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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 365

"Area of a Square" .. Connections to "Cydonia Face One" ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
"Area of a Square" .. Connections to "Cydonia Face One" ..
Fri Dec 27 21:19:59 2002

This will show some very significant (IMO) connections involving
the "Generic" Area of a Square .. (that is; in the_360_system) .. 
and the Grid Point Value {C.P.Munck,Sr., 1993,
of the_"Face One"_at Cydonia on Mars.

C.P.Munck,Sr. found the "matrix" figures for the "Face One" at Cydonia on Mars,
as a result of studying a map that was forwarded to him by Richard C.Hoagland,
around 1990. The map was made by Erol O.Torun, a long-time employee of
the Defense Mapping Agency of the U.S. Government. (That agency has since
changed its name). Torum made the map on "his own time" .. using publicly-
available images from NASA photos from the Viking Mission, he (Torun) told
me, via email correspondence. 

At the time (around 1990, or so) .. Munck had already discovered the ancient
"matrix" prime meridian marker on Earth to_be_The Great Pyramid of Giza.
Munck was then able to figure-out (literally) that The D&M Pyramid at Cydonia was
the "Martian analog" to Earth's Great Pyramid of Giza, in terms of functioning
as a prime meridian marker. Munck self-published these findings/results in his own
newsletter (in 1991), and also in a self-published book .. "The Code, Volume A",
in 1993. His manuscripts of same were_repeatedly_ignored by NASA, during
the 1990s.

Regarding the "Generic" Area of a Square .. (that is; in the_360_system) ..
where there are 360 equal_segments-of-arc_on a given Circumference ..
any_side-length_of a given Square is defined as .. "2R" .. or .. *double* the
RADIUS of an inscribed Circle within the given Square .. or ..
2 * (360 / 2Pi) .. 
= 2 * 57.29577951 ..
= 114.591559_length-value_of any side of the given Square. 

The AREA of said Square is then .. (114.591559)^2 ..
= 13131.22539 Square arc-degrees.

Notice that this is_numerically_DOUBLE the figure 6565.6127

6565.6127 is_numerically_identical to .. the "SQUARE" of ..
the_"Face-length"_on a Circumscribed Regular Tetrahedron ..
AND is_numerically_identical to .. the "SQUARE" of ..
the_"Edge-length"_of a Circumscribed Regular Octahedron .. where;
the RADIUS of the_Circumscribing-Sphere_is of length-value (360 / 2Pi),
or .. of, 57.29577951 value .. {Robert Carl; 2002, Internet}.

Could_this_be at least 'one' of some reasons as to "why" the Grid Point Value
of the "Face One" at Cydonia, on Mars, was apparently intentionally_centered_at
"656.56127" .. a_precise_decimal-harmonic of "6565.6127" ?
Could whomever "centered" the "Face One" at Cydonia on Mars have been
intending to show intelligent 'observers' some basic geometric math involving
the_360_system ? I do think so. Of course .. this may not be "the only" reason
for an apparently-intentional_centering_of this *face* at this particular Grid Point
Value, but I think it_is_probably the_main_reason.

I now direct the reader's attention to some postings I made on a website created
by Gary Val Tenuta .. a friend and research associate ..

Please go to the section(s) on the "Miami Square" .. at that website.

My Grid Point Value for the_center-point_of the "Miami Square" is .. 1.013211836,
and this is the_ratio_of .. (66523.56498 / 65656.127) .. where;
Grid LONG W.Giza is 65656.127, and Grid LAT North is 66523.56498.

If you "project" a square-based, 4-sided pyramid .. of ratio (2Pi) .. that is;
a ratio of (2Pi) between the perimeter of the square and the "Apex-height"
of a "Giza-type" pyramid "projected"_directly-over_the "Miami Square" ..
the "projected"_Apex-height_actually calculates to ..
8250.59225 / (2Pi) = 1313.12254 Regular Feet. 
AND .. the_side-length_of "Miami Square" actually appears to be
intentionally indicated as .. (Pi * 656.56127) Regular Feet ..
= 2062.648063 Regular Feet .. which, in-turn .. is a_decimal-harmonic_of ..
what I have proposed (on the Internet) as .. the "intended" Royal Cubit length of ..
PRECISELY .. 20.62648063 Regular Inches, or .. 1.718873386 Regular Feet.

As I've proposed on the Internet .. the "2062648063" decimal-harmonic comes
*directly* from the (360 / 2Pi)_RADIUS_used in Area and Volume calculations.
This, of course, is indicating a_360_system of *geometric math* ..
360 equal_segments-of-arc_on a given Circumference.

The_Hemisphere_surface Area is 20626.48063 Square arc-degrees ..
= 2Pi * (radius^2) ..
= (2 * 3.141592654) * (57.29577951)^2 ..
= 20626.48063 Square arc-degrees.

Notice .. that the_projected_Apex-height of the "2Pi" Giza-type
pyramid .. such as The Great Pyramid and The Mycerinus Pyramid ..
"directly-over" the "Miami Square" itself .. 1313.12254 Regular Feet ..
is not_only_exactly 1/10th the_"Generic"_Area of a Square .. 
but it is_also_exactly DOUBLE the Grid Point Value of the "Face One"
at Cydonia on Mars.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

P.S. .. If you now use the_center-point_Grid Point Value of the "Miami Square" ..
in-ratio-with the "projected" Apex-height in Regular Feet ..
(1313.12254 / 1.013211836) = 1296 .. which is_numerically-identical_to ..
the *Grid LAT* of both "The Tholus" and "Cydonia City Square Center" on Mars ..
{Morton; Internet, 2000} .. where; 1296 North .. 
= 41(deg) * 03(min) * 10.53658537(sec) North.

Then; as I've posted many times on the Internet .. 
the_multiplied-product_of the Grid Point Values of "Cydonia City Square Center" 
and of "Miami Square" .. displays the following ..
(56.54866776 * 1.013211836) = 57.29577951 .. the "Generic Radian".

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.