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Michael Lawrence Morton's

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ALERT Part 13: "Clifford's Hill" Crop-Form of 15th June, 2003 ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Part 13; "Clifford's Hill" Crop-Form of 15th June, 2003 ..
Tue Jun 17 05:41:57 2003

Part 13 of this "ALERT" Series of postings.

Thank-you, Sharon Pacione .. for the "heads-up" on this.

The "Clifford's Hill" (Wiltshire, England) crop-formation
was reported on the 15th of June, 2003.
This is also the day (in our "present" Earth-
precessional "era") of our annual_*ecliptic-longitudinal*_
conjunction with ALNITAK.

To give you a taste of what this posting is going to be
describing .. I've already noticed (observed) that the
"likely-intended" Grid LAT for this crop-formation
(centered) is .. IDENTICAL with the_Y2K_Ecliptic Grid LAT
of ALNITAK, itself. We're looking at 15707.96327 ..
a decimal-harmonic of a "high-precision" Half Pi ..
(3.141592654 / 2) = 1.570796327

Another thing apparently going-on, here, in this case,
is "more-than-synchronicity". By that; I mean ..
it seems to me, that, in this case .. there is a
"reply" or "response" which is_very_"timing-sensitive"
AND_very_"timing-specific". And the "timing-specificity"
seems to be_targeted_to certain *numbers* ..
to certain "figures" that I have been discussing in
THIS VERY_THREAD_on this "GridPoint" BBS Website,
during the past_*72 hours*_(or so) as I do this posting.
I cannot emphasize this enough.

Please_refer_to the immediately-preceding posting
on the "GridPoint" BBS Website .. and also to the 
postings immediately-preceding *that* one.

This case is also apparently referencing MINTAKA,
and a_bunch_of other parameters that I've just
been_writing-about_in these "immediately-preceding"
postings on the "GridPoint" BBS.
I cannot help but be impressed at this apparent "reply";
because of its seeming "timing-sensitive" and "timing-
specific" quality and content.

No; here, I'm NOT using Paul Vigay's "data pages" ..
but I am using the "Streetmap" source, as a guide.
You'll see a hyper-link for "Streetmap" .. on
the "CropCircleConnector" website.
That's what I'm using as a 'guide', only, here. 

"Steetmap" only has a "to-the-nearest-arc-second"
(approximately) accuracy .. if that.
So .. I'm using it as a "guide" .. but I MUST emphasize,
here .. that I'm_*recognizing*_what I do_think_is an
intentionally-specific "reply" to certain figures I've
been finding and working with over the past *72 hours*
(or so) as I post this .. so; I'm_NOT_"depending"
strictly on "map-stated-accuracy" here, anyway. OK?
I think this is a key-point, in this case.
(Of course .. I hope some people can take some good
GPS-Unit readings for the center of this formation ..
and email their readings to me).

"Streetmap" has the locations as .. 
LAT .. 51 deg 22' 14"
LONG .. 01 deg 52' 45"

I translate this longitude to W.Giza ..
33 deg 00' 45.8"

So; I get .. 51(deg) * 22(min) * 14(sec) ..
= Approx. 15708 North.

And; 33(deg) * 45.8(sec) = Approx. 1511.4 W.Giza.

I do think the 15708 is just "too close" to the
Half-Pi decimal-harmonic .. to choose anything else.
And_15707.96327_is the ALNITAK_*Y2K*_Ecliptic Grid
LAT. And we're talking 15th of June .. our annual
(current-era) ecliptic-longitudinal *conjunction*
with ALNITAK .. the day this formation was reported.

I did NOT .. again; I did NOT consciously plan to be
writing on the Internet about ALNITAK, nor MINTAKA,
nor an "Ideal-limit" to the Fine Structure Constant ..
during the last few days (as I write this).
It simply turned-out that these were among the parameters
I wrote about during these last 72 hours, or so.
One of the things I've been really "hammering-on" ..
during the last few days, here .. is the Right-Angle ..
the_Half Pi_Radians-of-arc .. 1.570796327 Radians-of-arc.

I think the_intended_(centered) Grid LONG here for
this formation is .. 1507.964475 W.Giza ..
= 33(deg) * 45.69589318(sec) W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich .. 01 deg 52 min 44.89 sec ].

This gives a centered Grid Point Value of ..
(15707.96327 / 1507.964475) = 10.41666667 ..
which has the_reciprocal_of .. 0.096 .. a number
that is_prominent_in the relationships involving
the locations of the (former) "Tesla Tower" on
Long Island, NY .. and the 3 "Montauk Mounds" ..
including the location of the (still-there, or not ?)
"Sage Radar Antenna".
Please SEE the discussion on "GridPoint" BBS, on this !

The arc-seconds for the centered latitude for this
crop-formation would encode to ..
(15707.96327 / 51) / 22' = 13.99996726".

Regarding the Crop-Design ..

If you go to the photo-image of the crop-formation,
you'll see a design that obviously incorporates
the Circumscribed Regular Hexagon.
In fact, there's an "extra" Circle around the
Circle that circumscribes the regular hexagon.

Please recall .. that; about 48 hours, or so, ago ..
(and was it before, during, or after this crop-formation
was created ??!!) .. (-: ..
I was_posting_about Bert Schreiber's "Circumscribed
Regular Hexagon" .. and how it_describes_his "Segmatics"
Theory of Quantum Physics. I was detailing how it
"shows" the_ratio_of a "high-precision" (Pi /3) ..
with the_perimeter_of the Regular Hexagon having the
value_343.7746771_whereas its circumscribing Circle
has the value_360_in Bert Schreiber's Quantum Theory.
His quantum theory shows_360_to NOT be arbitrary,
in terms of the specific quantum/quanta numbers he
has found and has self-published.
(360 / 343.7746771) = 1.047197551 ..
a "high-precision" (Pi / 3).
B.Schreiber's Quantum-Quanta Theory says that atomic
particles move in straight-line-segments, not in "curves";
and that the "curve" is only a mental "construct-concept".
His theory says that particles move in *discrete*
quantum-polygonal-segments, and Bert Schreiber 
literally_illustrates_this in his self-published
work .. using a *Circumscribed Regular Hexagon* as the
primary model. I posted my email_regarding_this ..
just within the past 48 hours (as I write this) .. 
*without* even knowing that this "Clifford's Hill"
crop-formation existed.
AGAIN; the *Circumscribed Regular Hexagon* is_also_the
major "design-element" (obviously) ..
in this "Clifford's Hill" crop-formation which was
reported on 15th June, 2003.

As I already briefly mentione, 2 other parameters
that I just wrote about (on "GridPoint" BBS) during
the last couple of days (as I write this .. are ..
what I call, an "Ideal-limit" for the Fine Structure
Constant .. and; MINTAKA (in Orion's Belt, as is ALNITAK).

Again; please refer-back to "Part 12" on "GridPoint" BBS,
to see that I really_did_actually write .. 
"[720 * (3.141592654^2)]" .. as I was discussing
a_*decimal-harmonic*_of my "Ideal-limit" for Fine

Please notice ..
[720 / (3.141592654^2)] * 10.41666667 = 759.908877 ..
which is an exact_match_of the_*Y2K*_Ecliptic Grid LONG
(W.ALNITAK) for MINTAKA. I was discussing_MINTAKA_at
some length in "Part 12", as you can clearly see.

I've also been writing about Earth-precession during
the past few days .. and about "NIBIRU" ..
and about SOLAR APEX, and about GALACTIC CENTER ..
and about the "Circa 2000 A.D. Solstice Nodes".

Here are some "hits" involving the figures I'm proposing
for the centered-location of this "Clifford's Hill"
crop-formation ..

Notice an "extra" Circle around the "circumscribing"
Circle. Let's assign "360" to each of these Circles.
The circumscribing Circle's circumference, and the
Regular Hexagon's perimeter, can be described as .. 
(360 / 343.7746771) ..
= 1.047197551 .. a "high-precision" (Pi / 3).
If we then account-for the "extra" (outer) Circle in 
the crop-formation .. I'm going to assign a "high-
precision" (2Pi) to it, because this will now account
for the_two_ways in which we (in our current 'planetary'
consensus culture) mathematically-numerically
describe 'Circumferences'. This is ..
1) by (2Pi) Radians-of-arc.
2) by a number for_equal_"arc-segments" .. which we
conventionally assign as "360" (degrees). 

(I'll get to the 'inner' main Circumference in a little
while, here). 

(360 / 343.7746771) = 1.047197551 .. a "high-
precision" (Pi / 3).
Using my assessed Grid Point Value for the center of
this crop-formation ..
(1.047197551 * 10.41666667) = 10.90830783 ..
my figure for the Grid Point Value of what I call,
the "Dragon Mound" in Ohio, USA. 
Now; using my latest proposed Grid Point Value for the
*Y2K* Ecliptic location for "NIBIRU" ..
(13.67835979 / 10.90830783) * (2Pi) = 7.87873524

And_7.87873524_is my Grid Point Value for the centered
location of The White House in Washington, D.C.
Plus; this decimal-harmonic describes the Volume
of a Sphere {787873.524} in the_360_system. 
In-addition; this decimal-harmonic describes my 
Grid LAT {North, at Cydonia on MARS; 7878.73524, Morton}
for .. "The Fortress", centered). 

Meanwhile; my Grid Point Value for "The Fortress"
at Cydonia (MARS) is .. 540 .. which, in-turn, is
my latest proposed_E.ALNITAK_Y2K Grid LONG for "NIBIRU".

What about ALNITAK, itself .. and this crop-formation ?
(43.63323131 / 10.41666667) = (4 * 1.047197551) ..
which_also_is equivalent to .. (57.29577951 / 13.67835979),
which is the_ratio_of my latest-proposed "NIBIRU"
and the_Numerical-Value_of the *Radian-of-arc* in the
"360" system.

Now; concerning the main "inner" Circumference in the
design-depiction; I've already accounted-for the 2 ways
in-which we mathematically-numerically describe
Circumferences. So; I'm saying, here, in this case ..
that the main 'inner' Circumference simply makes
three (3) main Circumferences in the design-depiction ..
which I can assign as the 3 "so-far-discovered" Prime
Meridians in the "ASM" (Archaeo-Sky Matrix);
on Earth through {Munck} The Great Pyramid of Giza,
on Mars through {Munck} The D&M Pyramid, and in our
Earth-sky through {Morton} ALNITAK .. which is the
Solar Ecliptic's Prime Meridian marker-star.

There are 7 nice little Circles in the middle of
this crop-formation .. 6-fold, around one in the center.
Of-course; we do see the 6-fold symmetry in the Regular
Hexagon. Well .. the "total" of 7, there, in the middle,
could refer to various things or parameters, I suppose.
How about "The Pleiades" ? 
One way to check-out the "validity" of a positive answer
to this question, *could* be .. to use the Y2K Ecliptic
Grid Point Value for PLEIONE {Found by Robert Carl and
me} .. in terms of some mathematical ratio and/or
equation .. involving some "main" or "prominent"
figure from this case-study so-far.
How about if I use my assessed Grid Point Value for
this (centered) crop-formation ? (-;
And I think I'll use it in-ratio-with .. "The Mighty
Cholula" .. the huge pyramid in Mexico .. {Munck}.
(13.15947253 / 10.4166667) = 1.263309364 ..
and there you have the Y2K Ecliptic Grid Point Value
for PLEIONE .. the "Mother" in The Pleiades. 

What about Earth-precession ? I'll use my exact value
for "The Tholus" at_Cydonia_on MARS ..
(259.2 * 10.41666667) = 2700 ..
which is my_Y2K_Ecliptic Grid LONG for the West Galactic
Cross-Node. And this Node is ALSO apparently the
W.ALNITAK Ecliptic Grid LONG for the "INCOMING"
ecliptic-crossing-point for "NIBIRU" on its orbit-path ..
"Currently" .. in our "now" Earth-precession cycle ..
or let's say; as of "Circa 2000 A.D." ..
our Equinoxes are_*aligned*_with the Galactic Cross-Nodes.
This also means that_as of_"Circa 2000 A.D." .. 
NIBIRU's_ecliptic-crossing-points_are ALSO *aligned*
with our Equinoxes. It's "almost-as-if" this was "designed"
to "get our attention" on Earth .. (-; ..
Voila !!! 

Suppose I_multiply_the 360 and the 343.7746771 ..
rather than taking their ratio ?
(360 * 343.7746771) = 123758.8838 ..
the "Full-Cycle NIBIRU Cross" .. which is the
multiplied-product of 5 Sky-Nodes .. the 4 Sky-Nodes of
NIBIRU's orbit-path, as-observed-from-Earth, and then
multiplied by the {line-of-sight-with-SIRIUS} Aphelion
Node *again*, to complete NIBIRU's full orbit-cycle.
This is .. (according to my proposals) .. 
1) its Aphelion Node (line-of-sight-with-SIRIUS) ..
2.368705056 .. 
2) its Incoming Ecliptic-Crossing Node ('currently' aligned
with our March Equinox) .. 7.5 ..
3) its Perihelion Node (line-of-sight-with ..
10.44949716 ..
4) its Outgoing Ecliptic-Crossing Node ('currently'
aligned with our September Equinox) .. 281.4477322 ..
5) Back to .. line-of-sight-with-SIRIUS ..
2.368705056 .. completing its full orbit-cycle

The_multiplied-product_of this full cycle is ..
(2.368705056 * 7.5 * 10.44949716 * 281.4477322 ..
* 2.368705056) = 123758.8838

And that figure is_also_encoded as the Grid LONG
{C.P.Munck,Sr.} in terms of "West Giza" .. for the 
centered-location of a major Mayan pyramid at Tikal,
Guatemala .. called, "Temple I".
Here is the "Temple I" W.Giza longitude encoding .. 
as found by Munck; 123758.8838 W.Giza ..
= 120(deg) * 45(min) * 22.91831181(sec) W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich .. 89 deg 37 min 22.12 sec ].

Notice .. the_22.91831181_arc-seconds-tag is a
numerical_match_of my _West Cydonia_longitude in
arc-minutes, for .. "Cydonia City Square Center" on MARS.
This figure is_also_exactly 2/5ths of the 57.29577951
Numerical-Value for the Radian-of-arc in the_360_system.

More "hits" ..

Regarding SOLAR APEX of Ecliptic *Y2K* ..
(2.842446068 * 1.047197551 * 10.41666667) ..
= 31.00627668 .. the *Y2K* Grid Point Value of MINTAKA.

Re: POLARIS at Ecliptic Y2K ..
(21.6 / 10.41666667) = 2.0736

Regarding the (5760 / 2000) "calendar-ratio" ..
(5760 / 2000) * 10.41666667) = 30 ..
which, among other parameters, is .. 
the approximate "ALTITUDE" .. as in .. "ALT-AIR" ..
(ALTAIR) .. that is; as in the approximate *N.Ecliptic
Latitude* attained_by_"NIBIRU", on line-of-sight,
as-observed-on-Earth .. during its Perihelion-stage.
Just as "NIBIRU" reaches_*line-of-sight-with-ALTAIR*_in
our sky .. ("appearing" to cross-over ALTAIR, itself) ..
it (NIBIRU) is reaching its apparent "maximum cruising
altitude" .. as the metaphor of an eagle-in-flight.
Of course; ALTAIR is the alpha-star in AQUILA, The Eagle.

Using my number for (5.76) "Circa 2000 A.D."
Ecliptic JUNE SOLSTICE Node ..
(5.76 * 10.41666667) = 60 .. the number associated with
"Anu" .. or "King of Heaven" .. or "King of NIBIRU".

Concerning the (6 / 5) ratio associated with
"5-fold" and "6-fold" symmetries .. which The D&M Pyramid
at Cydonia on MARS addresses {see Erol O.Torun} ..
(6 / 5) * 10.41666667) = 12.5

And_12.5_is the important number described by the ratio
(35.53057584 / 2.842446068) = 12.5 ..
which is a decimal-harmonic of the_12,500_years
from "Zep Tepi" (10,500 B.C.) to .. 2000 A.D.
{Thank-you, Damon Elkins}.

I'll finish this "Part 13" of this "ALERT" Series
with this ..
(540 / 10.41666667) = 51.84 .. which is apparently
the_azimuth_in degrees of the orientation of the little
"passageway" between "The Great Octagon" and "The
Octagon Circle" at The Newark Earthworks in Newark, Ohio,
USA. {See Robert Carl's work on this .. especially his
recent revisions !!}.

ALSO .. this_51.84_is involved in an equation that I
found .. using MINTAKA's Y2K Ecliptic Grid Point Value ..
[(31.00627668 / 51.84) * 5.76] = 3.445141853 ..
which is my (revised, during the last few months) Grid
Point Value for Ecliptic "Circa 2000 A.D." DECEMBER

There is_communication_going-on .. NOW.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 


Michael Lawrence Morton
Re: "Intersection of ALTAIR & VEGA" ..
Tue Jun 17 06:59:16 2003

I wrote ..

<< << 3) its Perihelion Node (line-of-sight-with ..
10.44949716 .. >> >>

What I meant to write, there, is ..

" ..the_INTERSECTION_of the ecliptic-latitude of ALTAIR
and the ecliptic-longitude of VEGA".

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2003 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.