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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 389

"Massively"_ precise_ correlations ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
"Massively"_ precise_ correlations ..
Sun Mar 16 14:45:25 2003

This involves certain recently-found "Ideal-Mean" ASM
AU-distances for the Planets of our Solar System,
certain recently-found "Y2K sky-locations" of some
Planets in our Solar System, the layout and precise
location of STONEHENGE, the Grid Point Value (and
location) of The Great Pyramid of Giza, Earth's 'ideal'
precession cycle in years, the Grid Point Value (and
location) of SILBURY HILL, the Polar Diameter of
EARTH in nautical miles, the Grid Point Value
(and location) of "The Miami Circle", and more.

I reference, here, the "Curtis Equation" {1980, G.E.S.
Curtis; Internet} .. also referenced as "The Creation
Equation" and/or as "The Stonehenge Equation" pertinent
specifically to the Solar System.
It was this equation, and Curtis' written details involving
the_layout_of STONEHENGE, which inspired me to look
at the "ASM" in connection_with_this work of G.E.S.
Curtis. And my thanks to Robert Carl (alias "Chronos")
who alerted me to this "Curtis" material.

I've already written (Internet) about the apparent
correlation of the Grid Point Value (centered location)
of "The Miami Circle" .. (3.872983346; Square-Root of 15)
and the "Ideal-Mean"_ASM_AU-distance of MERCURY ..
(1/10th Sqrt of 15, or 0.3872983346).

If I multiply that by (2Pi) .. I will have an "Ideal-Mean"
ASM "Circumference" for MERCURY's orbit, in *AUs* ..
(2Pi) * 0.3872983346 = 2.433467206 ..
the 'Double-Remen' in regular feet, of Robert Carl.

The "Ideal" (gematria-based !!) AU is .. 93,312,000
in Statute Miles. {Note the essential "Earth/Sol"
centric perspective, here, too}.

[(93312000 * 2Pi) / 2.433467206] ..
= (6875.493542 * 1.351926225 * 25920).
This is where; 6875.493542 is the Polar Diameter of Earth
in nautical miles, and where; 1.351926225 is the *revised*
{R.Carl} Grid Point Value at the center of SILBURY HILL,
and where; 25920 is the "ideal" EARTH Precession cycle
in years. 

I found PLUTO to have an "Ideal-Mean" ASM AU-distance
of (2Pi)^2 .. or 39.4784176 to 8 decimal-places.
{Keep in mind .. the "ASM" is built on 360 degrees-of-arc
on a given Circumference_and_on a relatively_PRECISE_Pi
constant. It is also a "given" that we've actually needed
computers and pocket-calculators in order to even get
our teeth into this whole body-of-knowledge. So; if one
uses a "10-digit" pocket-calculator in this work .. 
guess what happens, folks ? 
One gets_readouts_on one's calculator-screen of 10 digits
total !! Imagine THAT !!! PLEASE .. try to keep this
in mind, instead of knee-jerk-criticizing us for showing
"too many digits" .. eh ??!! Give us a damned break.
The "Pyramid-Matrix/ASM" is_PRECISE_in its very
intention and essence. I'm_not_directing this at you
'regulars' (and you know who you are) .. but at the
past/present/future debunkers and trolls still lurking
out there .. and who will probably try to pull their
"circular-debunkery" on us at some stage, as we lock
up more and more proofs of this awesome matrix. 
In other words, as we pin them deeper and deeper on
case-after-case-after-case .. as we've_already_been
doing .. they'll probably_go-back_to their original
bullshit of; "you're assuming too many decimal places".
Don't let 'em get away with that}.

OK .. where was I ? Sorry 'bout my little tirade.

PLUTO .. "Ideal-Mean" ASM AU of (2Pi)^2 .. 

To calculate its "Ideal-Mean" ASM 'Circumference' of orbit,
in AUs; we multiply by (2Pi), of course ..
[(2Pi) * 39.4784176] = (2Pi)^3 .. bingo ..
an exact_numerical-match_of the Grid Point Value {Munck,
1993} of The Great Pyramid of Giza on its north face.
AND; also .. an exact_numerical-match_of the multiplied-
product of the Grid Points of ..
1) The Washington Monument
2) The White House
3) The Supreme Court Building
4) The Capitol Rotunda ..

(5.411616169 * 7.87873524 * 3.655409037 * 1.591549431) ..
= 248.0502134 = (2Pi)^3.

Is this not_also_the actual *Number* ..
of_**EARTH-years**_for the_PLUTO_orbit-cycle ??!!

Do we have a_numerical-match_here .. in terms of ..
time_and_distance regarding PLUTO's orbit ?!! 
This is kind of mind-boggling, it seems to me.
This involves "our" metrology !! For both space
and time. And it sure-as-hell ain't random coincidence !!!

Now .. I reference, again, Bert Schreiber's Quantum
(Physics) numbers .. 
His Quantum Electron is a decimal-harmonic of 1.234567901
and his Quantum Proton is a decimal-harmonic of 2.25 ..
and so their multiplied-product is 2.777777777 .. 
repeating 7s. 
What is the_reciprocal_decimal-harmonic of 2.777777777 ?
It is .. "36" .. "360" .. "3600" .. "36000" .. etc.

248.0502134 = (2.777777777 * 89.29807684) ..
where_89298.07684_is the {Munck, 1993} Grid LAT on
the north-face of The Great Pyramid of Giza ..
where it_intersects_with "360" prime meridian on EARTH,
to give the_248.0502134_Grid Point for The Great Pyramid
of Giza.
89298.07684 North ..
= 29(deg) * 58(min) * 53.09041429(sec) North.
{Munck, 1993}.

And then STONEHENGE and SATURN ("Chronos" !!)
come on-stage. 
(SATURN's Y2K / STONEHENGE's Center) = PLUTO's Y2K ..
which is, in other "language" ..
(11.84352528 / 2.920160646) = 4.055778677

So; (248.0502134 / 11.84352528) ..
= [(2Pi)^3 / (PLUTO's Y2K * STONEHENGE)] ..
= (20*Pi) / 3

And_(20*Pi)_is a major factor in the actual "Curtis

Please help to bring all this to the attention of others
on this Planet Earth. Please. Time is of the essence.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.