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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 378

Are Osiris and Orion Really the same Entity ?

Michael Lawrence Morton
Are Osiris and Orion Really the same Entity ?
Tue Feb 18 02:59:09 2003

I'm having serious doubts as to the "conventional wisdom" that says
Orion and Osiris are "the same".

What if Orion is simply ORION .. and what if Osiris is NIBIRU ?
I suggest that you (if you can) reference the hardcover book,
"The Message of the Sphinx" (at least its "USA" title) .. by R.Bauval and
G.Hancock .. {1996}. 

On page 139, in Figure 36 .. there's a diagram of the Heliacal (pre-dawn)
rising at 2500 B.C. ("the Pyramid Age") at *June Solstice* .. as-observed-from
Cairo, Egypt. This (R.Bauval; G.Hancock) is apparently when "The Duat" was
considered "active". Orion and Sirius rose then, as the diagram shows ..
somewhat south-of-Due East. The keys, here .. are 
1) June Solstice Heliacal Rising .. just prior ("pre-dawn") to the rising of Sol.
2) At the "Pyramid Age" of 2500 B.C. 
3) Orion and Sirius .. specifically the "Duat" region of the sky.

Please refer (if possible) to the same page .. p.139 .. in the book-text,
where part of the ancient Eqyptian_"Pyramid Texts"_is quoted ..
"Be firm O Osiris-King on the underside of the sky with the Beautiful
Star [Sirius] upon the bend of the Winding Waterway ...
Betake yourself to the Waterway { MLM -- the Celestial Nile, the 'Milky Way' } ..
May a stairway to the "Duat" be set for you to the place where Orion is ..
O King, you are this Great Star, the companion of Orion, who traverses
the sky with Orion, who navigates the "Duat" with Osiris".

IMO .. this passage from the "Pyramid Texts" is indicating that Orion and
Osiris are NOT identical. 

Additionally; Osiris is called a "King", and is also called a "Great Star" ..
and is_also_called "the_companion_of Orion".
Clearly .. Osiris is an entity_different_from Orion, here .. if you simply
follow what this ancient "Pyramid Texts" passage is saying.

I'm wondering if anyone has ever 'really' tackled this issue before now ?

In the model that Damon Elkins and I have developed .. of the "line-of-sight"
orbit-path of NIBIRU .. we see NIBIRU as going-out to its Aphelion to a direct
*line-of-sight-alignment*_with_Sirius. I think this most-recently happened as of
1800 A.D. Note that this would symbolically/graphically/visually be 'observed'
as a "merging" of Sirius and NIBIRU/Osiris .. a "mating". How appropriate. 

D.Elkins and I think NIBIRU "peaks" at its perihelion at about a 30-degrees
angle (as-observed-from-Earth)_*above*_the Solar-ecliptic .. as it "appears" to
soar between the ecliptic-longitudes of ALTAIR-to-VEGA. 
This, of course, would be Osiris "Rising from the Underworld" ..
rising-up_from_the "Duat". In this sense, it is the Solar-ecliptic that
separates the "Underworld" from .. what ? .. "Heaven" (?), or "that part of the Sky
'marked' by the_orbit-path_of NIBIRU-Osiris" (as-observed-from-Earth) from
"Crossing-to-Crossing" .. the actual_perihelion-phase_of NIBIRU-Osiris. 
In terms of its apparent perihelion at "00" B.C/A.D. .. literally (IMO) marking
the beginning of our current "consensus calendar" .. this 'crossing-to-crossing'
would have been at about 05 deg 19' Ecliptic-Sidereal Pisces (incoming) to about
05 deg 19' Ecliptic-Sidereal Virgo (outgoing). So; as I've written before on the
Internet, the "crossing" refers primarily (IMO) to its_Solar-ecliptic_crossings,
as it would "appear" as observed from Earth.

Osiris is often described as "King of the Underworld". .. and, as "The
Hidden god". Very appropriate .. especially if you think of NIBIRU as having
been_"difficult to find"_when it's way out there in the vicinity of its aphelion.
SURE it's "hidden" .. at least_most_of the time .. because (in my opinion),
it spends 'most of its time' far-away from Sol .. or at least much farther-away
than any of the other 'known' planets of the Solar System.
So; yes .. most of the time .. from the Earth-perspective ..
NIBIRU-Osiris is_below_the Solar-ecliptic .. in the (celestial) "Underworld" ..
and it is apparently signified by its_Infrared_radiations .. which would (again)
make it "hard to see" (of course) in the visible spectrum.

He's "gone" for a few millennia, and then .. (all-of-a sudden) ..
"Here Come Da Lord !!!!" .. (-; .. and .. everyone scrambles like hell !!! (-; 
{ "Da boss is comin' back !!!" .. look out !! }

Once NIBIRU-Osiris leaves his "union" (on line-of-sight, as observed from Earth)
with Sirius, at aphelion .. "He" is then "on his way back" to "our" neck-of-the-
woods, so to speak. Half an "ideal" orbit-period, if Z.Sitchin be correct,
would be 1800 Earth years .. which would_"coincide"_beautifully with a
most-recent aphelion at "1800 A.D." on our current consensus calendar ..
right around the time when Washington, D.C. was being "layed-out" and built.
And then .. this projects, as I've said before .. to an "ideal" next-perihelion
at "3600 A.D." .. numerically matching its "ideal" orbit-period in Earth years. 

[(Sol * Nibiru-Osiris) / Sirius] / (One Earth Precession cycle in years) ..
= [(648 * 27.41556778) / 2.368705056] / 25920 ..
= 0.00216

And 0.00216 is a decimal-harmonic of the Polar Circumference of Earth
in Nautical Miles .. AND .. 0.00216 is_also_a decimal-harmonic of our
"current" North Polar Star .. (21.6) .. POLARIS .. 21.6 being its 'ASM' Grid Point
Value .. which is also_as-of_"Y2K". 

Now .. back to all the "fuss" about June Solstice.

I found the 'ASM' Ecliptic-Grid LONG for *South Galactic Node* to be ..
5329.586377 E.ALNITAK ..
= 540 * (Pi^2) ..
= 05(deg) * 18(min) * 59.21762641(sec) E.ALNITAK.

Apparently .. it has been "intended-and arranged" .. either by "Nature", itself ..
or, by a very advanced intelligence (*VERY* intelligent, and *VERY-highly-capable*
in terms of technology, to say the least) .. that as-of "Circa 2000 A.D." .. 
and, 'marked' specifically and precisely at the actual "Y2K" moment .. (!!!) ..
our_Solstices_would be ALIGNED, in terms of *ecliptic-longitude* ..
with the Galactic Nodes. Eh ??!!! Yes .. this is from empirical observation ..
and should be easily verifiable by many people.
And of course, it follows, then, that_also_as-of "2000 A.D." .. our Equinoxes
are ALIGNED with the Galactic 'Cross-Nodes'. Yes .. verily so.

IMO, and as I've written on the Internet .. I think (and this is corroborated
by the research of Damon Elkins) these "current" marked Equinoxes .. at the
Galactic Cross-Nodes .. are "showing us" as to "where in the sky" ..
(of course, as-observed-from-Earth) .. the "Lord of Heaven" (NIBIRU-Osiris)
crossed the Solar-ecliptic on his most-recent perihelion-passage. 

And I've now even 'predicted' the Mean AU distance of this Lord ..
as Radian AUs .. 57.29577951 AUs. [There's the_360_system .. supported again].
And I've also predicted His Aphelion AU as .. 2R .. 114.591559 AUs.

And .. His "perihelion AU" .. 2.354491542 AUs at the two "crossing-points"
in the Solar-ecliptic-band.

I hope we'll see, before too-awfully-long, how these 'predictions' turn-out. 

Back now .. to that Ecliptic-Grid LONG of 'Y2K' South Galactic Node.
540 * (Pi^2).
Note .. that_540_is my 'predicted' Ecliptic-Grid LONG for 'Y2K' NIBIRU-Osiris ..
E.ALNITAK .. 18(deg) * 03(min) * 10(sec) E.ALNITAK, @ "Y2K".

So; that's_also_the 'Y2K' sky-location of the *ecliptic-longitude* of ..
June Solstice, itself. And I then threw-in the 'ASM' designated value of
the Ecliptic .. "360" .. and I got this Grid Point Value for 'Y2K' June Solstice ..
(5329.586377 / 360) = 14.8044066

Well; quite recently .. I came-out with my 'prediction' of ..
14804.4066 .. S.of Ecliptic .. for the Grid LAT of .. 'Y2K' NIBIRU-Osiris ..
an exact decimal-harmonic of the 'Y2K'_Grid Point Value_of June Solstice. 
My best 'guess' (educated) for the 'particulars' of this is ..
38(deg) * 57(min) * 6.834906094(sec) S.of ecliptic.
I'll say this; I think it is_close_to 39 deg S.of ecliptic .. in-keeping with the
"northern boundary"_latitude_of 39 deg N.of equator for Washington, D.C.

The_540_is 'marked' at Cydonia .. as the Grid Point Value of ..
"The Fortress" .. {Morton, 2000; Internet}. 

OK .. yes; I digress .. though 'necessarily-so', IMO. 
Back to .. [540 * (Pi^2)].

Please now recall that figure (from 'way back there') of 0.00216 .. OK ?

[540 * (Pi^2)] / 0.00216 ..
= (144,000 * 14.8044066 * 1.157407407) ..
Where; 144,000 is the_precise_Cubic Regular Inches of (outer) Volume of ..
"The Sarcophagus" in "The King's Chamber" inside The Great Pyramid of Giza ..
{Morton, 1998}.

The_1.157407407_is the_exact_figure I found as the_centered_(yes; based
ON the_available_data !!) .. **Grid Point Value** for the "June Solstice" ..
{{**pre-dawn, Heliacal Rising**}} .. for the "June Solstice CROP-FORMATION"
of the_2001_season in Wiltshire, England. This particular crop-formation
appeared just-prior-to .. a Total Solar Eclipse, which WAS "total" in Southern
England_at_June Solstice of 2001.
Again; I refer you to page 139 of "The Message of the Sphinx".
*Heliacal-rising* AT June Solstice .. is a big key, according to a quote
from straight out of the ancient "Pyramid Texts".

Now back to POLARIS of our 'present' time, and its 21.6 'ASM" Grid Point Value.

[540 * (Pi^2)] / 21.6 = 246.74011 .. my 'Y2K' Grid Point Value for VENUS.

When was the most-recent aphelion for the "King of Heaven" ? 1800 A.D., I say.
(1800 / 246.74011) = [72 / (Pi^2)] = (Ideal Fine Structure Constant) * (10^3). 

What's the_reciprocal_for this "Ideal Fine Structure Constant" ? 137.0778389
Apply the Pi constant thusly .. and what happens ?
(137.0778389 / 3.141592654) = 43.63323131 .. ALNITAK's 'Y2K' Grid Point
Value in the 'ASM'.

What is the_number_for "OSIRIS Re-Membered" ? 15.
(43.63323131 / 15) = 2.908882087 .. Grid Point Value for Rosslyn Chapel,
Scotland, centered .. {Morton, 2000; Internet}.
What do you get when you multiply the Grid Point Value for "The Great Sphinx
of Giza" .. {5400; Munck, 1993} .. by .. the Grid Point Value of Rosslyn Chapel,
Scotland ? (5400 * 2.908882087) = 15707.96327 .. the_exact_Grid LAT at
'Y2K' for_ALNITAK_in Orion .. **AND** .. for the Multiplied-Composite of the
sky-locations ('ASM' Grid Point Values) of the very_STARS_that comprise
the celestial "Holy Cross" .. the "Riddle-of-the-Sphinx" Composite ..
(Aldebaran * Regulus * Antares * Fomalhaut) ..
= (8.888888889 * 19.7392088 * 4.297183463 * 20.83333333) ..
= 15707.96327 .. and there's a very_solid_connection to The Great Sphinx,
as I hope you notice. 
What is the Grid Point Value for the_centered_location of **The U.S. Naval
Observatory**, in Washington, D.C. ? 15 .. yes .. 15 ..
with a_Grid LONG W.Giza_of a decimal-harmonic of the 'Y2K' Grid Point Value
of SIRIUS, the Queen of Osiris .. and a Grid LAT of a decimal-harmonic of ..
the_Grid Point_of Galactic Center at 'Y2K' .. (35530.57584 / 2368.705056) = 15.

When is the "Culmination of Orion" .. in terms of celestial-equator (Earth-
horizon) LATITUDE ? In 2500 A.D. .. or, 5000 years after the "Pyramid Age"
year of 2500 B.C. What is "in-the-middle", there ? Yes .. "00" B.C./A.D. ..
the most-recent_perihelion_of OSIRIS-Nibiru.

(2500 / Pi) = 795.7747155 = 'Y2K' Grid LAT of .. JUPITER ..
= 7.957747155 * (10^2) .. where; 7.957747155 is ..
the "Orion Belt-stars Composite" .. {Morton; 2000; Internet}.

Then, there's this ..
(Sol * OSIRIS-Nibiru) = (648 * 27.41556778) = 17765.28792 .. 
"Americana" .. {{1776 -- 528 -- 792}} .. Year of "Declaration of Independence",
the number of Regular Feet in a Statute (Martian) Mile .. {5280} .. and ..
the number for "Mean" Earth Diameter in STATUTE MILES ..
{7920} .. which ITSELF is a decimal-harmonic {7.92} of the Grid Point Value
of The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. .. which memorializes the
guy who_wrote_the "Declaration of Independence" .. and which Monument
is *centered* on the same_meridian_as The White House .. and which (meridian)
is an_exact-match_of the Polar Circumference ("symbolic, intended-designed") ..
of .. 13159.47253 Statute Miles .. which, in-turn (by-the-way), is ..
a decimal-harmonic of the "mean" ASM-AU distance of PLUTO ..
39.4784176 .. (2Pi)^2.

And I'm going to stop this particular posting right now .. even though I
"could" go on and on and on.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 


Michael Lawrence Morton
Then, too, there's .. (5400 / 30Pi) = 57.29577951 ..
Wed Feb 26 15:33:19 2003

Yes .. again .. notice the title.

5400 is the {Munck, 1993} Grid Point Value
for The Great Sphinx of Giza.

And 30Pi .. as in the_azimuth-of-orientation_of
The Great Sphinx .. is the_exact_RATIO of ..
5400 and the Radian-arc Value in the_360_system.

AND .. please recall all the referencing to "90" degrees,
and to Half-Pi Radians-of-arc, in the immediately-preceding
posting. That's "one-fourth" .. 1/4 .. of a Circumference.
Of course; 5400 is 1/4th of the Polar Circumference of ..
Earth. That's the arc-distance from either pole of
EARTH to the equator.

The_57.29577951_Radian Value .. which is the result of
using_360_equal "arc-segments" on a given Circumference,
is the BASIS for the apparently "true-and-intended"
dimensions of "The King's Chamber" inside The Great
Pyramid of Giza .. {please see my Internet writings
on this, in-addition to the immediately-preceding

If my prediction turns-out to be correct, NIBIRU will
be confirmed as having a "mean" AU distance of ..
57.29577951 AUs. {During its total orbit-cycle of
ideally 3600 Earth-years .. Z.Sitchin}.

And that 'should' then be "good-enough" proof .. ?? ..
that it_was_the Anunnaki who have given "us" Earth-
humans our metrologies, etc. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 

(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.