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Accuracy of Astrology is Important

In a message dated 03/07/2000 10:36:41 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< of March, and the Sidereal system which adjusts for precession approximately 23 1/2 to 24 degrees, depending on the Ayanamsha used for calculation. Both systems work, and both are effective. Many research astrologers check both systems. It must be remembered that the tropical system is SUN based, thus ego based, and very representative of the western trend of thought, thus yields much in the way of symbolic and pychological information. The Sidereal system from the Hindu perspective is Lunar or MOON based and as such is intuitive, and very much in the predictive realities. It took me a long time as an astrologer to see the need for both systems, simply becaused I was dogmatic about what worked for me. For the last several years I have made the effort to flow more with the intuitive, and have found a vast stockpile of information in looking at both systems. Am still working to stay in the flow instead of getting caught up on sandbars in midstream. Hope this helps you understand. - Martha

Michael responds:

My problem with Martha's reply :

OF COURSE astrologers 'know' of ... "2 systems" ... so-called "Tropical" and so-called "Sidereal". And they "know" about the Earth precession. That's what Martha "says" ... and she goes on and says "the Tropical is Sun-based" and "the Sidereal is Moon-based". Well ... I beg to differ, here. The so-called "Tropical" is based on *misinformation* ... 'period' ...

because it isn't aligned with Earth precession ... 'period'. We need to realize that the Zodiac is based on the star constellations. That realized, we then realize that the Zodiac *itself* truly *must* stay in-alignment with "Earth precession". This is a very simple logical step. THEREFORE ... the so-called "Tropical" Zodiac is actually the Zodiac POSITION, relative to our Vernal Equinox, of ... 220 A.D. Now ... that is one helluva long time between Earth precession alignments, eh ??!!! Well ... 220 A.D. was the last time our Vernal Equinox was at "zero degrees Aries" !!!

Now, I ask ... isn't it ABOUT TIME we allowed for Earth precession ??!!!! I mean ... we're now about 24.75 degrees OFF !!! We are at about 05 deg PISCES 16 min ... as of March 20, 2000. Come on !!!

So ... no .. this is NOT a question of "Solar versus Lunar". This is simply a situation where a lot of people have "egg on their faces" and don't want to come clean about it. A LOT of people have been thinking they are 'of' a particular 'Sign', when in reality, they are NOT !! This includes MOST of the population on this planet .... because, we are almost 25 degrees out of alignment now !! It is time to face reality. There is only ONE Zodiac.

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