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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 418

ALERT Parts 11 & 12: Fine Structure Constant, Mintaka, & Mycerinus Pyramid / Base Slope-Angle Connection to "Y2K" Galactic-Nodes ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Fine Structure Constant, Mintaka, & Mycerinus Pyramid ..
Sat Jun 14 06:54:56 2003

If you simply follow, and confirm/research this
evidence .. (which is itself simply empirical evidence) ..
you will hopefully see that the "ASM" is valid, real,
and needs to be taken very seriously.

And I'm not talking_just_about this "Part 11" of
this "ALERT" series of postings, here.
I'm talking about the whole body-of-work
that I've done .. that Carl Munck has done ..
that Robert Carl has done, etc.

But; this "Part 11" is, I think, very special because
of its focus on_some_aspects of the "Orion Belt-stars"
correlation to the 3 main Giza pyramids {Robert Bauval,
et al} .. and more.

Please check-out the "Astrolog 5.40" database-source
online .. written by Walter Pullen.
This is the source for all_SKY-LOCATIONS_data that
I've used .. {{ OK; please_also_check-out the
"Astrolog 5.30f" database .. }}

The_"Astrolog 5.30f"_was the first program-data I used ..
and I think it has been simply incorporated into the
"Astrolog 5.40", by now. But, *just-in-case* .. I'm
giving you that "old" URL, here. OK ? 

If you see, in fact, that the "fixed-stars" data is
THE SAME in those 2 programs .. that's good. (-;
But; you need to click-on the proper "menu-items"
on the_"Astrolog 5.40"_program .. in order to get ..
1) Sidereal zodiac
2) GMT
3) New Year's Eve at midnight
4) 1st of Jan. 2000 A.D.
5) Neutral ("00", "00") latitude and longitude
6) include arc-seconds

One of the things I'd like to think our work
("archaeocryptography") HAS done .. is to prove, by now,
beyond a reasonable doubt .. that the 3 main Giza
pyramids_ARE_definitely depicting the 3 Orion Belt-stars,
as Robert Bauval, et al, first proposed ..
via an aerial-view from above Giza, and; looking South
at the 'ground'_from_that aerial-perspective.

This is_also_going to tie-in what I have termed as,
an "Ideal-limit" to the Fine Structure Constant.
The FSC is sometimes called, the "holy grail of physics",
in these "modern" times. It is very important in
physics, at least .. that's for sure.
I think I have found the "Ideal-limit" to the FSC,
and I think this is supported_by_the "ASM".

Specifically; I think the_relationship_between the exact
centered-location of The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza
{Munck's figures, 1993} .. and the_Y2K_Ecliptic Grid
Point Value for MINTAKA (in Orion's Belt) .. {Morton} ..
is_displaying_the exact decimal-harmonic for the 
"Ideal-limit" of the FSC.

Implicitly .. this also supports the evidence that
the_360_system is, in fact, the system used in the
encoded "ASM", itself.

Munck's work (1993} has shown the following Grid Point
Value (centered) for The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza ..
(46756.36371 / 20.67085113) = 2261.946711

This is where; longitude is 20.67085113(sec) W.Giza ..
or; West of the ASM prime meridian.
The ASM Earth-surface prime meridian passes through 
the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza {Munck, 1993}.
And, this is where; 46756.36371 North ..
= 29(deg) * 58(min) * 27.79807593(sec) North.

As if to reinforce this ASM_Grid Point Value_for
The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza .. Munck has found its
apparent (self-evident) original Apex-height, in
*regular feet* .. to be_indicated_as .. 226.1946711 ..
which, by the way, is .. (72 * 3.141592654) regular feet.
A "high-precision" Pi constant_is_an integral factor. 

I have found MINTAKA's_Y2K_Ecliptic sky-location to
be .. Ecliptic-latitude S. 23561.9449 ..
= 23(deg) * 33(min) * 31.04340567(sec) S.Ecliptic.
This is where; 23561.9449 = (7500 * 3.141592654).
Ecliptic-longitude W.ALNITAK 759.9088773 ..
= 02(deg) * 19(min) * 19.99760203(sec) W.ALNITAK.
MINTAKA's Grid Point Value at Y2K (Ecliptic) ..
(23561.9449 / 759.9088773) = 31.00627668 ..
= (3.141592654^3) .. a "high-precision" Cube of Pi.

Yes; ALNITAK is the Ecliptic_Prime Meridian_marker-star
for the "ASM", as I have 'dubbed' this self-referential
encoded system, which calibrates its *sky-locations*
according to the "Y2K-moment" at Greenwich Mean Time,
using the Sidereal zodiac, at neutral lat/long ..
which is exactly what the "Astrolog 5.40" is giving me !!
The ALNITAK "key" is the theory of Mary Anne Weaver .. 
as of early in 1999. I have proven her theory as true
and correct, as the results of over 4 years of intensive
work have attested_using_the database-source referenced
earlier in this posting.
ALNITAK is assumed to be at an ecliptic-longitude of ..
Sidereal 29 deg Taurus 56' 50" .. as of "Y2K". 

Now I have come to the ratio .. of_Y2K_MINTAKA and
the exact current_location_of The Mycerinus Pyramid
of Giza .. in terms of the "ASM" ..

(2261.946711 / 31.00627668) = 72.95125222

This is .. 720 / (3.141592654^2) ..
720 divided-by a "high-precision" Square of Pi.

720 is_double_360, of course.
And; 720 is the total number of "corner-angle-degrees"
on the_surface_of a Tetrahedron.

My proposed "Ideal-limit" for Fine Structure (constant)
is .. [72 / (3.141592654^2)] / (10^3).
{M.L.Morton; Internet}.
This is .. 0.007295125222
The inverse is .. 137.0778389

Notice .. (137.0778389 / 3.141592654) = 43.63323131

This is where .. (15707.96327 / 360) = 43.63323131 ..
the Y2K Ecliptic Grid Point Value for ALNITAK, itself !!
The Y2K S.Ecliptic-latitude for ALNITAK is ..
25(deg) * 17(min) * 36.95991358(sec) S.Ecliptic ..
= 15707.96327 S.Ecliptic.
And; this is where_15707.96327_is a decimal-harmonic
of a "high-precision" Half Pi ..
(3.141592654 / 2) = 1.570796327

The_function_of ALNITAK within the "ASM" is the
Ecliptic Prime Meridian marker-star .. which assigns
its Ecliptic-longitude as "360" .. just as its analog 
on Earth, The Great Pyramid of Giza .. has the self-
evident value of_360_as its ASM-longitude. 

If you look at yet-another decimal-harmonic of the
Grid Point Value {Munck} for The Mycerinus Pyramid ..
2.261946711 .. and then take the reciprocal of that ..
you get .. 0.442097064

The "ASM" .. (at least its sky-locations) ..
is calibrated to the very beginning of year-2000 A.D.,
which is_also_the year_5760_of the ancient
Nippurian-Hebrew Calendar.
Please notice ..
[0.442097064 * (5760 / 2000)] = 1.273239545

And; 1.273239545 is a "high-precision" (4 / Pi) .. 
(4 / 3.141592654) = 1.273239545
And; 1.273239545 is the_tangent_of the *high-precision*
base slope-angle {Munck} for_both_The Great Pyramid
of Giza and of The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza.
Munck states, in his writings, that there is at least
one actual casing-stone, from The Great Pyramid, in
The British Museum, which was meticulously measured,
and an angle was found of .. 51 deg 51' 14.305" ..
which then_translates_via the "ASM" logic .. to ..
TAN 51.853974 deg = 1.273239544

AND; this angle_also_translates to the following
condensed-sexagesimal-mode in the "ASM" encoding ..
as found by Munck (1993) ..
(51(deg) * 51(min) * 14.30508728(sec) ..
= 37207.53202 ..
= 1200 * (3.141592654^3).

Notice, please .. that the "high-precision" Cube of Pi,
is .. my Y2K Ecliptic Grid Point Value for MINTAKA.

If physicists would use an "Ideal-limit" assumption
involving the Fine Structure Constant .. 
of .. [72 / (3.141592654^2)] / (10^3) ..
could they maybe make some new and valuable discoveries ?
I don't know .. but, I'm just giving the suggestion.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 


Michael Lawrence Morton
Base slope-angle Connection to "Y2K" Galactic-Nodes ..
Sun Jun 15 09:27:26 2003

This is "Part 12" of this "ALERT" Series of postings.

This will hopefully explain the fundamental
connection which I've observed .. involving
the "Y2K"-moment_Galactic-Nodes_and the 
precisely-measured Base slope-angle of both
The Great Pyramid_and_The Mycerinus Pyramid, of Giza.

This will then tie-in directly with "Circa-2000 A.D."
MINTAKA as it appears on the horizon from Earth,
at *June Solstice* Heliacal Rising.

Please refer to the "Part 11" of this "ALERT" Series,
which goes into details about the *Base slope-angle*
under-discussion here.

Munck (1993) found this Base slope-angle ..
to have the *tangent* of a "high-precision" (4 / Pi) ..
and which (angle in the_360_degrees-system) he_also_found
to be correlating-precisely to a condensed-sexagesimal-
mode figure of 37207.53202 ..
= 51(deg) * 51(min) * 14.30508728(sec).
That was a_huge_discovery.

While working on proving Mary Anne Weaver's theory
of an ALNITAK ecliptic prime meridian "marker" ..
I found that the_*Y2K*_ecliptic-latitude of SOLAR APEX
(in the "Astrolog 5.30f" database .. now apparently
part of the "Astrolog 5.40" database) .. is ..
37207.53202 N.Ecliptic ..
= 53(deg) * 26(min) * 27.00111177(sec)N.Ecliptic.
Notice the arc-seconds-tag. It strikes me as quite
conspicuous. I think that's rather intentional ..
on the part of "The Elohim".
Well; I can't really think of a more appropriate term,
so far, for the "designers/creators" of our "immediate
exosphere". The Anunnaki are probably "babes" compared
to the people who set up (or who at least "continued" ?)
the "ASM-format" into this sector of The Milky Way.
I'd say the Anunnaki have been the most-recent people
to be "locally" in-charge of "care-taking" and of
"maintaining" the local ASM over the past half-million
years or so. But .. we're apparently all related !! 
From "Elohim" .. to "Anunnaki" .. to .. "us". (Yikes).
As I've written before on the Internet .. the "year-2000"
node, in our 'timeline' here on Earth .. is also showing
(in our sky) an_*ecliptic-longitudinal*_alignment of ..
the Galactic-Nodes and our Solstices. This is one of
the_key-alignments_in this "Circa-2000 A.D." set of
major_"ground-sky"_correlations. Yes .. "as Above ..
so Below", of course. This alignment is due, of course, 
to our Earth-precession cycle. 

Can you imagine "making-sure" that the_exact_base
slope-angle of The Great Pyramid and of The Mycerinus
Pyramid, is going to "multiply, in its degrees * minutes
* seconds" .. to_precisely_a recognizable-enough
"condensed-sexagesimal-mode"_figure_that will *match*
the observed (in-the-sky)_ecliptic-Grid LAT_of SOLAR
APEX at the_"Y2K-moment"_as observed from Earth at
Greenwich Mean Time ??!! Well; apparently .. they
managed to do it. 

I projected the_same_ecliptic-latitude for the South
Galactic Node .. at the "Y2K-moment". 
("Solar Apex" is also called the North Galactic Node).

So; in terms of the "ASM" encoding, apparently "they"
have intended "us" to_recognize_the *ecliptic-
longitudinal* alignment of our Solstices_with_the
Galactic Nodes .. as of "Y2K".
This is a_tremendous_moment in our history.
And that pronoun, here, involves_all_of us ..
including The Elohim.

Back to MINTAKA .. 

Mark Vidler's book, "The Star Mirror" .. discusses
the "Star-in-the-East" phenomena.
This involves SPICA at "00" B.C./A.D. .. and ..
MINTAKA at "Circa 2000 A.D." .. as Vidler explains.
By "Star-in-the-East", it is meant .. the star that
heliacally-rises_Due-East_on Earth's horizon at JUNE
SOLSTICE. Again; our Earth-precession cycle, and also
our main Obliquity-to-the-Ecliptic (angle) cycle,
must be precisely "tracked" .. in order to know exactly
"when" and to "what-fractional-degree" (pun intended)
these 'sky-horizon-ground' correlations will occur.
This requires, of course .. relatively-advanced
knowledge and/or some "high-tech". This is NOT
something that "Primitive Humans" would have 
"indigenously" possessed. 

As of JUNE SOLSTICE in this (current) "Circa-2000
A.D." time-node, MINTAKA (in Orion's Belt) heliacally-
rises DUE-EAST on our (Earth) horizon.

And; as Vidler points-out in his book, we are "now"
also at the_Earth-precessional_time when MINTAKA
approaches (as-observed-from-Earth) to within a "hair"
(south) of the Celestial Equator .. 
again; observed at JUNE SOLSTICE .. "now".
This is the ("relative") *beginning* .. "now" ..
of the Earth-precessional "Culmination of Orion"
in our (observed-from-Earth) sky.

I've found that "Y2K" REGULUS and "Y2K" MINTAKA
are_displaying_our mathematical expression for ..
the Right-Angle. This figure is .. Half Pi ..
actually, it is .. (Half Pi) Radians-of-arc.
This is .. (3.141592654 / 2) ..
= 1.570796327 Radians-of-arc.

I've found the Y2K REGULUS Ecliptic Grid Point Value
to be .. 19.7392088; and the Y2K MINTAKA Ecliptic
Grid Point Value to be .. 31.00627668, which in-turn is
a "high-precision" Cube of Pi.

Notice their "Y2K" ratio .. 
(31.00627668 / 19.7392088) = 1.570796327

REGULUS is "the Heart of Leo".
The Great Sphinx of Giza is facing NOT 90 degrees azimuth,
but_(30 * 3.141592654)_degrees azimuth, according to the
work of Carl P.Munck,Sr. (1993).
The_ratio_of this "offset" from Due-East is ..
(94.24777961 / 90) = 1.047197551 .. which is a
"high-precision" (Pi / 3).
This relates_perfectly_to the Quantum Numbers of
Bert Schreiber, who has written about the Regular
Hexagon as indicating the "Segmatics" *quantum*
quintessential polygon-form for a "Pi" of 3.
He does illustrate this in his self-published work.
If you take the_perimeter_of a Circumscribed Regular
Hexagon, it is_343.7746771_as compared to the
Circumference of_360_for its_circumscribing_Circle.
The ratio, of course, is .. a "high-precision" (Pi / 3).
This is the basis of Bert Schreiber's "Segmatics" theory,
which supports his Quantum-Quanta Theory.
His "quantum" jumps are in discrete_line-segments_and not
really in "curves". Yet .. the_curves_remain *only* as a
"construct-concept" .. not in physical reality.
And the_Circumscribed Regular Hexagon_describes this,
in terms of the (3.141592654 / 3) ratio. 

I think the "azimuth-offset" ratio of the exact
orientation of The Great Sphinx of Giza ..
directly supports the Bert Schreiber Quantum theory.

If you take the (30 * 3.141592654) azimuth in degrees,
and you put it_in-ratio-with_the Grid Point Value
for the_centered-location_of The Great Sphinx at Giza ..
as Munck_has_done; you get ..
(5400 / 94.24777961) = 57.29577951

And_that_is the "high-precision" figure for the
*numerical-value* of the Radian-of-arc constant
in terms of the_360_system.
(360 / 2Pi) = 57.29577951 (deg), to 8 decimal-places.

And; (1.570796327 * 57.29577951) = 90 .. "degrees" ..
the_*numerical-value*_of the RIGHT-ANGLE in terms of ..
So; it does appear to be quite appropriately-intentional
that MINTAKA and REGULUS would "team-up" to display
"to us" .. our mathematical expression for the Right-Angle,
at our "Y2K-moment".

Our understanding of "SOLAR APEX" involves ..
"where in our_current_sky" our local star (SOL) will
be_located_in .. Half Pi Radians-of-arc of_rotation_of
the Galactic Wheel .. from "now".
This is one-quarter of a Galactic Rotation from "now" ..
which is "Circa 2000 A.D." for our purposes.
This is_projecting_the *location* of SOL .. into our
*current* sky, as observed from Earth .. 
by_1.570796327_Radians-of-arc of the Galactic Wheel.
And this means we are assuming the *current* location
of SOL to be_"Due-East"_in-relation-to the sky-location
(as seen from Earth) of GALACTIC CENTER.
We_"project"_SOL's location to "Due-North" into our
*current* sky, as-observed-from-Earth.

Do you see the analog, here, to .. the MINTAKA
scenario .. where MINTAKA is_"now"_heliacally-rising
*Due-East* on our Earth horizon at JUNE SOLSTICE ?

I will now "test" the "validity" of this analog.

I will use the "Y2K" Ecliptic Grid Point Value for SOL,
which is .. 648. And, I will use the "Circa 2000 A.D."
JUNE SOLSTICE Ecliptic Grid Point Value .. which is 5.76

And, I will use the_ratio_of "Y2K" GALACTIC CENTER
and "Y2K" SOLAR APEX .. which is, respectively ..
(35.53057584 / 2.842446068) = 12.5 .. which , in-turn,
is a decimal-harmonic of the number of_Earth-years_from
10,500 B.C. ("Zep Tepi") to 2000 A.D. .. {12,500}.

Here you go ..

(648 / 12.5) = 51.84

Then; using the MINTAKA "Y2K" Grid Point Value of
"high-precision" (Pi^3) ..
(31.00627668 / 51.84) * 5.76 = 3.445141853

I just_found_the exact figure for "Circa 2000 A.D."
DECEMBER SOLSTICE .. {3.445141853} .. in that equation,
by_multiplying-by_the {5.76} "Circa 2000 A.D." Grid
Point Value for JUNE SOLSTICE.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.