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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 375

Something Else re: Great Serpent Mound ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Something Else re: Great Serpent Mound ..
Fri Feb 7 13:25:33 2003

Seeing as I got around, there, to "The Great Serpent Mound"
of Adams County, Ohio, USA .. I think I'd like to
point-out something else, at this time.

And I do thank "MetPhys", here, along with some others,
whose names I can't recall at this 'very moment' .. but
who were discussing, a long time ago (year or two ?) ..
the theory/idea that the "Serpent" .. in the 'stylized'
depiction at this particular site .. is (either, or both)
regurgitating/about-to-swallow .. the "Egg",
the center-of-which (egg) is actually THE "Grid Point"
that Munck figured-out. And; here's the crux of the
idea/theory that MetPhys and some others were discussing;
the "Egg" would represent a "Photon" in the realm of
'particle physics' .. or, of "Quantum Theory".
This could, in particular, be a 'stylized' depiction
of the_concept_of "The Fine Structure Constant" ..
where; a "photon" is either *absorbed-or-emitted* ..
by .. The Electron. Would the "Head" of the "Serpent"
be an Electron .. (??) .. or, would the_entire_"Serpent"
be an Electron ? Or is that (only) a 'minor' point ?

By the way .. I still emphasize the validity, IMO, of
the brilliant work done by Ross Hamilton and Patricia
Mason .. regarding "The Great Serpent Mound".
Their work concerns the Draco constellation .. (and more);
and primary stars within it, including Alpha Draconis,
and their work also shows Polaris to be very much depicted
in this celestial scenario which they discuss.

If you take the {Munck, 1993} Grid Point Value of
"The Egg" (center) at "The Great Serpent Mound" ..
which is a value of (45*Pi) .. and you multiply that
value by the "Ideal Fine Structure Constant" which I
came up with as very much "ASM"-related-and-resonant ..
{Morton} ..

(141.3716694) * [72 / (Pi^2)] / (10^3) ..
= 1.031324031

And_1.031324031_is a decimal-harmonic of ..
the "Generic Area of a Circle" .. or; the Area of a
Circle of_360_equal "arc-segments" of Circumference.
This is where; the_value_of (360 / 2Pi) is used as
the_RADIUS_of the given Circle.
(360 / 2Pi) = 57.29577951 (deg).

(3.141592654) * (57.29577951)^2 ..
= 10313.24031 "Square arc-degrees" ..
Area of a Circle in the_360_system.

If you would draw a Circle on paper ..
and then draw a Regular Hexagon inscribed within 
that Circle .. the_perimeter_of that Regular Hexagon
is then 343.7746771 .. as compared to the_360_Circumference
of the Circumscribing Circle.
If we then use the_57.29577951_RADIUS .. which is *still*
the distance (length) from the_center_to the *node* of
any two_SEGMENTS_of the Regular Hexagon .. and ON the
"Circumference" of the Circumscribing Circle ..
we can calculate a_"Pi"_for the Regular Hexagon of ..
(343.7746771 / 114.591559) = 3 .. "for the Regular
Hexagon" .. because; any 2_segments_of that Regular
Hexagon are still "joined" at a *node* .. and any such
node will be ON the "Circumference" of the Circumscribing

This is the principle behind the Quantum/Quanta Theory
of Bert Schreiber. To me .. this makes 'perfect' sense.
This is what Bert Schreiber calls .. "Segmatics".

What is the_ratio_between the "Circular" Pi .. which
is a pure, abstract, mathematical-geometric "ideal" ..
and the "Polygon" Pi of the "real Universe" physics
as described by the work of Bert Schreiber ? 
(3.141592654 / 3) = 1.047197551 .. 1/3rd Pi.

We see_1/3rd Pi_at the_center_of "Monks Mound" at
Cahokia, Illinois, USA .. {Munck, 1993}.

Back to the_343.7746771_figure ..
this is a decimal-harmonic of the 3437.746771 POLAR
RADIUS of Earth, herself .. in_nautical_miles.
How convenient !! And how logical, and "self-evident".
Gee .. you'd almost think this was "planned" or ..
actually "arranged", somehow. Yes .. this is exactly my
main "point" in all this research and "numbers" work.
This "ASM/Pyramid Matrix" is apparently *specifically*
planned .. by a VERY advanced intelligence and technology.
And the precision involved is_truly_awesome .. and,
is *self-evident* .. to "us" Earth-humans .. "now" .. 
as of "Circa 2000 A.D." 
This is COMMUNICATION, across space/time. Is it not ?
Not only are the major "fixed stars" involved ..
the Solar System Planets are, as well .. including
Sol and Luna. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 


Michael Lawrence Morton
Now; using the Schreiber Quantum Electron Number ..
Fri Feb 7 14:27:18 2003

It is only logical, IMO, to now perform
some calculations .. using some information
from the immediately-preceding posting
on "GridPoint" BBS .. along-with .. the
"Quantum Electron Number" of Bert Schreiber.

That figure is .. 1.234567901 .. {B.Schreiber;
"Quantum/Quanta Theory"; self-published}.

Is there an "Ideal" Fine Structure Constant .. (??) ..
which would be precisely correlative with the "abstract,
ideal, mathematical-geometric" numbers ?
Could it be .. the [72 / (Pi^2)] / (10^3) ..
that I came up with ? 

In the previous posting on "GridPoint" BBS ..
I multiplied the center-of-the-Egg Grid Point of
"Great Serpent Mound" (Adams County, Ohio, USA) ..
{Munck, 1993} .. by what I call the "Ideal Fine Structure
Constant" ..

And I got .. 1.031324031 .. decimal-harmonic of the
"Generic" Area of a Circle in the_360_system.

If I now multiply_that_figure by the Schreiber "Quantum
Electron Number" ..
(1.031324031 * 1.234567901) = 1.273239545

And_that_result is very significant.

1.273239545 .. is the_tangent_of the base slope-angle
of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. {Munck, 1993} ..
and also of the base slope-angle of The Mycerinus
Pyramid of Giza. 
TAN 51.853974 = 1.273239544
Yes .. this is, of course, in the_360_system.
Notice that 1.273239545 = (4 / Pi), 'exactly'.
(4 / 3.141592654) = 1.273239545
And I just found the "ASM" sky-location of JUPITER ..
to be .. a Grid Point Value of .. 4.

I have also_predicted_that the "Grid Point Value" of
Chartres Cathedral, France .. will be "confirmed" to
be apparently 1.273239545 .. and I hope someday someone
will 'confirm' this via GPS-Unit readings on-site.
Not that this is an "ultimate acid-test" of the "ASM",
as some debunkers would likely try to "make of it".
The "ASM" has already proven itself .. redundantly,
and spectacularly. But a 'confirmation' of such .. at
Chartres Cathedral, would certainly be just that ..
a nice confirmation/example.

And then; I've just-now found another 'reference' to
B.Schreiber's work. His "Quantum Proton Number" is ..
2.25 .. which_just-happened_to "appear" at the CENTER
of the magnificent "Galaxy Spiral" crop-formation in
Wiltshire, England in August of 2001, on Milk Hill.
Yes .. I figured this one out, myself .. from OS map
figures emailed by Freddy Silva.
And it's NOT ONLY 2.25 which showed-up as the "apparently-
intended" Grid Point Value at the_center_of that wonderful
crop-formation .. but I also calculated either its
Grid LONG or Grid LAT .. (I can't recall, offhand, at this
exact moment) .. to be .. 111033.0495

Now; back to the center of "The Egg" .. at "The Great
Serpent Mound" in Ohio, USA.
If I divide its Grid Point Value by 1.273239545 ..
(141.3716694 / 1.273239545) = 111.0330495 ..
an exact decimal-harmonic of the_111033.0495_figure
associated with the_2.25_Grid Point Value at the very
center of that "Galaxy Spiral" crop-formation on Milk
Hill in Wiltshire, England in August of 2001.
And_2.25_is the "Quantum Proton Number" of B.Schreiber.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 

(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.