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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 415

Latest proposed NIBIRU AU-distance & Estimated Year of Perihelion ..


Michael Lawrence Morton
Latest proposed NIBIRU AU-distance ..
Tue Jun 10 10:29:50 2003

I have reason to think that NIBIRU's AU-distance
at Y2K .. may be encoded as a *decimal-harmonic*
of the_1134537.875_total-multiplied AU-distances
for all the planets in the Solar System .. including
the former TIAMAT .. (but not including NIBIRU).

This would be .. 113.4537875 AUs .. at Y2K.

Considering the_possibility_that NIBIRU itself is a 
small(sub) brown-dwarf {Andy Lloyd} .. with 'planetoids'
in a very tight orbit around it ..
any astronomer should use an infrared scope.

My latest figures are putting NIBIRU, as of Y2K ..
at about 1.3333333 degrees West of SIRIUS .. in terms
of_ecliptic_longitude, on line-of-sight from Earth.
That's not Right-Ascension. Sorry .. I don't have the
equation for the conversion. But 1.3333333 degrees is
not a lot of adjusting to do, is it ?
And my latest figures have NIBIRU at almost the same
ecliptic-latitude as SIRIUS .. just about 10 minutes
north of SIRIUS.

Yes .. the problem now, as I write this, on 10th of June,
2003, is The Sun .. it's in the way. 
Unless you have a "sun-blocker" .. ?? .. 
you probably need to wait until November or December.

So; as of late 2003 .. I'd guess .. 113.4 AU or so.
And don't forget to use an infrared 'whatever' .. 
(I'm not an astronomer).

By the way .. as Zecharia Sitchin has written,
the IRAS .. "Infrared Astronomical Satellite" ..
probably 'found' NIBIRU in 1983. But, of course ..
this is probably_another_item that's been covered-up ..
denied to the public. 
To me, the death of Dr.Harrington is/was suspicious.
He may have also 'found' it .. in the early 1990s,
via the "Black Birch" observatory in Chile. I don't know.
Dr.Harrington did allow Sitchin to do a video interview
(Sitchin and Dr.Harrington) in Harrington's own office
at The U.S. Naval Observatory. In the video, there
you see and hear the two of them discussing the possible
orbit-path of NIBIRU !! 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 


Michael Lawrence Morton
Estimated Year of Perihelion ..
Tue Jun 10 10:40:12 2003

Estimated year-of-perihelion for NIBIRU is 3600 A.D.,
which is what I've proposed before, on the Internet.

Of course .. this is 3600 years after year "00" B.C./A.D.,
the_beginning_of the current 'consensus calendar' in 
planet Earth societies.
That was probably the time of the most-recent perihelion

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 

(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.