. on "Gremlins" ..
on the "GridPoint" BBS website). And I think this particular one .. 1.002151142 ..
is being "intentionally" shown, here. 
It is important to realize, IMO, that there_are_many "arc-seconds-tags" in the
"ASM/Pyramid Matrix" which are indicated .. and this should overcome some
of the knee-jerk objections about "number of decimal places", etc.
It is one's recognition of such intention which becomes more finely-honed
as one seriously studies this matrix. Many "arc-second-tags" are simply
indicated as a way to complete a "Pi-correlation", for example .. to give a
rational Pi-multiple as the Grid LAT or Grid LONG, for example.

There's a nice connection involving the {Munck, 1993} Grid Point Value of
the Mars prime meridian marker .. (The D&M Pyramid) .. and this 1.002151142
creature. (27.58106915 / 1.002151142) / 3.141592654 = 8.76048194 ..
and_8760.48194_is the {Morton} "HD-TET Grid LAT" ..
= 19(deg) * 28(min) * 16.46707132(sec).

Here's another good, self-evident correlation ..
13159.47253 / 1.002151142 = (6565.6127 * 2) .. or DOUBLE the_Square_of the
"face-length" on the Circumscribed Regular Tetrahedron .. where;
"face-length" is defined as the length on the surface of any face on the regular
circumscribed tetrahedron, from any_mid-point_of any edge, to the opposite corner;
and, where; the_radius_of the circumscribing Sphere is of_57.29577951_value of
length, or .. (360 / 2Pi) = 57.29577951 value.
The face-length would be the {R.Carl} Square-Root of 6565.6127, or .. 
81.02846845 value.
Notice, please .. that_656.56127_is the Grid Point Value {Munck, 1993} of
the FACE ONE at Cydonia on Mars. 
Also; the_13159.47253_figure is a "Pi-complex" which I think is the "intended"
(by intelligent creators/designers) Polar Circumference of Mars, itself .. in terms
of Statute Miles. 13159.47253 = [(2Pi)^2 / 3] * (10^3).
Additionally .. 13159.47253 is apparently {Morton, 1998} the "intended" Grid LONG
at the_centers_of both The White House and The Jefferson Memorial in Washington,
D.C. .. where; 13159.47253 W.Giza ..
= 108(deg) * 10(min) * 12.18469679(sec) W.Giza. (Identical actual longitudes).
[ W.Greenwich .. 77 deg 02 min 11.385 sec ].

If one then uses the_"arc-seconds-tag"_on this W.Giza longitude for The White
House and for The Jefferson Memorial, and one applies the 1.002151142 creature ..
(12.18469679 / 1.002151142) = 1.215 * 10.00703048

Here, I recognize a decimal-harmonic of another important "Gremlin" ..
(1.000703048) .. and, a "quantum physics" number .. (1.215).
The 1.215 figure is important in quantum theory, according to the work of
Bert Schreiber .. "Quantum-Quanta Theory; the Theory of the Universe";
self-published; Library of Congress Catalog Number: 98-90147
And I do think Bert Schreiber's quantum-number theory will prove-out to be
quite significant, with the "ASM/Pyramid Matrix" reflecting Schreiber's numbers
as_integral_to the matrix itself.

Now .. back to the Regular Circumscribed Tetrahedron, for a moment.
There is a figure known by Robert Carl, who named it .. and by me .. as ..
"King Gremlin" .. the original "Little Gremlin" .. 1.000723277

If I divide it into the "HD-TET Grid LAT" ..
(8760.48194 / 1.000723277) = 8754.150264 .. which is the_Square_of the ..
{R.Carl} *Edge-length* of the Regular Circumscribed Tetrahedron, where the
radius of the circumscribing Sphere is of value 57.29577951, of course. 
Square-Root of 8754.150264 = 93.56361613 value.

(We are showing the "apparently-intended" specific correlation to the 360 system,
here, of course).

If I now try multiplying the "candidate" 3.326178251 by the 3 'discovered'
prime meridian markers (their Grid Point Values) .. The Great Pyramid of Giza,
ALNITAK in Orion's belt, and The D&M Pyramid of Cydonia .. 
(3.326178251 * 248.0502134 * 43.63323131 * 27.58106915) = 992918.4894

This is an_exact_decimal-harmonic of .. the Grid LAT of ..
The D&M Pyramid, itself .. {Munck,1993; 9929.184894} ..
where; 9929.184894 North ..
= 40(deg) * 52(min) * 4.773646584(sec) North.

You then may notice, that ..
(3.326178251 * 248.0502134 * 43.63323131) = 36000 .. 
a decimal-harmonic of "360".
And, of course, 360 is the "designated" number for prime meridians, ecliptics,
and equators.

Here is another "Orion Belt-star" connection ..
using the Grid Point Value {revised; Robert Carl} of STONEHENGE and
the "2000 A.D." time-node (midnight, New Year's Eve of 1999-2000) of the "ASM" ..
(992918.4894 / 2.920160646) / 2000 = 170.010936 .. the "ASM" Grid Point
Value of ALNILAM .. the middle Belt-star in Orion .. {Morton, 1999}.

Yes .. there is more .. quite a LOT more, in-support of this "candidate" for
Lunar Prime Meridian Marker. I intend to be following-up on this, of course,
in the not-too-distant future. Thanks, again, to Steve Troy .. and to Keith Laney.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.