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 Subj:     [M-TRAC - MSAA] RCH/TVF on Bell
 Date:  03/13/2000 9:31:02 AM Pacific Standard Time
 From: (Rick Savard)
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Richard C. Hoagland and Tom Van Flandern are scheduled to be on Art's show tomorrow night (3/14 Tues/Weds). My guess is they will start their portion of the show at 11pm PST (0700 GMT 3/15), but it is possible they will be on from the beginning of the show (10pm PST).

It was my understanding that RCH was going to be on to discuss M2M, but with the addition of TVF, I'm unsure what they will be covering. Should be interesting.

If you miss it live (if you are like me and it's after your bedtime), archives are generally available by mid-morning the following day (3/15).

I would like to hear TVF answer a question ... or address an issue, that I've raised on this 'List' and elsewhere :

WHY has he (TVF) stated in his publications, and on radio, that 'The Face' at Cydonia "is not in any meaningful cultural location" on the planet Mars ? I am, of course, confronting him with the work of Carl P. Munck, Sr. ... work supported directly by the map of Erol O.Torun (which Hoagland then sent to Munck about 10 years ago). Munck's self-published work has been around for at least 7 or 8 years, now, and *clearly and compellingly* shows a magnificent set of correlations ... involving latitude and longitude precision, between not only 'The D&M Pyramid' and 'The Face', but ALSO among those two structures and the 3 main pyramids at Giza. The key to this is Munck's re-discovery of PRIME MERIDIANS through the 'centers' of both The Great Pyramid at Giza *and* through 'The D&M Pyramid' on Mars.

Yet we still have Tom Van Flandern saying, "The Face is NOT currently in any culturally-meaningful location on the surface of Mars". This is absolutely NOT TRUE. I have asked TVF about this, via email ... about 2 years ago .. and he essentially totally side-stepped the issue the best tradition and manner of typical politicians.

OK, David Jinks ... even IF Mars was at one time a "moon" going around "some planet" between Mars and Jupiter (could Mars have been a "moon" of Tiamat, BTW ?? .. I seriously doubt it) ... and 'The Face' (let's say Cydonia, proper) was "on the Martian Equator" (as TVF proposes) ... even IF this was (is) true ... isn't the CURRENT LOCATION of Cydonia ('The Face' and 'The D&M Pyramid' and their *exact* latitudes and longitudes) ... isn't THAT the SUPER-OBVIOUS priority ??!!! .... as opposed to speculation about something in the distant past ??!!

TVF has been blatantly ignoring Munck's work for far too long, as well as my own work. Of course, virtually everyone on Earth has been blatantly ignoring Munck's work (and my own work) ... so TVF has plenty of company. David Jinks actually goes into some discussion of Munck's work in his book, "The Monkey and The Tetrahedron" ... HURRAH for David J. !!! Yet, now, David J. has side-stepped my question to him in a recent email exchange on this List ... when I pointed out to him (in the context of the email) how TVF has blatantly ignored Munck's work regarding the precise positioning of 'The Face' and 'The D&M Pyramid'. David's response to me was on the order of, and I paraphrase, "Well, I don't see any discrepancy here, between TVF & Munck, because they 'both' could be correct".

Well .. now, that seems, to me, to be a "side-stepping of the issue" !!! The issue being ... that *current observational evidence* is 'worth more' than theory, especially speculative theory about some possible scenario in the distant past.

The main point is ... we have CURRENT reliable empirical observations of both 'The Face' and 'The D&M Pyramid', *concerning their precise latitudes and longitudes* ... their *CURRENT* precise latitudes and longitudes. And TVF has been totally IGNORING this current, empirical evidence. WHY ? WHAT GIVES ?

I hope Richard will ask TVF about this, on tomorrow night's Art Bell program. If they like, they can phone me during the program .. and I'll explain as many 'numbers' as they (and/or the audience, and/or Art, himself) can handle. It's really rather simple ... but elegant, and compelling.

Michael Lawrence Morton, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, phone .... (412)-819-0202