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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Phoenix UFO of March 13, 1997, & Cydonia Revisited

It's now 3 years since the Phoenix UFO of March 13, 1997. Tonight ... as I write this.

Today, in the mail, I received my order for Munck's "Whispers From Time II". This is his latest self-published volume. In it, he shows his Grid POINT Value for Avebury Circle, in England ... "2.771815209".

You might recall my Grid POINT Value for the SIRIUS (star) composite is ... "2.368705056" .. {see} ... a decimal harmonic of the Square of the radius of The Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge, in Feet ("2368.705056"). Also, you may recall that "2368.705056" is my Grid LONG (W.Giza) for The U.S. Naval Observatory (center) ....

= 108 (deg) X 12 (min) X 1.827704519 (sec) W.Giza (Morton, 1998). [ W.Greenwich 77 deg 04 min 1.027704519 sec ].

Now ... when we divide the Grid POINT Value of Avebury Circle (Munck, 1999) into the Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars (Munck, 1992) ... 656.56127 / 2.771815209 = 236.8705056 ... YET ANOTHER decimal harmonic of the SIRIUS composite Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) of ... "2.368705056".

Stonehenge's Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992) "finds" a decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars ... via the Avebury Grid POINT Value, and the Pi constant ... specific and precise ... 2.433467206 / 2.771815209 = 2.758106915 / 3.141592654.

The Washington Monument's Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1998) "finds" the Grid POINT Value of The U.S. Naval Observatory (Morton, 1998) ... via the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1999) of Avebury ... specific and precise ... 5.411616169 X 2.771815209 = 15.

Let's now look at the Grid LONGs of both The Washington Monument and The U.S. Naval Observatory.

Washington Monument Grid LONG ... 8036.826916 W.Giza ... = 108 (deg) X 10 (min) X 7.441506403 (sec) W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 77 deg 02 min 6.641506403 sec ].

U.S. Naval Observatory Grid LONG ... 2368.705056 W.Giza ... = 108 (deg) X 12 (min) X 1.827704519 (sec) W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 77 deg 04 min 1.027704519 sec ].

Notice in particular the number of arc-seconds in each of those W.Giza longitudes.

"7.441506403" and "1.827704519" ... let's check them out by multiplying them, and then taking their ratio. But first, please note that "7.441506403" is a decimal harmonic of "7441.506403" ... the actual Area in Square Feet of The Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge (Munck, 1992). 7.441506403 X 1.827704519 = 13.60087488 ... which, in arc-seconds E.Giza, is the actual *longitude* of a spot just a bit southeast of the right paw of The Great Sphinx of Giza ... a spot discussed by Carl Munck in his self-published work. Munck has referred to this point as marking the place of an underground entrance, opening, or passage (conduit), to where very important "ancient records" are likely stored or displayed. Munck's Grid POINT Value for this spot is a numerical match of the Grid LAT of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars ... 1440 Pi, or "4523.893421".

To find the Grid LAT of this key spot, we multiply its Grid POINT Value by its Grid LONG ... 4523.893421 X 13.60087488 = 61528.90839 North ... = 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 36.58080166 (sec) North.

Let's now take the ratio of "7.441506403" and "1.827704519" ... 7.441506403 / 1.827704519 = 3.141592654 X 1.296.

That's a very nice combination ... Pi times a decimal harmonic of "1296". "1296" is the Square of ... 36 ... a number of great importance in terms of its relationship to the Phi constant ... The Golden Section.

COS 36 = 1/2 Phi ...

Cosine of 36 arc-degrees = 0.809016994 = 1.618033989 / 2. And, of course, 36 is a decimal harmonic of "360" ... the conventional number of arc-degrees on one circumference ... a key component in the very basis of our geometric calculations.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this piece, tonight (as of this writing) is the 3rd anniversary of The Phoenix UFO of March 13, 1997. If we use what Munck calls the "Atlantean Solar Year" of 365.0200809 Earth Days, we would multiply by 3 to get the 'archaeomatrix code' number of Days in 3 Earth years ... and I know we just had a leap day, but 'follow me' just the same.

3 X 365.0200809 = 1095.060243 Days, in 3 'truly classic' Earth years. I've previously written, in posts on The Internet, and in emails to certain 'Lists', of my 'Tetrahedral Grid LAT' ... "8760.481939" North & South of the equator. This is directly based on Richard C.Hoagland's "Tetrahedral Latitude" of ... 19.47122061 arc-degrees north & south. What I did, was to translate that precise number of arc-degrees, into its 'archaeomatrix code' form ...

19 (deg) X 28 (min) X 16.46707131 (sec) North/South ... = 8760.481939 North/South. I then noticed that if we divide that figure by the number of hours in an Earth Day ..

"24" ... we get the ancient "Atlantean Solar Year" (Munck, 1992) in Days ... 8760.481939 / 24 = 365.0200908 Days.

So; in effect, we are seeing here, the number of total hours in an "ideal/original"... *sidereal Earth year* ... 8760.481939 hours. Yes ... I think this was (is) in-harmony-with the "hyperdimensional physics" ideas discussed by R.C.Hoagland.

Regarding The Phoenix UFO, I have also noted that it reportedly hovered over a particular intersection (in Phoenix) for "4 minutes" ... which is ... "240" seconds of time ... a decimal harmonic of "24" (hours in a Day). My Grid POINT Value for the center of that particular intersection ... Indian School Road & Seventh Avenue, is ... "30". (See and scroll down to my articles on "The Phoenix UFO".

Recall my figure of "1095.060243" Days in 3 ideal/original sidereal Earth years, from earlier in this piece. That figure is exactly 1/8th of "8760.481939". Let's use the reciprocal of "1/8th" ... "8" .... and multiply times my Grid POINT Value for the hover-spot of The Phoenix UFO over the center of that intersection .. 8 X "30" = 240 ... the number of seconds of hover-time of the UFO itself.

This summer of year 2000, the date of July 20th will mark the "24th" anniversary of the Viking probe landing on Mars in 1976. That date ... July 20th, is always Day Number "360" on the annual Mayan Haab Calendar. The Mayan tradition is then to have "5 Days Out of Time" ... or until July 25th, which is the first Day of the Haab New Year. (They 'catch-up' to the "leap-day" thing with a special festival period of Days, every 52 years, if I'm not mistaken).

It was on *July 25th* of 1976, when the Viking Orbiter camera snapped the first pictures of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. This would have been 5 days after the Viking Lander touched down.

If we count the Days, from the date the camera took those first pictures of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars (July 25th, 1976) ... to July 20th of 2000 ... we get ... "8760.481939" Days ... in "24" sidereal Earth years.

This is a numerical match of my 'Tetrahedral Grid LAT'.

If we look at the date of "7/20" ...we can visualize the "720" total arc-degrees of corner-angle on the surface of a tetrahedron. Suppose we divide "720" into the "hyperdimensional" Tetrahedral Grid LAT figure of "8760.481939" ?

8760.481939 / 720 = 12.16733603 = 5 X 2.433467206. "2.433467206" is the Grid POINT Value of Stonehenge (Munck, 1992). And "5" is the number of Days between July 20th and July 25th.

Here are Munck's newly-released numbers, by the way, for Avebury Circle ... to show you how the "2.771815209" figure (see above) is derived : Grid LONG Avebury ... 32 (deg) X 59 (min) X 9.718172913 (sec) W.Giza ... = 18347.91046 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 01 deg 51 min 8.918172913 sec ].

Grid LAT Avebury ... 51 (deg) X 25 (min) X 39.8878567 (sec) North ... = 50857.01729 North.

Grid POINT Value Avebury ... 50857.01729 / 18347.91046 = 2.771815209.

One of the recent findings involved in my work, is the apparent precise value of the length of The Royal Cubit ... 20.62648063 regular inches (not "pyramid inches").

This was a derivation from The Radian (deg) of "57.29577951" arc-degrees, and assumes the 360 conventional arc-degrees on one circumference.

If we take the current year 2000 (the "year of disclosure" ?) figure ... 2000 X 20.62648063 = 41252.96125 ... this is the figure for the "generic" Area on a Sphere ... using "57.29577951" as the numerical value of the radius of a given sphere .. the standard formula for Area on a Sphere ... = 4Pi X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 41252.96125 Square arc-degrees.

Now ... 20.62648063 / 2.771815209 = "7.441506403" ... the number of arc- seconds in the Grid LONG of The Washington Monument, as well as a decimal harmonic of the Area of the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge in Square Feet.

Some of you might have seen The Washington Monument on TV on New Year's Eve of 1999/2000 ... when it "lit-up" in a very bright glow of light at the stroke of midnight. Also on New Year's Eve, the star (composite) SIRIUS was directly on the Sky Meridian. My Grid POINT Value for SIRIUS, in what I call "The Sky Matrix", is .. "2.368705056". If we divide that into the number of arc-seconds of W.Giza longitude of The Washington Monument, we get ... 7.441506403 / 2.368705056 .. = 3.141592654 ... the precise Pi constant, to the limit of my calculator's display.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

VERY interesting, Michael.

Some of your numbers and ideas reminded me again of the 1991 Barbury Castle triangular crop circle formation. According to Hoagland, the formation indicated the tetrahedral geometry found at Cydonia.

John Michelle pointed out that the total square footage of the circles came to 31680, and that the ratio of the diameter larger circle (71 feet) to the smaller ones (41 feet) was an approximation of the square root of 3.

Much later, I got this idea from a Munck article about the bird at Nazca:

25920 / 71 = 365.0704225352

Perhaps the diameter of the larger circle was actually 71.00979194375 feet, which would match the ancient "Atlantean Solar Year" of 365.0200908 Days.

The crop triangle pointed straight North and had the sun symbol glyph at the tip. The Southeast corner was at 120 degrees and had the rachet/Mercury spiral attached. The Southwest corner "should have been" at 240 degrees, but was at 234 degrees, with its "666 tangent." The moon glyph was attached to that corner.

As I reported before, the angle from the Southeast corner of the triangle to the center of the ratchet spiral was at 108 degrees. 120 x 108 = 12960, half the precession. Divided by the six arcs on the ratchet = 2160, one Zodiac Age.

Not long after I figured this, my friend at work, Jeff, dreamed of being driven in an airliner on a portion of the highway outside of Oakdale, where highways 120 and 108 run together. A new transformer was going to be put under a grill at the water treatment plant.

This has "Aquarius - water bearer" symbolism, as well as wave-energy, grid, and transformation suggestions.

It fit well with the idea that the ratchet spiral is related to the Sphinx and to the six ages from Leo through the end of Pisces. The formation appeared on July 17, 1991. The Ark landed on the 17 day of the 7th month in Genesis 8:4. The Noah/Ark story symbolizes the Age of Pisces, according to Blavatsky. This seems supported by the statement in the New Testament, something like, "These are like the days of Noah."

The offsets of the ratchet suggest a cross shape, aligned 4 degrees off of North. The angles given were 4, 94, 184 and 274. Jimi later informed me that the Sphinx faces about 4 degrees off of due East.

The implications of the Barbury triangle are vast. I believe it represents the Trinity and the basis of creation, the "consciousness unit," the smallest unit in creation. It is repeated in various ways on larger scales.

I recently revised another related article concerning the formation:

The Pleiades and the Seventh Ray on the Seventh Day

The dream-coincidence involved may give a clue as to why the Queen's Chamber shaft of the Great Pyramid aligned with the Pleiades.

Regards, Joe >>

YES ... Joe !!! .... very appropriate, here !!! Excellent !!! You mention the square footage (John Mitchell) of "31680" ... recall my discussion of the Bucky Fuller "7.333333333" arc-degrees of "DNA Un-zip" angle ? Well .... look what happens when we give that angle to "31680" ..... 31680 / 7.333333333 = 4320.

And that airline-involved dream .... recall that there are exactly "240" Days from July 16th, 1996 (TWA-800) ... to March 13th, 1997(Phoenix UFO). And "240" seconds of time was the length of time of the UFO's 'hover' over that intersection.

And ... "17th day of the 7th month" .... 17 + 7 = 24.

17 X 7 = 119. (119 - 24) = 95 .... alphanumeric sum of "SIRIUS". Exactly "95" days from Jan. 31st (Alaska Airlines-261) to May 5th, 2000.

Using "July 17th" as .... "7/17" .... see it as ... "717". Then, recall the total solar eclipse of July 11th, 1991 ... over Mexico City area (Teotihuacan). Taking "July 11th" as .... "7/11" .... see it as ... "711". Then, let's subtract ...

717 - 711 = 6 ... "6 Days" between those 2 events ... the total solar eclipse, and the Barbury Castle Crop Formation.

Back to The Phoenix UFO .... it hovered at that particular intersection at ... "143" arc-degrees W.Giza .... 143 deg 13 min 0.707879103 sec. If we "ADD" ... (119 + 24) = "143".

143 X 13 X 0.707879103 = 1315.947253 .... decimal harmonic of my figure for the *polar* circumference of Mars .... 13159.47253 statute miles.

Now ... Munck's figure for the *equatorial* circumference of Mars is ... 13248.48859 statute miles ("The Code", Volume A, 1992). If we look at a great-circle 'meridian' intersecting a great-circle 'parallel' ... we see a sort of "3-D" ... CROSS ... intersection ... eh ??!!

Let's take the ratio of these 2 circumferii for Mars .... 13248.48859 / 13159.47253 = 1.006764409 ... HOLD THAT in your head.

Recall the ratio between "360" and the "Atlantean Solar Year", as Munck calls it .. "365.0200809 Days" ?

365.0200809 / 360 = 1.013944669.

Now ... go back to the figure "1.006764409".

10067.64409 / 1.013944669 = 9929.184894 .... and what is THAT ? That is .. the Grid LAT (Munck, 1992) of 'The D&M Pyramid' of Cydonia on Mars.

9929.184894 North ... = 40 (deg) X 52 (min) X 4.773646584 (sec) North.

Note the "360" in the above ratio. THAT is the Grid LONG of ... 'The D&M Pyramid' of Cydonia on Mars (Munck, 1992) .... because .... PRIME MERIDIANS aquire the numerical designation "360" in this ancient matrix. So now we have the ingredients to figure the Grid POINT Value of 'The D&M' ... as Munck did ... once Hoagland sent him the map that Erol O.Torun drew up. 9929.184894 / 360 = 27.58106915

And, as Munck has shown in his self-published work ... "1.013944669" is not ONLY the ratio between "360" and "365.0200809". It is ALSO ... the *original/intended* Volume (cubic Feet) of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. DIVIDED-by its *original/intended* Height (Feet) .. DIVIDED-by its *original/ intended* Length (Feet) of One Side at its base .. DIVIDED-by its *still-evident* Grid POINT Value. Here is that equation, in numbers ...

1.013944669 = 91155780.93 / 480.3471728 / 754.5275746 / 248.0502134.

Super-obvious and grand correlation ... between Cydonia and Giza. And there's a lot more, where this came from.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

In a message dated 03/14/2000 8:48:40 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< If I'm not mistaken, Dr. Bruce Cornet did something along those lines once. >>

THAT's a long story !!! Do you ... does anyone ... recall my postings on this 'List' about Dr. Bruce Cornet, and the work I did after being inspired by him ... regarding his findings in New York State ?

In 1998, I visited a website of his, which detailed ... and I mean DETAILED ... his findings of what he termed, "Cydonia Analogues" ... in the lower Hudson Valley of New York State (USA). This is in the area of the Wallkill River ... near the "UFO hot-spot" of Pine Bush, NY.

Bruce had a VERY detailed description of "Cydonia Analogues" on this website. NOW ... he has "recanted" and back-peddled on this whole study of his ... at least as far as the "Cydonia Analogues" are concerned. Yes ... very suspicious, I think. But I will not speculate on that, here.

When I saw this website of his, I emailed Bruce ... and I offered to order the USGS topo maps, to see if I could find any "archaeomatrix" numbers which might "pop-out" at me. Bruce had actually posted the appropriate sections of these *same* USGS topo maps ... as graphics on the website !!! So ... I obviously HAD his sites right there, as graphics ... which I could then accurately locate on the full USGS maps, once they arrived. He thought this was a good idea ... so I ordered the maps and studied his sites. What I found was AMAZING .. to say the least. I cannot really even use enough "hyperbole" here, to express just how amazed I was when I studied these sites on the full, official USGS topo maps.

I found magnificent correlations ... between 'The Face' (Cydonia) and "The Face II" at Middletown, NY ... where the heavily-eroded remains of a HUGE humanoid face, of a scale very close to that of 'The Face' at Cydonia, actually 'straddles' ... (extends across) the Wallkill River in Middletown, New York.

This is on the Middletown (NY) 7.5-minute Series USGS Topograhical Quadrangle, scale of 1 : 24000. Bruce actually had it "outlined" on his graphic on the website, so I knew exactly where to pinpoint the center of the badly-eroded structure, on my full map.

Grid LAT 41 (deg) X 24 (min) X 21.33658537 (sec) North ... = 20995.2 North.

Grid LONG 105 (deg) X 31 (min) X 7.963133641 (sec) W.Giza ... = 25920 W.Giza. { There's the Earth precession cycle in years !!! }.

Grid POINT Value "Face Analogue" ... 25920 / 20995.2 = 1.234567901 ... there's our consecutive integers ... except for the "8".

NOTE: "1.234567901" is the Square of ... "1.111111111" .. ten digits; 9 decimal places. NOTE ... W.Greenwich longitude is ... 74 deg 23 min 7.163133641 sec. [ Giza-Greenwich Variance for longitude is ... 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec ].

I found several OTHER "Cydonia Analogue" correlations of high significance, including a "D&M Pyramid Analogue" in Warwick, NY ... Warwick (NY) Quad ... USGS 7.5-minute Series Topo, scale of 1 : 24000. Here are my figures for that site, which I emailed to Dr. Bruce Cornet on May 12, 1998 :

Grid LAT 41 (deg) X 16 (min) X 17.01563963 (sec) North ... = 11162.2596 North ... = 360 X (Pi Cubed).

Grid LONG 105 (deg) X 26 (min) X 39.2519019 (sec) W.Giza ... = 107157.6922 W.Giza ... = 3456 X (Pi Cubed). [ W.Greenwich 74 deg 18 min 38.4519019 sec ].

Grid POINT Value "D&M Pyramid Analogue" ... 107157.6922 / 11162.2596 = 9.6

This "D&M Pyramid Analogue" is roughly the same length/width as the 'D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia. And, of course, like 'The Face' Analogue, it is heavily eroded. It is a tribute to Dr. Cornet's skills and insight, that he was able to recognize these very old and severely eroded structures.

Serious studies should be made on these sites, of course, by others !!! The numbers are extremely compelling ... even considering some probable 'natural bias' on my part.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton