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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 405

A Special "Miami Circle" Connection ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
A Special "Miami Circle" Connection ..
Thu May 8 21:53:41 2003

This will serve as additional confirmation
of the truth and correctness of the intentional
analogy of the 3 main Giza pyramids and the 3 Orion
Belt-stars .. a la R.Bauval, et al.

Here I'm multiplying the Giza Pyramids Composite
by the Orion Belt-stars Composite.

This is .. 
[(Alnitak * Mintaka) / Alnilam] 
* [(Great Pyramid * Mycerinus Pyr) / Chephren Pyr].

That is; using the Grid Point Value for each structure.

Respectively; this is ..
[(43.63323131 * 31.00627668) / 170.010936]
* [(248.0502134 * 2261.946711) / 5764.166073] ..
= 774.5966692

774.5966692 is the Square-Root of 600,000

This is a decimal-harmonic of the Square-Root of 60 ..
which (in-turn) is a prominent figure in the ASM.

The "Y2K-year" is (of course) 2000 A.D. ..
so the_figure_2000 can be a significant probe.

(774.5966692 / 2000) = 0.3872983346 ..
= (3.872983346 / 10)

Here, we find a particular decimal-harmonic of
the Square-Root of 15. The Square-Root of 15, itself, 
is the Grid Point Value {M.L.Morton} for "The Miami

0.3872983346 happens to be my "Ideal-Mean" AU-distance
for the planet Mercury.
This was inspired by the "Curtis Equation(s)" ..
which are based on the physical-layout of Stonehenge.
{Please use the local search-engine on "GridPoint"
BBS Website}.

So; I see a signature, here, of "Mercury" ..
and this is also the Roman name for Hermes.
And Hermes is the Greek name for the Egyptian Thoth ..
and NIN.GISH.ZID.DA. is the Sumerian name for him,
and Quetzalcoatl is apparently {See Z.Sitchin} the
Toltec/Olmec name for the same person. 
And Kukulkan is a Mayan name for him, apparently.

I think he was a son of E.A./EN.KI. .. who (in-turn)
is also Ptah in the Egyptian. {I agree with Sitchin, here}.

I think it is likely that E.A./EN.KI./Ptah and then 
Kukulkan would have been "in-charge" over the last 
half-million years, or so, of "maintaining" the ASM in
at least our 'part' of the Solar System. This would 
include at least Mars, Earth, The Moon, Phobos, and ..
Deimos (?) if anything bigger than a refridgerator could
fit there.

But .. that's "only" over the last half-million years,
or so. BUT, again .. at least that's a "start" for us
on our very much-needed quest to discover some real,
substantive truth regarding our_really_ancient history.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.