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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 373

A New Level to the "ASM" .. The Planets' Sky-Locations ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
A New Level to the "ASM" .. The Planets' Sky-Locations ..
Tue Feb 4 17:15:52 2003

From what I've just observed of Robert Carl's finding concerning the
"ASM" sky-location of MARS .. (that is, at midnight on New Year's Eve
of "Y2K") .. 1999/2000 .. it appears as if we are going to be able to find
(and to confirm) a whole new level of "proofs" regarding the "ASM" and its
validity. And this should come via the_Astrolog 5.40_list for *The Planets*
of the Solar System.

So far, regarding the "ASM" .. we've been working with "fixed stars" ..
and also with certain sky-location parameters such as Galactic Center,
Solar Apex, South Galactic Node, the Galactic Cross-Nodes, etc.
Now .. studying The Planets' sky-locations will allow us to test the possibility
or likelihood of the existence of yet-another level to the "ASM".
We'll use the same "Solar ecliptic prime meridian" .. marked by ALNITAK.
And of course we'll still use the Solar Ecliptic, itself.

NOTE :  for the fixed-stars and for the non-planets parameters I just 
mentioned, above ..
CONTINUE using the Astrolog 5.30f list ..

I've already been very impressed with Robert Carl's finding for MARS
@ the ASM time-node .. (midnight of 1999/2000).  

R.Carl {2003, email correspondence} has found the following "ASM" values 
for the sky-location of MARS ..

From Astrolog 5.40 .. Sidereal Zodiac .. 02 AQU 50' 20" and 01deg 04' 25" S.
of Ecliptic.
Using the ALNITAK location (Sidereal) of 29 TAU 56' 50" ..
the above-given location for MARS translates to ..     
117(deg) * 06(min) * 30(sec) W.ALNITAK ..
=  21060 W.ALNITAK.
The ecliptic-latitude (South of ecliptic) indicates ..
01(deg) * 04(min) * 25(sec) S.of ecliptic ..
=  100 S.of ecliptic.
So; we are getting an indication of .. (21060 / 100)  =  210.6
This is an approximation, though .. because it is based on an accuracy
to the "nearest arc-second" for both latitude and longitude.

Now .. at this stage, the trick is the fine-tuning. 

We can use various "Mars-related" ASM values, hopefully (logically) ..
to help us recognize a (hopefully) "true-and-intended" set of values for MARS.
Maybe some of these "Mars-related" ASM values would come, logically,
from Cydonia. Maybe from "FACE ONE" or from "The D&M Pyramid" .. ??
We'll try to find-out what we reasonably can.
And; hopefully .. it would tie-in with the "Curtis Equation" and/or with
the proposed "ASM" multiplied-total (composite) AUs for the Solar System.

I'm going to kind of "cut to the chase", here.
There's already been (between Robert Carl and me) a whole lot of figurin' goin'-on
concerning this particular matter, as you might imagine.

(656.56127 * 210.6326984) ..
=  (123758.8838 / 2.480502134) * [(2.920160646 * 2.908882087 * 2.864788976
     * 3.141592654)  /  27.58106915].

Now .. I do suggest that you take your time in digesting that feast.
You have there, in front of you, a gourmet creation of great substance.

Right off the bat .. you see the Grid Point Value of "FACE ONE" @ Cydonia,
coupled with what Robert Carl and M.L.Morton think is the true-and-intended
Grid Point Value for the MARS ASM-sky-location .. 210.6326984

Then; you can see the "Full-Octave NIBIRU Cross" in-ratio sauce with
the ELTANIN ANTENNA .. a powerful, and downright delectable, combination.
Once you get to that point, you will think you are in Heaven.
But try to pace yourself, to save room for the rest.
And; believe me .. you will need a rest after this experience .. (I hope).

Next; you may rest your eyes on the super-sizzling-smorgasbord of ..
Center-Cut STONEHENGE with the 2 Mounds-on-its-Grounds, topped by
the highest-grade Pi constant to 9 decimal-places .. and all-embedded
in the rich-and-rare Apex-of-D&M-Cydonia.

   I hope you will enjoy .. 
      Thank-you .. and it is an Honor to Serve You ..
         -- MLM
            Master ASM-Chef ..
            "I Ain't Just Cookin-up Numbers"

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.