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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 411

Regulus & Mintaka make_Half Pi_at Y2K ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Regulus & Mintaka make_Half Pi_at Y2K ..
Fri Jun 6 21:02:47 2003

REGULUS, the Heart of Leo .. and MINTAKA,
in Orion's Belt .. form a ratio of Half-Pi
at the Y2K time-node .. using their Ecliptic
Y2K Grid Point Values. Of course, this is based
on_empirical_observation from Earth.

These 2 entities are big players.
And it seems they respect the "scientific method"
of empirical observation. Noble characters, they are.

(31.00627668 / 19.7392088) = 1.570796327

And_1.570796327_is Half Pi ..
(3.141592654 / 2) = 1.570796327

This is a reference to 90 degrees, in the_360_system.

Half Pi *Radians-of-arc* in the_360_system is 90 degrees.

(360 / 2Pi) = 57.29577951 .. 
to 8 decimal-places, anyway, on my calculator screen.

(1.570796327 * 57.29577951) = 90.

So, here are two important stars, in Leo and in Orion,
that are_displaying_the Right-Angle for "us" on Earth,
at the Y2K time-node. I am VERY impressed, as you might
have gathered by now. (Are YOU impressed) ?

MINTAKA is really a headliner, these days !!
Talk about a major star !!
Playing the "Star-in-the-East" role at Circa 2000 A.D.,
and getting to be seen almost_right-on_the Celestial
Equator these days, as Orion has his Earth-precessional
Culmination !! AND .. getting to form Half Pi
with the great REGULUS !! 

To me .. this is part of the greatest show on Earth
these days .. the Revelation of the ASM.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.