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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 402

Eltanin (the Star) .. "Gamma Draconis .. Connections ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Eltanin (the Star) .. "Gamma Draconis .. Connections ..
Mon Apr 21 12:10:16 2003

I want to direct your attention to the GAMMA DRACONIS
"ASM" figures of Robert Carl, because I think they
will be found to fit-in very well with the "Tesla-Tower"
location and the "Sage Radar Antenna" location .. discussed
in the thread on "GridPoint" BBS website regarding the
"Wardenclyffe Tower", etc. I've actually pasted Robert
Carl's article on his figures for GAMMA DRACONIS *below*,
for reference. 

The name "ELTANIN" refers to GAMMA DRACONIS, the star
in the Draco constellation. So; the "Eltanin Antenna"
LOCATION .. related to its Siberian diametrical-opposite
LOCATION on Earth .. and their Grid Point Values ..
should seem to show a significant mathematical relationship
(resonance) if you examine this within a context inclusive
of the recently-found significance involving the
"Tesla-Tower" location and the "Montauk-Mounds" locations.
This would constitute a "predictive" validity, here, in
this work and study.

Another thing I want to put on the table, here .. 
is the apparent "designed" relationship of The Moon's
orbit-period around EARTH, relative-to EARTH's period
of axial rotation. This appears to involve the "365020081"
decimal-harmonic in a most non-random_peculiarity_which
includes Earth's "ideal" orbit-period around The Sun.
I think this all_might_have something to do with a
"designed" mechanism for "tapping free-energy" ..
providing everything is "in-sych" to a tolerable limit
which (again) might have been "intended" by certain

AS I've posted on the Internet, it appears that The Moon
has a "matrix-valid" LOPER .. "Lunar Orbits per EARTH-
Rotation" .. of .. 0.0365020081 .. an exact decimal-
harmonic of the_365.020081_"Matrix Solar-Year" in DAYS
{Munck, 1993}. If you take the_reciprocal_of 0.0365020081,
you get .. 27.39575306 .. the "matrix-valid" number of
EARTH-Rotations (Days)_per_Lunar Orbit around Earth.

Notice how the "Tesla-Tower" Grid Point Value (R.Carl)
relates to this 27.39575306 figure ..
(27.39575306 / 7.510701249) = 3.647562611

That result is a_very_important "matrix" number.
For one thing, it is the_ratio_of .. 
(3.65020081 / 1.000723277).
If you read the thread ("GridPoint" BBS) on the 
Wardenclyffe series .. you'll see how often 3.65029981
and 1.000723277 come-up .. and how "integral" they are
to so many figures involved in this subject.

The "Sage Radar Antenna" has the Grid Point Value of ..
1.752096388 .. (M.L.Morton) .. and can be found by
multiplying a decimal-harmonic of the Y2K_Sol_Grid LONG
by the Tesla-Tower figure ..
(7.510701249 * 0.23328) = 1.752096388

And the "Sage Radar Antenna" location is the_ratio_of ..
HALF the Apex-Height of The Great Pyramid of Giza divided
by the "Ideal Fine Structure Constant Inverse" ..
1.752096388 = (240.1735864 / 137.0778389).

Look what happens when you divide the "Sage Radar Antenna"
into the Y2K SOLAR APEX ..
(2.842446068 / 1.752096388) = 1.622311471 ..
the location of the "Well of OSIRIS" at the southwest
corner of "Miami Square".
And; 1.622311471 is called "Alternate Phi" by Munck.

Then; dividing the B.Schreiber "Quantum Electron"
decimal-harmonic into "Alternate Phi" ..
(1.622311471 / 1.234567901) ..
= 1.315947253 / (1.000723277 * 1.000703048)

And: 1.622311471 = (3.65020081 / 2.25) ..
where 2.25 is the B.Schreiber "Quantum Proton"

The GAMMA DRACONIS Grid Point Value at Y2K is ..
3.669582093 .. {Robert Carl}.

Recall the_0.096_figure .. from recent postings
on this "Tesla-Tower/Montauk/Eltanin Antenna" thread.
(3.669582093 / 0.096) ..
= (1.216733602 * 10 * 3.141592654)

Please recall the figure_3.647562611_from earlier
in this posting.
(3.669582093 / 3.647562611) = 1.006036766
This figure, in-turn, means that you're only (Pi^2)
"away" from the Grid LAT of "The D&M Pyramid" at
Cydonia on Mars, at least in terms of a decimal-harmonic
of same.
(1.006036766 * 9.869604401) = 9.929184893

For a direct connection to MINTAKA's Y2K Ecliptic
Grid LONG .. use the "HD-TET Grid LAT" of 8760.48194 ..
which is what you_get_when you multiply the_24_time-hours
in one Earth-Rotation .. by .. the number of ("matrix")
DAYS in Earth's orbit-period ..
24 * 365.020081 = 8760.48194 time-hours in the
"Matrix Solar-Year".
So; (8760.48194 / 3.141592654) ..
= 3.669582093 * 759.0088775 

NOW .. notice how GAMMA DRACONIS of Y2K finds exactly
1/10th of the "Orion Belt-Stars Composite" .. via ..
the R.Carl Grid Point Value for STONEHENGE ..
(2.920160646 / 3.669582093) = 0.7957747155 ..

Well: maybe "Chronos" can show some other GAMMA DRACONIS
connections to this "Tesla Tower/Montauk/Eltanin Antenna
scenario .. (??) 

Regarding the (designed ?) "tolerance" for being 
"in-sync" with the "matrix" parameters involving the
Lunar, Earth, and Solar figures discussed in this posting;
could it be that if we could get "in-sync" .. or get
to a 365.020081 Year-in-Days and to a 0.0365020081
"LOPER" .. might this "provide us" with a needed
"adjustment" .. in order to set-up a "global" free-energy
distribution system .. maybe by-way-of "Tesla-Tower" type
installations across our Planet ? Just wondering. 
Might it also provide possibilities for a "global"
communications system, as well ? Just a thought-question. 
Could we use some sort of "scalar-technology" to make
such an "adjustment" ?
-- MLM
Gamma Draconis - "B"-figures ("TSA") Pt. 6
Thu Jul 25 05:51:39 2002

Gamma Draconis "B"... ??????????????

This may be presumptuous of me, and I'm not exactly sure what statement I am thinking to make here... But I've been crunching a lot of "reptilian" numbers from the Pyramid Matrix, with extra inspiration from of the recent Crop Circles that we have "the good data" for... and I'm still coming up with that problem that the numbers for Gamma Draconis seem to show little if any affinity for the vast majority of them...

I've also had problems where if targets are given suggested figures that resonate with Gamma Draconis, they often seem largely divorced from the rest of the Pyramid Matrix... in my mind, one case is still the Scottish Stone Serpent, even though we have consensus on a possible Grid Longitude... it still seems pretty remote from affinity with the Squared Megalithic Yard sort of figures that seem to turn up in the UK Matrix just as they turn up in Egypt and the Americas...

I don't doubt that the figures as they stand for "G-Drac" are real Matrix constants, and I've even seen some examples where they *do* work, with interesting results... but something has always seemed very awkward about the (11.52 / Pi) = 3.666929888 Grid Point somehow...

Michael's figures...

Here are my "ASM" figures for Jan.1, 2000 GAMMA DRACONIS ;
Grid LAT:
74 (deg) X 55 (min) X 15.03782235 (sec) North of ecliptic ..
= 61203.93696 North of ecliptic.
Grid LONG:
176 (deg) X 44 (min) X 28.98121716 (sec) W.ALNITAK ..
= 224430.5457 W.ALNITAK.
Grid POINT Value (for Jan.1, 2000 GAMMA DRACONIS ..
224430.5457 / 61203.93696) = 3.666929888

As I've been grinding up these UK figures I've seen certain unfamiliar figures come and go... some I've disregarded... then, I've seen some of them again, grinding up the "reptilian" numbers... and I disregarded them... turning my attention to anything else at random for a break from them... then I ran into one of them again, immediately, and finally decided to write it down...

That number is, 3.669582093... as you can, extremely close to 3.666929888... (there are some others, like dh Pi^3 x Grid Point Alpha Draconis... but...)

Now... I can't quite explain how this might interact with the Eltanin antenna and it's "Reciprocal"... and this number poses certain problems... you see, in combination with the Grid Point of Alpha Draconis, it's nearly as "silent" as is 3.666929888... (or at least it seems that way, so far...)... we create a very strange situation making composites of 3.669582093... and 1.181810286... and I don't quite like that... I'm still looking for the logic of all this... and it's tempting to think the awkwardness of (11.52 / Pi) is why they left out G-Draconis in the Draco map at Angkor... BUT... it's kind of weird to think the ancients would assign "ASM" values they could handle... and G-Drac appearing in person or not, Angkor is such a massive undertaking that the values it reflects are likely to resonate through the Matrix... perhaps loudly...

And... what the strange brew of 3.669582093 and 1.181810286 (no, no... I'm darn good and sure that 1.181810286 is absolutely right) seems to answer, does look limited, but selective and deliberate... And... it looks pretty similar to what we being pointed to, seemingly, by some recent spiral or reptilian crop circles, that seem to have given us such hot tips on some of these numbers... and if we have problems like this, where we don't have constants standing on their own, we could just be having problems because we don't have ASM data for more of the Draco stars... So....

I'd like to point out some examples of how gets along with "the Serpent Clan" (including that the "Signs"... the crop circles... seem to have been pointing us to Silbury and its counterparts), if I may... and a few common constants...

Let's call 3.669582093, "GDB"... "Gamma Draconis B"... here...

Height Great Pyramid x GDB = dh 56107.63644 Grid Latitude "Rattlesnake Mound" at Cahokia

1296 / GDB = dh AC / GP Stonehenge "v. 4.0"

GDB / 360 = dh Grid Lat. D & M / Pi^4

GDB / GP Ophiuchus (dh 1.62231147 / 2) = 4523.893421

Reciprocal of GP Stonehenge "v. 1.0" x GDB = dh 48 Pi

Grid Lat "Le Serpent Rouge" / GDB = 30181.10698

Grid Long. Stonehenge "v. 4.0" OR (Grid Lat Silbury "v. 3.0" / Pi) x GDB = 46756.36376 dh Grid Lat Mycerinus and dh Grid Point "South Flying Serpent" at Cydonia

(46756.36376 / GP Ophiuchus = dh Grid Longitude Chephren Pyramid = dh Grid Longitude "Middle Flying Serpent" at Cydonia)

Flying Serpents Composite 2.201749258 / GDB = .6 (reciprocal of the reptilian 1.666666666 from D. C.)

(for which Composite, by the way... 2.201749258 x 1.676727943 = dh 656.5612701 x 2 and 
2.201749258 = dh Grid Point West Flying Serpent 27.14336054 x Grid Point Ophiuchus... where also 
GDB / 1.351926225 = 2.714336054 which also equals "Not Phi" x 1.676716923... and the Composite x "Not Phi" = dh "Le Serpent Rouge" x Ophiuchus...)

Grid Longitude Rattlesnake Mound at Cahokia 66052.47768 / GDB = 18000

(If you lob the "Osiris" to that "Isis", you get Monk's Mound... GDB x 15 = dh 55043.73139)

Grid Point "Le Serpent Rouge" / GDB = 2.188537563... that number is related to 4.188790205 in several ways... one of them being that (reciprocal of 4.188790205) / 2.188537563 = Pi / 2.88... another "reptilian" number... 2.188537563 seems also to have some relationships to the Adams Co. Serpent Mound...

5.411616168 x GBD = dh 19858.36978... no not 19585.25983, but 19858.36978 is something, and it's finally time to take notice of that one, I am seeing that here for literally about the 500th time... 

GDB / 27885.48009 Grid Lat Tail of Warren County "Kingsnake Mound" = dh Grid Point Cholula

15 / Pi x GDB = dh 1752.096389

Grid Lat West Flying Serpent 17.69667291 x GDB = dh (8 x 25920)

Grid Point Temple of the Double Headed Serpent 70.63474622 x GDB = 259.20

GDB x Grid Point Rattlesnake Mound (Alternate Pi) = 43.2

1.6666666666 x GBD = dh 61159.70153 which I accept as the Grid Longitude of the "middle" Priddy Circle because its one of the most resonant constants I can think of... also equal to dh 66052.47768 / 108, for example...

One of the few equations I know where 3.666929888 works, is with the Grid Point of Serpent Mound, where 45 Pi x 3.666929888 = dh 51840... we ran into a "51840 or not?" puzzle at Rennes le Chateau (as it turned out, it was apparently not 51840), and substituting GBD 3.669582093 in this equation, we actually get the geographic Grid Latitude of the Circle of Churches where "Le Serpent Rouge" lives... 

GDB x 1.5410111111 = 1.8 Pi

4 Pi x GP Stonehenge "v. 4.0" = dh GDB

GDB x (Pi / 2) = dh 5764.166073

1.02734047 x GBD x Pi^2 = dh Area Stonehenge / 2 or dh GP Sirius x Pi or dh GLA Tikal T IV or dh Grid Lat. Galactic Center / Anti-Center

GP Sirius / GDB = dh reciprocal of sqrt 240

My best guess at the Grid Point of the Scottish Stone Serpent I think was 4 / AP... rather fitting the 3 / AP Munck Silbury Grid Point that's leaping out of everywhere lately... GDB / (4 / Pi) = 1.08...

GBD / Grid Point Old Man of the Mountain = dh (R x 19.4677376) / Pi 

6 Pi x 19.4677376 = dh GDB

56562.89163 / GDB = dh reciprocal 6.981317008

GDB x Grid Point Warren Co. Serpent Tail 1.712234567 = 2 Pi

(Reciprocal of 4.188790205) x GDB = dh 8760.481938 the "Hyper-D-Tetrahedral Grid Latitude"...

89298.07632 / GDB = dh 2.4334670205 (It is AMAZING I don't know this "GDB" better, is it not?)

And so on...

What I find also ex-tr-e-me-ly interesting, is that after having mentioned the very resonant 61159.70153, if we substituted "GDB" for the present Grid Point of Gamma Draconis... keeping the current Grid Longitude... guess what very resonant figure the Grid Latitude would just so happen to be... ???

224430.5457 / 3.669582093 = 61159.70153

Is it possible that the mighty Thuban & the mysteriously silent serpent, are only about .003 away from a very resonant Bardic recital of a great many of the splendiferous songs of the "ASM"?




-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.