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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 399

Revising the Y2K ("ASM") Solstice Nodes .. Part 1 ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Revising the Y2K ("ASM") Solstice Nodes .. Part 1 ..
Tue Apr 15 20:26:14 2003

I've come to realize that my Y2K ("ASM") Solstice
Nodes are really not correct.
This is because I've actually used "360" .. or, 
the Ecliptic "itself", as the (ecliptic)latitude
for the Solstice Nodes .. which is not correct, of course,
because .. at our Solstices, we are *angled* away-from
the Ecliptic at the *max* .. which would be essentially
23.5 (approximate) degrees_from_the Ecliptic.
At our Equinoxes, of course .. we are *intersected*
with the Ecliptic .. and so the "360" (the Ecliptic,
itself) is the appropriate and correct figure in those
cases (at the Equinoxes)for the (ecliptic) Grid LAT.

Until now .. I hadn't really thought that much .. as to
how I might calculate the_correct_ecliptc-Grid LAT
for the Solstice Nodes at Y2K (in the "ASM").

So; rising to this task, I decided to try using the
23.54491542 figure as a likely encoded figure for
the Obliquity-to-the-Ecliptic angle.
As it turns-out .. I do think this is the intended
encoding .. but in "Condensed Sexigesimal Mode".
Thanks to Robert Carl, by the way .. for coining this

And I also think a decimal-harmonic of the Martian
Grid LAT of the "South Flying Serpent" {D.Elkins, 
M.Morton; 2001, Internet} .. is playing a key role,
in this case.
This particular 'serpent' (on the ground at Cydonia; seen
via aerial-view in certain Viking photos) .. was
recognized as-such by Damon Elkins in his research.
It is to the southeast of "The D&M Pyramid".

"South Flying Serpent" ..
40(deg) * 43(min) * 1.784791717(sec) North ..
= 3069.841753 North.
6.5656127(min) E.Cydonia ..
= a decimal-harmonic of the "Face One" Grid Point Value
{Munck, 1993} of 656.56127 .. very interesting, to say
the very least.
"South Flying Serpent" Grid Point .. 
(3069.841753 / 6.5656127) = 467.563637 ..
a decimal-harmonic of the Grid LAT of The Mycerinus
Pyramid of Giza .. {Munck, 1993}. 

What does all this have to do with our Solstice Nodes
at Circa 2000 A.D. ? I think quite a lot.

The figure_30698.41753_could very likely be the
Condensed Sexigesimal (Ecliptic Grid LAT) intended
for the Solstice Nodes of Circa 2000 A.D. .. to fit with
the Y2K ("ASM") calibrations.
30698.41753 N/S of Ecliptic ..
= 23(deg) * 32(min) * 41.70980643(sec) N/S of Ecliptic.

23.54491542 degrees ..
= 23 deg 32 min 41.695512 sec

The difference, there, is only 0.01429443 arc-seconds.

I think this is a logical reason for The Great Sphinx
and The Chephren Pyramid to_each_be centered at
a_Giza_longitude of 11.77245771 arc-seconds ..
E.Giza for The Great Sphinx, and W.Giza for The Chephren
Pyramid. (11.77245771 + 11.77245771) = 23.54491542

Apparently, as well as being a decimal-harmonic of
what I have proposed as the "Ideal/mean" AU distance
for the "former TIAMAT" (see Z.Sitchin's works) ..
23.54491542 is the "Circa 2000" Obliquity-to-the-Ecliptic
angle encoded for Earth's tilt.

I've actually predicted a Y2K sky-location for "Nibiru",
of 14804.4066 S.of Ecliptic Grid LAT .. 
38(deg) * 57(min) * 6.834906094(sec) S.of Ecliptic.
And .. 540 E.ALNITAK Grid LONG ..
18(deg) * 03(min) * 10(sec) E.ALNITAK.
Grid Point .. (14804.4066 / 540) = 27.41556778

If, as Damon Elkins has proposed, the 3 "Flying Serpents"
at Cydonia are symbolic stylized depictions of "Nibiru"
as it "travels through the sky" (as observed from Earth
and/or from Mars) .. then why not take that as a clue to
compare these 2 Grid LAT figures ?
(30698.41753 / 14804.4066) = 2.0736

(2.0736 / 0.096) = 21.6 .. POLARIS @ Y2K (Grid Point).

0.096 = (IFSC * Tesla's Tower * Sage Radar Mound) ..
= {[72 / (Pi^2)] / (10^3)} * 7.510701251 * 1.752096388

This is where; IFSC is the "Ideal Fine Structure
Constant" {Morton} .. and where; "Tesla's Tower" is the
spot (Grid Point Value) just located and figured-out
by Robert Carl, where Tesla's "Wardenclyffe Tower"
(to be a wireless-electricity transmitter) was located,
albeit all-too-briefly, before J.P.Morgan and George
Westinghouse realized that they couldn't "hook-up a
meter" to a wireless general (essentially "free")
energy transmission system. 
The "Sage Radar Mound" is where there was (possibly
still there) a radar-antenna which is mentioned in
certain writings involving the "Montauk" intrigue.

{{ To be continued }}. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.