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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 416


Michael Lawrence Morton
ALERT Parts 7 & 8 : VENUS makes herself known / Avaya Building
Wed Jun 11 09:47:22 2003

Well .. "We" have to be able to discern it, too .. (-; ..

By learning about the "ASM".

Venus is present at the "Miami Square" .. along with several other Planets,
for example. Her 225 Ideal-Mean orbit-period, in Earth-Days, is the azimuth (in
degrees) from "Miami Circle" to the "Well of OSIRIS". {See my writings, via the
local search-engine on "GridPoint" BBS Website}.

You can find Mars' Ideal-Mean AU-distance by dividing Venus' Y2K Ecliptic Grid
Point Value by Venus' Ideal-Mean orbit-period ..
(246.74011 / 225) = 0.72 * 1.523087099

In fact; not only do you find Mars' Ideal-Mean AU-distance there ..
but you_also_find Venus' Ideal-Mean AU-distance of 0.72 .. {Morton}.
A very intense equation, there !!

And if you take the_reciprocal_of 1.096622711 .. which, again, is the
multiplied-product of the Ideal-Mean AU-distances of Mars and Venus ..
(1 / 1.096622711) = 0.9118906529 .. a_decimal-harmonic_of the 9.118906529
Grid Point Value {Munck, 1993} for the_center_of the "Quetzalcoatl Complex"
at Teotihuacan, Mexico. And this "complex" features an *inverted* pyramid ..
a metaphor for the mathematical "reciprocal" function, itself. 
This also makes sense, in that Quetzalcoatl seems to be the same *historical
person* as Thoth/Hermes/Mercury/Ningishzidda/Kukulkan. {Z.Sitchin, et al}. 
(They were/are all good at math).

Venus knew/knows some math, herself .. evidently.
At least she knows that "162" is an important decimal-harmonic.
She probably remembers 162 is connected with the pure "light-speed"
{of 162,000 nautical miles per time-second .. (Bruce Cathie)}. 
She "finds" a lot of herself through the "light" .. {speed} .. 
(162 / 0.72) = 225. 

The multiplied-product of the Ideal-Mean AU-distances of Mars and Venus
"find" the number of "OSIRIS Re-Membered" .. 15 .. through my most-recent
proposed figure for the Y2K Ecliptic Grid Point Value for NIBIRU ..
(1.096622711 * 13.67835979) = 15.

And .. (15)^2 = 225.

If you look at a certain "tic-tac-toe" arrangement of 9 nodes in
a square formation .. such as I found involving the "Miami Square" ..
with each of the 9 nodes assigned an integer from 1-9, inclusive ..
you can arrange those integers such that any "straight-line" of 3 nodes,
in "tic-tac-toe" fashion .. even the diagonals, adds-up to .. 15.

8 3 4

1 5 9

6 7 2 

That is one of the combinations. And 5 is always in the middle.
This is sometimes referred-to as .. the "Square of Saturn".

The_Square-Root_of 15 is .. 3.872983346 .. which is also my Grid Point Value
for the_centered_location of .. "Miami Circle", itself .. which is_also_the exact
location of the_northeast-corner_of "Miami Square", itself.
If you start at "Miami Circle" .. and if you travel at an azimuth of 225 degrees
from that spot .. you will cross-over the_center_of "Miami Square" and then
you will arrive at the "Well-of-OSIRIS" which_is_the exact location of ..
the_southwest-corner_ of "Miami Square".
I've been there .. to both "Miami Circle" and to the "Well-of-OSIRIS".
I'm the one who measured and gave-back the numbers to these locations,
for all to see. And, again; 225 is the Square of 15, which in-turn is the
Square of "Miami Circle". And I think "Miami Circle" is the location of the
remains of what was once "The Fountain of Youth", itself.
For_that_particular note .. I'm thankful to Steven W.Spencer. Thanks, Steve.

If I multiply SATURN's Y2K Ecliptic Grid Point Value by my Grid Point Value
for the_center-point_of "Miami Square" .. 
(11.84352528 * 1.013211836) = 12.

And .. (12 + 15) = 27 .. which relates to a certain academic paper written
by a "Coxeter", regarding something about "27 lines on The Cube".
And the Cube is a 3-D progression from the 2-D_Square_itself .. correct ? 

And .. (12 * 15) .. 180 .. which, in the_360_system ..
is the_numerical-value_of .. Pi Radians-of-arc .. 
where; (3.141592654 * 57.29577951) = 180 degrees. 

If I multiply SATURN's Y2K Ecliptic Grid Point Value times
SATURN's Ideal-Mean AU-distance ..
(11.84352528 * 9.549296586) = 113.0973355 ..
you get "exactly" (36 * 3.141592654) .. 36Pi .. which is
the_Circumference_of the "Marked Celestial Sphere" Circle on the ground
at Cydonia (Mars) in_statute miles_and was discovered by Damon Elkins. 

Then .. (180 / 36Pi) = 1.591549431 = (5 / Pi) .. which is my Grid Point Value
for the_center_of The Capitol Rotunda in Washington, D.C. 

If I then divide_1.591549431_into my Grid Point Value for "Cydonia City
Square Center" on Mars .. 
(18Pi / 1.591549431) = 35.53057584 .. which is my Y2K Ecliptic Grid Point
Value for .. GALACTIC CENTER, itself.
And, then .. if I multiply my_1.013211836_Grid Point Value for the *center* of
"Miami Square" .. by my Grid Point Value for "Cydonia City Square Center" ..
(1.013211836 * 18Pi) = 57.29577951 = (360 / 2Pi) .. the numerical-value
of the Radian-of-arc constant in the_360_system.

The_numerical-value_of the *Right-Angle* in the_360_system .. is found by ..
multiplying my Grid Point Values for "Cydonia City Square Center" (Mars)
and for "Capitol Rotunda" (center) in D.C. ..
18Pi * (5/Pi) = 90. 

I ask that you try to study these figures .. their relationships .. etc. ..
and that you then consider forwarding this information to others.
And; I ask also that you begin to_tell_others about this.
This is simply too important to ignore, now, IMO. 
Consider the implications. This is not something to "put aside".
This is the kind of information .. this_is_the information .. self-evident ..
that could seriously help to catalyze a_truly_new paradigm for all of 
us "Earth Humans". We need enough people to be exposed to this ..
so that hopefully a critical-mass can form. If enough of a crtical-mass forms ..
then it will reach all the way into sectors of our planetary societies such as
"the military" .. and then, I have a vision that .. before long .. the ones in 
"the military" will begin to *refuse orders* .. and this will snowball, so that
no one follows any more orders to kill or to harm other Earth humans, in
any way .. and no more invasions .. no more manipulated "wars" ..
and no more cynical "Homeland Security". 

We are not alone. Why are we fighting ourselves ?
Do you think we will be invited to "join the Galactic Community" ..
if we keep doing-and-allowing violence to ourselves ? I don't think so.
Do you think we will be introduced to ways to extend our own lifespans
indefinitely .. if we keep allowing violence and "might-makes-right" to rule
on planet Earth ? I don't think so.
Even if we "find-out" how to extend our lifespans indefinitely ..
our current, corrupt paradigm will turn it into a "business" ..
a "money-making venture" .. "selling immortality to the highest bidder" ..
to "the rich". Just another "big-business". How utterly repulsive. 
It's already headed very much in that direction. This is a horrible
injustice against The People, already, IMO.

Time is of the essence. There is such excitement ahead .. but;
we must make it happen. We must be participative in this.
We have to wake up, and we have to want it. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 


Michael Lawrence Morton
"Avaya" Building .. some 'planetary' connections .. (??) .
Thu Jun 12 03:13:22 2003

First .... some background, and some links ..
thanks to "Chronos" .. 

>> >> Subj: Re: Avaya building .. 
Date: 6/11/2003 2:15:52 PM Pacific Standard Time 
Sent from the Internet (Details) 

--- Ancient Vizier wrote:
> --- wrote:
> > 
> > Robert ..
> > I do think I've found some interesting
> numbers
> > here.
> > 
> > Do you know what "Avaya" means in English ? 
> > Or is it simply an acronym ?
> "You will not find this name in the dictionary,"
> said
> Donald Peterson, Lucent chief executive. "It is up
> to
> us to fill it with meaning." 
> The name is 'Avaya' pronounced uhv-EYE-uh, a made-up
> word for Lucent's loss-making enterprise networking
> division, which is in the process of being hived off
> as a separate company. 
> Unfortunately for the person who briefed Peterson,
> the
> word can be found in the Jain dictionary. 
> Here it is:
> And here it is again:
> We learn that Avaya means "Perceptual judgment". As
> a
> reader points out, it looks like the word is already
> filled with meaning... 
> According to Peterson, Avaya "sounds open and
> fluid-reflecting a company that's open-minded and
> that
> provides seamless, effortless interconnections among
> people and businesses," says Peterson. 
> In a press statement, Lucent said Avaya's new logo
> is
> a "word mark formed of letters that fit together and
> enhance one another. Its red color is bright and
> strong, and honors the company's Lucent Technologies
> heritage". 
> But will the new brand-name and the multi-million
> dollar makeover to daub Avaya on buildings, vehicles
> and advertisements, survive any takeover?  
> > (I thought that might shed some light on things
> ..
> > or maybe not).
> > 
> > Is this near Denver, Colorado ?
> Yeah. Northeast of Westminster, Colorado
> > Does it look like a "Winged-disc" from above ?
> > -- Michael L.M.
> There's an aerial of it in the second link I
> enclosed
> in that e-mail, and a small thumbnail of it in the
> first link, I think

Yeah, it does look like a winged disc, or as much as
they are going to get away with. A satellite dish with
two rectangular buildings coming off at angles. As
much as it will look like one with the satellite dish
not pointing straight up.

Here's the link again, it's basically the blue-gray
building in the bottom half of the picture. The red
line ends right on the satellite dish or the "disc" as
it were.

You know, it would be less official than connecting
"Avaya" with a "Jainist" word, but Avaya also strikes
me as sort of a novo form of the root in "Aviation"
which is probably 

aviation, avion, aviary, auspicious, ovum, oval

Maybe AVAYA means WINGED and they are just being
sneaky about it, like they are being by not making the
buildings look precisely like Egyptian winged discs
which might well be a little too obvious.

Or maybe it's a double entendre and it means both
"judgement" in some sense, and "winged", and resonates
with Bird effigies and the Supreme Court, I dunno...
would be interesting to check. << <<

Well; OK ... this (to me) is quite interesting.
Seems we have the possibility of "Winged-disk" motifs
being employed (??) in some_very_modern architecture ..
in certain "corporate" cases .. (??)

Based on Robert Carl's (alias "Chronos") mapping ..
I've done some figuring .. for this "Avaya" building.

Here's what I have, so far .. and please remember that
we are doing "work-in-progress" for the most part, here.
These are my own interpretations, based on Robert Carl's
mapping, at this time.

7751.56917 W.Giza ..
= 136(deg) * 08(min) * 7.1246040169(sec) W.Giza ..
= (246.74011 * 10 * 3.141592654) .. 
where_246.74011_is the Y2K Ecliptic Grid Point Value
for Planet VENUS .. {Morton}.
[ W.Greenwich .. 105 deg 00 min 6.325 sec ].
95492.96586 North ..
= 39(deg) * 54(min) * 45.34328863(sec) North ..
= (30 / 3.141592654) * (10^4) ..
= Ideal-Mean AU-distance for Planet SATURN * (10^4) ..
AND; 30 is the Ideal-Mean AU-distance for Planet NEPTUNE ..
Grid Point Value .. centered "Avaya" Building ..
(95492.96586 / 7751.569169) = 12.31917871

12.31917871 = (13.67835979 / 1.110330495) ..
where; 13.67835979 is my latest proposed Y2K Ecliptic
Grid Point Value for my predicted sky-location for NIBIRU.

The_1110330495_decimal-harmonic is very much related
some important "ASM" figures such as ..
1.096622711 .. 1.181810286 .. 1.296 .. 3.769911184 .. etc.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 

(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.