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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 376

Saturn, Pluto, and Stonehenge ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
SATURN and "GA.GA." (PLUTO) ..
Sat Feb 8 12:36:04 2003

In Zecharia Sitchin's works, he addresses some of the
possible (likely) effects on the "primordial" Solar System,
of the "initial" (or, maybe_some_of the initial)..
"intrusion(s)" of NIBIRU .. including its possible
effects on some of the Outer Planets. 

We have empirically observed PLUTO to be quite a ways
"off" the Solar Ecliptic .. a clear "anomaly" in itself.
(Or .. maybe an "aberation", if you prefer).

Z.Sitchin writes that he is interpreting certain
ancient texts to_at-least_imply that PLUTO was originally
a moon of SATURN, and was "stripped-away" from SATURN
by NIBIRU's close, retrograde passing. 

In looking at the initial assessment of mine .. on the
"ASM" values of The Planets of the Solar System ..
I have indeed found some mathematical relationships
between SATURN and its (maybe) former moon, GA.GA.
(PLUTO) .. which really does (IMO) beg the question ..
"If GA.GA. was stripped-away by NIBIRU .. how did it
"end-up" .. as of midnight, New Year's Eve of
1999/2000 .. that these (see below) extremely specifically-
correlative and precise mathematical relationships ..
would_manifest_as they have ??!!! 

Taking SATURN's Ecliptic Grid Point Value {Morton}
of 11.84352528 and PLUTO's Ecliptic Grid Point Value
{Morton} of 4.055778676 .. if you multiply them ..
(11.84352528 * 4.055778676) = 48.03471728 ..
which is_precisely_1/10th of the original {derived by
Munck, 1993} Height (including capstone) of The Great
Pyramid of Giza in Regular ("British") *Feet* .. !!

Of course .. "what are the odds of this being random" ?
'Astronomical' seems a good word.

And now I'll compare this 48.03471728 figure with ..
the RADIUS .. in Regular ("British") Feet .. of the
*Sarsen Circle* of STONEHENGE.
This is_48.66934411_and has been established by the
work of Carl P.Munck, Sr. .. {1993}.
(48.66934411 / 48.03471728) = 1.013211837

And_1.013211837_is the exact Grid Point Value at
the_center_of "Miami Square" .. {see my work on this,
at ..

And the_reciprocal_of 1.013211837 ?
(1 / 1.013211837) = 0.98696044 .. a precise decimal-
harmonic of .. (Pi^2).

We've been discussing the Radian-arc (constant) value
specific to the_360_system.
As I've written before (Internet) .. the_360_based Radian
has a VERY "conspicuous" .. (-; .. relationship with
BOTH "Miami Square" 'center' and "Cydonia City Square"
'center'. My Grid Point Value for "Cydonia City Square
Center" is .. (18*Pi) .. 56.54866776

If you multiply_that_times the "Miami Square Center"
figure .. (56.54866776 * 1.013211837) = 57.29577951

Naaahhh !!! Yes; "sorry" .. it's TRUE.
This is one of the "smoking guns", IMO .. that should
be getting people really excited. (I hope .. "someday" ?)
How long .. ohhh, how long ?

And we got into this via little "GA.GA." and SATURN.
Someone .. a VERY long time ago .. had one helluva
computer system, some awesome "scalar technology" ..
and some VERY advanced intelligence and knowledge.
And it should be increasingly-obvious that the "Y2K"
moment .. midnight of New Year's Eve of 1999/2000 A.D.
on Planet EARTH was at least_one_of their "primary
intended receivers". 
Among_other_things .. this means "We are not alone".
This has got to be the best "PROOF" we collectively
could have ever hoped for. So .. spread the word.

OK .. we have the multiplied-product of SATURN
and GA.GA. (PLUTO) as .. 48.03471728

Suppose I now take the_"PLUTO AU"_figure I came
up with (quite recently) .. and divide it into ..

(48.03471728 / 39.4784176) = 1.216733603 ..
"The Remen" .. of "Chronos" (Robert Carl) ..
in terms of Regular ("British") Feet.
R.Carl has written a lot on this, on "GridPoint" BBS.

What the "H" ??!! (-; Yes .. face the empirical
evidence, and jump for joy !!! 

What if you multiply GA.GA.'s "ASM AU" .. times
its Ecliptic ASM Grid Point Value ?
(39.4784176 * 4.055778676) = 160.1157243

And_that_figure is .. precisely_1/3rd_of the original
(derived) Height of The Great Pyramid of Giza ..
{Munck, 1993} .. (480.3471728 / 3) = 160.1157243 ..
in Regular ("British") Feet.

Yes .. right back to The Great Pyramid of Giza !!
And right back to Regular ("British") Feet ..
and right back to the encoded_HEIGHT_of its APEX ..
*including* the capstone.

I'm sure there_is_more-and-more to explore, here.
And I encourage others to do it.
I'm not stopping !! I just would like to see others
work with all this amazing stuff !!

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 


Michael Lawrence Morton
Fri Feb 14 14:51:03 2003

Yes .. it's true.


(11.84352528 / 4.055778677) = 2.920160646

AND .. The SUN .. Sol .. 648 Grid Point Value ..
is, itself .. a decimal-harmonic_of_the Grid LONG

So .. to find the Grid LAT of STONEHENGE,
you can use The SUN .. 648 .. and divide it by
STONEHENGE's Grid Point Value .. (2.920160646) ..
and then just multiply the result by the SQUARE of 10.
(648 / 2.920160646) = 221.9055999 .. which is also ..
(30 * 7.39685333) .. and then you multiply by (10^2) ..
and you get .. 22190.55999 .. Grid LAT STONEHENGE.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 

(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.