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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 395

Re: Tikal

Michael Lawrence Morton
Excellent break-through ..
Tue Apr 8 02:50:05 2003

An excellent break-through by Robert Carl ..
re: the preceding posting. {On "GridPoint" BBS}.

The Tangent of that precise angle he found .. being the
Y2K ("ASM") Grid Point Value of VEGA in the EARTH-sky.
{Which is 10/Pi}.

And please notice how_extremely-close_his figure
of 24859.86174 is to .. his other figure (he had already
found) of 24858.38047

Now ..

I'm going to suggest a very "fine" tuning, here.

Why not try to see if we can 'retain' his 24858.38047
by checking to see if it might resonate with certain
key figures .. such as the Y2K ("ASM") MARS Grid Point
Value in the EARTH-Sky .. ?? .. and/or certain other
"Mars-related" figures .. such as the "65656127"
decimal-harmonic which is so redundantly-displayed
at Tikal's major pyramids .. ??!!!

It was R.Carl who found the MARS Y2K ("ASM") Grid Point
Value .. directly-projected_from_the "Astrolog 5.40"
database. He calculated this as .. 210.6326984
{See his figures, on the "GridPoint" BBS}.
Suppose we "fine-tune" R.Carl's *already-fine-tuned*
Condensed-Sexigesimal-Mode figure of 80450.97034 ..
to .. 80455.7643 .. ?? Why ?

Well; for one thing .. the resulting 360-degrees-based
angle (slope-angle, from its base, of "Temple IV" at
Tikal, itself) .. would be .. 72.55940607 deg ..
with the tangent of .. 3.183098971 .. which is not
quite "exactly" (10/Pi) .. but is *extremely-close* ..
especially considering its_tangent_function, here.

If you review Munck's work regarding Tikal .. 
you will run-into the figure 38.19718634 ..
which is "exactly" 2/3rds of the_360_based Radian-arc
value of 57.29577951 (deg).

Here's what you get when you multiply_2/3rds_Radian
in the 360-degrees system .. times the Y2K ("ASM")
Grid Point Value of MARS in the EARTH-Sky ..
(38.19718634 * 210.6326984) = 8045.57643

That's_precisely_1/10th of 80455.7643

What about the "65656127" decimal-harmonic ?

The Grid Point Value of "FACE ONE" at Cydonia on Mars ..
is .. 656.56127 .. {Munck, 1993}.

(80455.7643 * 656.56127) ..
= 787873.524 * (210.6326984 / 3.141592654)

And there you have the Volume of a Sphere ..
in the_360_system .. perfectly-in-sync with the
ratio of the Y2K ("ASM") Grid Point Value for MARS
in the EARTH-Sky and a relatively-precise Pi constant.

In my "book" .. THIS is very hard to beat.

Thanks to Robert Carl .. who has noticed an encoded
reciprocal of the apparent Condensed-Sexigesimal-Mode
base slope-angle of "Tikal Pyramid IV" ..
we evidently have_another_break-through, here, involving
the "Pyramid-Matrix" and the "ASM".
We are seeing, here, precisely-encoded references
to major_artificial_structures at Cydonia on Mars,
as well as very "high-precision" references to
both the Equatorial_and_Polar Circumferences of EARTH,
in terms of Statute Miles. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 


Michael Lawrence Morton
I agree, Chronos ..
Wed Apr 9 18:31:38 2003

I agree with Chronos, here.

I DO recognize the TANGENT of (10 / Pi) ..
"exactly" .. (or; "to a relatively-high precision") ..
as_significant_in the "ASM" .. as the Y2K Grid Point
Value of VEGA. {As well as being a Pi-Reciprocal dh}.

So .. yes .. I definitely agree that the 
base slope-angle for "Temple IV" at Tikal ..
is intended, by the designers/builders, 
to "indicate"_MORE-THAN-ONE_important piece of data.

I'm saying I think the 80450.96606_AND_the
80445.76431 Condensed-Sexigesimals are apparently
intended, in this case. (Possibly others, too .. I don't
know). But these 2, "for sure".
If you go to my follow-up posting in this thread, 
you'll see how the_Grid Point_of "Temple IV" ITSELF ..
along with the "D&M Pyramid" Grid Point (Cydonia,Mars)
fit this_80455.76431_figure so well .. in *case-related*
equations. That's why I'm so excited about this 
80455.76431 .. NOT that I think it's "the" figure
here. I just wanted to be 'clear' on that. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 

(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.