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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 397

Volume of Torus, Tesla's Tower, & "Sage Radar" Antenna ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Volume of Torus, Tesla's Tower, & "Sage Radar" Antenna ..
Fri Apr 18 02:09:10 2003

If you multiply the "IFSC", the Tesla Tower location,
and the "Sage Radar" Antenna (Montauk) location ..
{[72 / (Pi^2)] / (10^3)} * 7.510701251 * 1.752096388 ..
= 0.096

Now; that's a very key figure.

It's the ratio of the "Ideal Fine Structure (constant)
Inverse" and the Cholula Pyramid (Mexico) Grid Point Value
location ..
0.096 = (13.15947253 / 137.0778389)

And_13.15947253_is "all over the place" in the 
Pyramid-Matrix/ASM. {And decimal-harmonics thereof}.

We've been saying, all along, that this entire matrix
is based on Pi_and_on the_360_system. 

The figure for the_360_based Volume of a Torus is ..
[(radius Cubed) * (2Pi) * Pi] ..
= (57.29577951)^3 * (2Pi) * Pi ..
= 188090.9488 * 6.283185307 * 3.141592654 ..
= 3712766.513 Cubic Degrees.

Notice the Y2K ("ASM") direct connection to the
sky-location of REGULUS .. that is; the Grid Point
Value of the precise_sky-location_of REGULUS at the
Y2K moment .. midnight at GMT, 1999-2000, at a neutral
lat/long, in the "Astrolog 5.40" database, in the
Sidereal zodiac, using the ALNITAK Belt-star in Orion
as the ecliptic prime meridian "marker-star" ..
with ALNITAK's Y2K ecliptic-longitude at 
29 deg TAURUS 56' 50".

Y2K Grid Point Value for REGULUS = 19.7392088

19.7392088 = (6.283185307 * 3.141592654)

Please recall Volume of Torus (in_360_system) ..
and note this equation ..

(3712766.513 * 0.096) ..
= 1134537.874 * (3.141592654 / 10) ..
= (13.15947253 / 137.0778389) ..
= IFSC * Tesla Tower * 'Sage Radar' Antenna (Montauk).

Also please note .. (3.141592654 / 10) = (1 / VEGA) ..
where VEGA's Grid Point Value (Y2K) is .. (10 / Pi). 

AND; please take notice that .. 1134537.874 is the
Cumulative Total Multiplied-Product of all of the
"Ideal-Mean" AU-distances of the Planets in the Solar
System, including the "former TIAMAT" @ 2.354491542 AUs.
Please see my write-up on this, on the "GridPoint" BBS
website .. and I suggest using the search-engine there
on the front-page of that website.

This evidence of a grand "blueprint" of advanced knowledge
does *NOT*, IMO, imply an automatically "sinister"
Advanced knowledge .. any knowledge .. can be used for
"Good or Evil". It is_our_responsibility to use it in 
the best interests of All.

If we develop a consensus awareness that "we" are All
connected in an intricate Web or Matrix in the Universe ..
as part of the true nature of All Nature .. then we can
be responsible with such advanced knowledge.

The blueprint is there. It is real. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 


Michael Lawrence Morton
Please note CORRECTED "Typo" ..
Fri Apr 18 02:32:36 2003

I wrote ..

<< (3712766.513 * 0.096) ..
= 1134537.874 * (3.141592654 / 10) ..
= (13.15947253 / 137.0778389) ..
= IFSC * Tesla Tower * 'Sage Radar' Antenna (Montauk). wrote .. >> 

I forgot to 'copy' the 3712766.513 figure, there ..
in the last 2 lines ..

So; the last 2 lines_should_read ..

= 3712766.513 * (13.15947253 / 137.0778389) ..
= 3712766.513 * (IFSC * Tesla Tower * Sage Radar Antenna)

Thank-you ..

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 


Michael Lawrence Morton
Correction; re: "Planets' AU-distances" ..
Fri Apr 18 03:03:08 2003

I need to correct something .. or, clarify something.

When I wrote about the "Ideal-Mean" AU-distances
of all the Planets in the Solar System (including
the "former" TIAMAT) .. I inadvertently made the
connection, there, "DIRECTLY" to the "Sky-locations 
at Y2K". There_IS_a connection .. but; I didn't want
to make_THIS_particular *direct* connection.

The sky-locations, in a "2-D line-of-sight" mode ..
are actually another subject in my work.
Sorry about the confusion, there.

What I meant to say, there .. was; the "Ideal-Mean"
AU-distances are connected to the "Curtis Equation(s)".
The "Curtis Equation(s)" are based directly on the layout
of Stonehenge. {Please use the search-engine on the 
front-page of the "GridPoint" BBS website}.

The Y2K ("ASM") figures are connected to the 
"Astrolog 5.40" database. These are the line-of-sight
"sky-locations" (2-D) of the Planets and many fixed stars,
at the Y2K moment, at GMT, neutral lat/long, Sidereal
zodiac, adjusted to ALNITAK longitude .. with ALNITAK's
(sidereal) longitude at 29 deg TAURUS 56' 50". 
ALNITAK is the self-evident_ecliptic_prime meridian
"marker-star", after 4 years of intensive study ..
{Mary Anne Weaver's theory; proven by Michael Lawrence

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 


Michael Lawrence Morton
Back to 1.234567901 & 2.25 ..
Fri Apr 18 21:55:33 2003

Bert Schreiber's work shows the importance of
the "Quantum Electron" number and the "Quantum Proton"
number .. 1.234567901 and 2.25, respectively.

Through the work of "Bullitt" (Keith Laney) and "Chronos"
(Robert Carl), we've seen that 1.234567901 is *also*
the (centered) Grid Point Value of The Department
of Energy (The DOE building) in Washington, D.C., even as
we've been writing about Tesla's "Wardenclyffe Tower"
location in Shoreham, Long Island, NY, USA. {see the
"GridPoint" BBS website}. Hmmmmm ... "energy". 

I've connected the "Ideal Fine Structure Constant", and 
its Inverse (reciprocal) to several direct equations,
involving these very figures .. straight to the (Montauk)
"Sage Radar Antenna" location at what was known as
"Camp Hero". Of course, this is obviously way too much
for any "random chance" explanation.

The direct, precise connections get even more intensely-
specific and non-random.

The figure_1.234567901_is ALSO the (centered) Grid Point
Value that I found for "EARTHFACE" (its remains) as viewed
from above (aerial-view) using an official USGS 7.5-min
Series Topo map. {Thanks to Dr.Bruce Cornet, who had such
an image on a website, in 1998}. And "EARTHFACE" (its
remains are able to be identified upon aerial-view) is
literally a "mirror-image" of the "Face One" at Cydonia
on Mars.

As the B.Schreiber "Quantum Electron" (decimal-harmonic)
number, 1.234567901 is associated with (of course) 
electrons. Apparently, "electricity" does involve
(at least) a "flow of electrons" or_something_to do with
"movement" of electrons. What was Tesla's (aborted)
Tower at Shoreham, Long Island, NY, USA, associated with ? 
*Wireless electricity* dissemination or distribution.
("Free Energy" distribution, essentially). 
Of course, this is why it_was_aborted. Mr. J.P.Morgan
and Mr.George Westinghouse saw to that, when they finally
"comprehended" that free-energy distribution to The People
at large was_not_in the best interests of the "empire-like"
greedy-ambitions and intentions of Mr.Morgan and

But we_have_the LOCATIONS of Tesla's Tower and of the
"Sage Radar" Antenna !! And now we have very_precise_
correlations, involving these 2 items' locations (or
former locations) to many very KEY
And this is exactly_why_this "matrix" is based on
location; well .. on *location and timing* .. and on our
current consensus calendar-timing. Just in case these
greedy, destructive, corrupt "leaders" of our so-called
"civilization" would wipe-out all the major pyramids
and modern "matrix-related" buildings, etc. .. 
the Planets and fixed-stars would (hopefully) STILL BE
THERE (integral to the "matrix" as of the Y2K moment)
for us to observe.
Now .. if these corrupt, psychopathic tyrrants can
wipe-out the Planets and major fixed-stars .. hey ..
I'll REALLY be impressed !! 

Robert Carl mentioned the decimal-harmonic_1944_in this
very thread on "GridPoint" BBS, if I'm not mistaken.
He mentioned it in-connection with the Capricorn zodiac
house, regarding the "Capricorn" depiction (aerial-view)
in the "Washington, D.C. Landscape Zodiac". That's
the_year_of the Nazis' (Hitler) peak of power.
(The knowledge involved in this "matrix" can be
used "for Good or for Evil").

The "Goat" thing. The Baphomet. "Baphy", in Cameron
County, PA, USA. Bush, Jr. was either "reading" or
"listening-to" a "Goat story" at the moment he was
informed of the 09-11-01 attacks.
Baphy's Grid Point Value in-relation to the Tesla Tower
location's Grid Point Value ..
(7.510701251 / 4.931235553) = 1.523087099 .. the
"Ideal-Mean" AU-distance of .. MARS .. {R.Carl; 2003,
Internet}. Reciprocal of 1.523097099 = 0.65656127 ..
a decimal-harmonic of "Face One" at_Cydonia_on MARS ..
which, in-turn, is a_literal_"mirror-image" of "EARTHFACE"
as I described earlier in this posting.
"EARTHFACE" Grid Point Value .. 1.234567901

"Ideal Fine Structure Constant" Inverse = 137.0778389

(137.0778389 / 1.234567901) = 111.0330495

And THAT figure is a decimal-harmonic of the ..
111033.0495 Grid LONG at the_center_location of ..
the famous "Galaxy-Spiral" crop-formation of 12th August,
2001, in Wiltshire, England. I've written about this
several times on the Internet.

What was that crop-formation's Grid Point Value ? 2.25
YES. 2.25 .. the B.Schreiber "Quantum Proton"
decimal-harmonic number. 

Recall the "1944" figure from above, in this posting.
That particular decimal-harmonic is directly connected
to the_Capricorn_depiction in the "Washington, D.C.
Landscape Zodiac" .. {R.Carl, 2002, Internet}. 
Washington, D.C. .. well; I'll be !! The Seat of Power. 

Recall my Grid Point Value for the famous "June Solstice"
crop-formation of 2001 ? 1.157407407
(2.25 / 1.157407407) = 1.944

How many Days, counterclockwise .. from 12th August ..
when the "Galaxy-Spiral" crop-formation appeared in 2001;
to our_ecliptic-longitudinal_conjunction with ALTAIR in 
the Aquila constellation ? 162.
YES .. 162 DAYS .. the decimal-harmonic (B.Cathie) for
the pure (un-fettered) natural Speed-of-Light in Nautical
Miles per time-second .. (162,000).
(162 / 1.944) = 83.33333333

83.33333333 = (656.56127 / 7.87873524)

7.87873524 = Grid Point Value of The White House,
in Washington, D.C., Earth. I'll be damned !!
656.56127 = Grid Point Value of "Face One" at Cydonia
on Mars.

83.33333333 = (50 / 0.6) .. where; 50 is the "ideal"
number of arc-seconds of Earth-precession per year;
and where; 0.6 is the "ideal" number of arc-seconds of
"movement" of the Obliquity-to-the-Ecliptic_angle_per year.

BTW .. as some of you know .. the_12th of August_is the
"special" date involved in the "Montauk intrigue",
in 'nodes' 20-years apart; that is; 1943, 1963, 1983, 2003.
(This is speculative and "alleged", but is still worth
considering in this context of study, IMO).

The "Cameron County" location of "Baphy" ..
carries the surname (Cameron).. 'allegedly' ..
of Al Bielek's 'former identity' (or of "one" of his
former 'identities' .. ??!!) and of his brother Duncan

If you compare the 49348.022 Grid LAT of the centered
location of the "Galaxy-Spiral" crop-formation of
12th August of 2001, with the "Baphy" Grid Point Value
of 4.931235553 ..
(49348.022 / 4.931235553) = 10.00723277 ..
a decimal-harmonic of the_1.000723277_"gremlin" figure
that we have been running-into so frequently in our work.

Multiplying the B.Schreiber "Quantum Electron" and
"Quantum Proton" decimal-harmonic numbers ..
(1.234567901 * 2.25) = 2.777777777 .. repeating 7s.

(83.33333333 / 2.777777777) = 30

And 30 is the approximate latitude (N.) of Giza ..
and is also the approximate_ecliptic-latitude_attained by
"Nibiru" as it "levels-off" as it reaches its perihelion
"cruising-altitude" (ecliptic-latitude, North).
Why else would "ALT-AIR" be_named_as it is ??!!
It is exactly_at_"ALTAIR" (according to the work of Damon
Elkins) that Nibiru achieves its "cruising altitude"
(ecliptic-latitude of approximately 30 degrees N.of
ecliptic, as-observed-from-Earth) for its
perihelion phase. And the (flying) "Eagle" metaphor is
obvious, here .. {Aquila}. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 

(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.